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There are Better Anime Out There Than This
Lots of fun, even 20 years later...
  • Comartemis' review
  • Steve The Corn Muffin's review
  • A Slow-Paced But Wonderful Anime
  • A wonderful, touching story
  • charcoal feathers: a review of haibane renmei
A Split Second of Violence
Like To Love Ru, But Better.
Comment by exewon
A Yuri series that deserves a spot on your shelf
  • From comments
  • Great, but wordy
  • What Almost Happened (and Executed Brilliantly)
Demon of the Fleeting Blossom
  • Comment by [=AkatsukiDaybreak=]
  • Delilah's Review
andromeda's review
Opposing Force: More fast paced and action-packed than the original.
  • ...Am I missing something?
  • A Chapter By Chapter review.
  • Alright, But Overrated
  • Half Life 2
  • It's Pretty Good...just ignore the hype
  • No hurry for a third game...
no longer exist
  • from (mislinked) reviews
  • from (mislinked) reviews
  • from (mislinked) reviews
  • A clash of worlds
  • good concept, iffy on the execution
  • Halkegina Online review by Drakensis
Despite mercenary sequels, Halloween is worth sticking with
My Favorite Holiday Special
  • Maybe you haven't played Halo...
  • Meh.
First Impressions of the franchise
  • Campaign: Has flaws, but overall is a solid entry to a new trilogy
  • Classic gameplay, shame about the story (spoilers)
  • Finished the Fight? Start a new one today!
  • I was prepared to hate this.
  • Game Good; Story Bad
  • Once again, great game, not so great story, awful ending
  • Halo: Combat Evolved
  • The Campaign is Quite Overrated
A Unique Bit of Halo Literature
Original Comments
Not Perfect, But It Has Its Charm
  • A Huge Disappointment
  • I liked it
Great action, but not very satisfying
Anime, Halo, What Could go Wrong?
Like Watching Grass Grow, Except There Was None. Just Rocks.
I can't recommend this.
  • Darksidevoid's review
  • Revlid's review
  • ZeitgeistGlee's review
Ham On Rye (5/5)
Nothing new, yet something special
  • Had many intriguing ideas and I felt that it could have been much better! It's still enjoyable though!
  • Half the movie is worth watching
Somehow manages to be as bad as the Maradonia Saga
Specter of the Past: An Intriguing Set-Up
  • Comment by Guessmyname
  • Comment by kihinranno
  • Comment by Ms. Byrd
More an insightful character piece than an action movie
The writing needs work.
  • A Searing Indictment of the FBI
  • Devilish Delight
  • Season 2: Magical Madmen
  • When hypocrisy taints brilliance
  • Abysmal
  • Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
  • My Biggest And Most Inexplicable Gulty Pleasure
@/CrypticMirror's review
Yea, it's about what you'd expect
310 - The Snow Queen
Not a classic, but not a failure either
  • Living life in the 1950's
  • Review #2
op's review
Happiness Incarnate!
  • Pure, Synthesized, Adrenaline
  • The pinnacle of style over substance
  • Would be Embarrassed to Watch This with My Dad
I love this film, no matter what.
Genuinely Funny and Very Smart
Let's Talk About "Under-rated"
Cheap and fun. What more could you ask for?
Not worth it.
Comment by {{Tropers/FishCalledWaldo}}
Possibly the first, and totally unintentional, portrayal of an Aspie
Yuffiek666's review
  • A Very Nice and Odd Fic
  • Certainly an unusual set of events Not-Harriet
  • Almost Hilariously Bad
  • Not Too Bad
Oh so very good
  • An interesting, if overhyped, story.
  • Deathly Hallows Pt2: Goodish
  • Deathly Hallows review - Part 1
  • Deathly Hallows review - Part 2
  • Deserves every bit of its fame
  • Enjoyable, but not brilliant
  • Extremely flawed, but mostly enjoyable.
  • Good, if not great
  • Harry Potter
  • Harry Potter = My Childhood
  • HP: Hype Perception
  • I Like How It Gets Darker
  • I love the whole series of books
  • Its Great
  • Really, not all that good
  • Second Half of Deathly Hallows: Good movie, bad adaptation
  • The trains do NOT run on time.
  • Whole series, sans the 7th.
  • Great, but gets worse
  • Tragically wonderful
  • Eddie Current's Review
  • One Can Succeed Too Well
  • Willyolio's Review
  • A Hufflepuff
  • Decent Fanfiction
  • Harry Potter and the Patronizing Fanfiction
  • An Incredible Feat
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Early Review (Spoiler Free)
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Arsed Conclusion
  • It All Ends Here
  • A Treasure Among Crud
  • Decent
  • Great concept, but mediocre execution
200% pure America
Simply brilliant
  • Action Packed
  • Review of Book Four
Well written, well thought-out, dead.
  • Ah yes! That's better.
  • It should be called Harry Potter and the Many Ships
  • An Enjoyable Read
  • Fantastic Idea, Poor Execution
  • Too Much Sue
  • Decent, but with glaring flaws (And I didn't even get into Quirrell with the lack of space)
  • Depressing
  • Emotionally Unsatisfying
  • For a LessWrong member, enjoyable. For anyone else? Well...
  • Good, but slightly annoying.
  • Great interpretations of various characters
  • Hamstrung by its Own Premise
  • I Hated It
  • I loved this.
  • If you liked Ender's game and disliked the illogical parts of Harry Potter, you'll like this
  • Interesting, but isn't what most people look for in a fanfic.
  • It has a target audiance. If you're not a part of it, you might not enjoy it.
  • It's A Downhill Ride
  • It's like eating a snickers bar embedded with gravel
  • Mouthpiece
  • Not For Everyone
  • Obvious Author Avatar but still funny.
  • Reminds me of Pilgram's Progress
  • Ruthlessly intellectual, a celebration of intellect and logic like none before it
  • So-So
  • Terrible from beggining to end.
  • The Cons can outweigh the Pros.
  • The curse of the fanfic
  • Try it anyway
  • Witty, Sarcastic, Clever, Smart, and very Fun
  • Craving more
  • Enjoyable
  • Highly Compelling
  • hilarious, and a good intro to western RPG style
  • Lots of promise, and great characters!
Lots of ichiruki, but good fanfic!
  • Book 5
  • Harry Potter and the Boredom of the Reader
  • Your Mileage May Vary
Movie Review-Stumbles out of the gate
One of the Best AUs Out There
  • Best Book of ALL
  • The True WackyWaysideTribe One,and the Tedious One
Moving comments to reviews
Mizuuma's review
Must Read
  • Lots of drama but leaves canon in the dust...
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Original Take on a Cliche, Insanely Epic...
Review for Harry Potter and the Wrath of Jashin
Moving comments to reviews
Romance, then Action, and a Satisfying Conclusion
  • Great Story With Weird Fixations
  • Not bad-but kinda boring with weird fixations.
Quite possibly my favorite HP fanfic
  • It's not as good as people are saying
  • Not Very Good
  • Cutest Series EVAR!!!
  • If You Liked Lucky Star and Haruhi...
  • ("Season" 1) Groan.
  • A Positive Review of Haruhi Suzumiya, Season 1
  • Enjoyable, but could be much better.
  • Filling, but [[IncrediblyLamePun Light]]
  • Good, but not without flaws
  • Good, funny, but could be more.
  • Haruhi at a Glance
  • I got into this series late, but I like it.
  • It's pretty good - just ignore the FanDumb.
  • Love or Hate It...
  • One of the greatest animes ever.
  • Over rated, but still not bad.
  • Overrated, Overdone, and Surprisingly Sad.
  • Season 1: Wasted potential
  • Season 2 (yeah)
  • Skip the anime, read the novels
  • Slow, Boring, and Needlessly Incomprehensible
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya First Season Review
  • The Series That Was Almost Perfect.
  • This could've been near perfection, instead, it makes the viewer feel uncomfortable.
  • Two cups of attempted humor, one cup of epic, one cup of sci-fi, two Slices-of-Life, a dash of romance. Mix well.
  • Uniqueness isn't always good, Season 1
  • WHAT? Episode 1 review
The Tale of Two Towns
Wonderfully Addicting
Come for the comedy, stay for the comedy
Utterly Hysterical
The Best Slasher film in 20 years.
Short And Sweet
  • Funny, wacky, and mostly enjoyable
  • Holiday Star - a Good Sequel?
  • A Spiritual Successor to Postal 1... It's an alright game
  • op's review
  • So You Want To Make A Video Game!
  • Ultra Super Death Gore Fest Chainsawer 3000: The Game
feral's review
Great comedy from Taito
feral's review
  • A refreshing take on the harem concept
  • A very fun, unique and sweet harem anime and manga.
  • Good But Underdeveloped
  • Just...not good at all.
Great as an informative walkthrough
from comments
It needs work
Comment by Shadic The Hedgehog
Really Strong Characterisation- Worth Reading Even if You Don't Like Zutara
@/CrypticMirror's review
Short but good
Better Than It Has Any Right To Be
  • Dark, atmospheric, awesome. Just ignore the plot.
  • Heart of Darkness
Fanfic Review
  • antvasima's review
  • CrypticMirror's review
  • LooneyToons review
  • Tropers/{{Readerboy7}}'s review
OP's Review
  • Androids, detectives, and "Vampires", oh my!
  • Good Cop, Bad Cop show with rubbish cops.
  • Comment by Ginko
  • Comment by Tropers/LooneyToons
By @/{{GabrielosP}}
Annoymous review from the comments section
  • Review by Tropers/BlueHedgehogJunkie
  • Review by {{Tropers/Tabs}}
  • Aw yeah
  • Comment by Troper/PrincessSofiaTheMedic
  • A Celebration of Adolescent Imagination
  • Heavy Metal (original)
  • I don't know about the two above me but Stoned or Sober this movie is great.
  • So mediocre its boring
  • A misfire attempt at Games as Art
  • Frustrating
  • It could have been fun
  • Just...whoa.
  • Simply Terrible
  • Some ideas are done really well, but overall, I don't like it
  • Anoymous review from the comments section
Annoymous review from the comments section
Short but amusing
  • From comments
  • Oh this is ''lovely!''
  • The Most Disturbing Naruto Fanfiction Possible
Possibly the best GuP in WWII fic out there
Flawed, but enjoyable
  • LooneyToons' review
  • ShayGuy's review
  • Good, but it has its problems
  • Tom's review
From comments
  • Comment by Looney Toons
  • Comment by Shay Guy
Remind Me Again
OP's Review
  • @/LooneyToons' review
  • @/ShayGuy's review
  • And this, boys and girls is what happens Behind the comedy.
  • Hild makes a friend and everything goes to Hell
Just be quiet for a minute, would you?
MUCH more realistic than you'd think...
Noir fans should give this film a go
  • Better than ever
  • Hellfire-Commentaries = Awesome
  • One of the best commentary groups I know of
  • Pure awesome in concentrate.
  • Quality Commentaries
  • So entertaining
Hell Girl Season 1
Original Comments
  • Comment by Issyleggat
  • Live Life Loud
  • Great series, outstanding adaptation
  • OVAs: Pure awesomeness
  • The OVAs are ridiculous in the best way imaginable.
  • [[AsTheGoodBookSays Ashes to ashes, dust to dust]] (spoilers)
Hellsing Excidium
Comment by Sweece
  • SpaceChief's review
  • Tacitus' review
Review of He-Man and the (MOTU) 2002 tv show by Jesse Brown
A lot of potential that's never goes anywhere
Reads like the prototype for a better story
One of my favorite movies
Bizarrely Normal
  • A straight-lined but enjoyable journey
  • From comments
  • Subpar Fanfic
Curtain: Christie fittingly inverts everything to give Poirot his fitting end
  • A film that goes the distance, despite more than a few flaws
  • Hercules... and a confession.
  • It tries too hard
  • This film goes the distance
Worth At Least A Watch
Jaw-dropping amazing, but with some cautions
A really good fic that should be given more love.
  • Added warning for character death
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by mana001
  • Comment by {{Tropers/RainKrystal}}
  • Seconded
Comment by Lavode
A lot of fun to read, if a bit flawed.
really funny
Moving comments to reviews
  • A Calligram/Engglyph
  • HERO
  • Lovely and thoughtful, check.
  • Smart, entertaining, and thematically-resonant.
  • Heroes By Volume
  • Heroes By Volume
  • It's almost unanimous. Watch volume one then leave it.
  • Volume 1
Good blend of satire and plot
Hero ''Brawler'', not MOBA.
Honest review - Heroes Reborn
Episode 1 & 2 premerie review
A Good if not overly Ambitious Series
The Heroic Trio
A True Deconstruction of Super Heroe Genre.
Decent, but Lacking
Her Pink Locket
By @/SirRandomUser
By @/SirRandomUser
LavanyaSix's review
Moving comments to reviews
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
  • DEFINATELY worth a look
  • Holy-!
  • I swear a fanfic must be made for this fanfic
  • Mahou Shounen Italia Magica?
  • Much better in a non-interactive medium
  • One Helluva Tear Jerker
  • Pastatastic.
  • There are NO WORDS for this!
Just amazing
Needs More Love
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • better and darker than canon
  • Decent...before you think about it too much.
Silly and frothy, but not a bad way to waste time.
Welcome Back, Arnold
This movie is actually pretty awful
Hidamari Sketch
  • A story that doesn't deserve to be forgotten
  • An inspiring ensemble story, but could use more bite.
Black Charizard's review
Watch it to the end.
Nyan123's review
  • Awful manga, much better VN
  • Meh...
  • Tries too hard
  • EddieCurrent's review
  • Higher Learning
  • Probably the best example of a well done Marty Stu OC
  • Servbot's review
  • Willbyr's review
Second Only to the Original
  • Anime Review
  • Fanservice: The series
  • Wasted Potential
Was rather surprised
  • Don't Expect Much, but Still Kinda Fun
  • Headshots Or Pantyshots?
  • Lets play a game, shall we?
  • Not my cup of tea
  • nothing special but worth a watch
  • Picture yourself at a table...
  • Pure Awsome Coated In Pure Fanservice
  • Shameless (anime review)
feral's review
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by desir
  • Comment by [=K1M333=]
  • A series that is near and dear to my heart.
  • Beggars Can't Be Choosers, So Try Not To Be A Beggar
  • Effing Terrifying
  • Higurashi Manga (Books 1-4)
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni VN review
  • I rarely get nightmares, if at all.
  • Ryochi's Review of Higurashi Outbreak OVA
  • The plot and characters make it worth to look past its shortcomings.
  • Hinamori's Apprentice
  • ZeroSennin's review
Comment by ~1angelette~
  • A Downhill Slide
  • Dreck.
  • I should have liked it
  • The best thing Pullman did
  • Two Sides of the Same Damn Coin
calantian's review
  • Dommie222's review
  • Great fanfic
  • TheEvilOboist's review
  • Truth to his words
  • Interesting read with quite a bit of fanon
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Some interesting differences from the cookie cutter format
Comment by [=TheLastRose=]
  • Good Enough to Convince Me to Rewatch Power Rangers
  • HOPR retrospective season 1 review
  • The First one that got me to go back
Possibly Brook's best work...
From comments
A Good Read I'll Never Finish
Huge disappointment
Hitchups soars above setting the standard for fics
Bit weak at the start, but picks up like woah!
Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
Hobo With A Shotgun: Now With 500% more gore than Planet Terror!
Just a bunch of hocus-pocus?
Seriously Funny
Hoenn Insane is insanely awesome!
  • Magic the American way.
  • Yeah... Silly story.
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • ...
  • Original Comments
  • In which Harry is obedient, Hermione actually cares about her looks and Ron's a Slytherin
  • To be frank, it's not a good TrollFic
  • To be honest, it isn't a good TrollFic
A time-travel pemise that, by virtue of creativity and originality, actually works
  • Crazael's review
  • WAFF for everyone!
Moving comments to reviews
A great read!
One of the best romantic movies ever! (Not that there's a lot of competition)
Pity for the Mook
  • Lots of potential
  • Not to my taste
  • A Goofy, Fun Movie
  • The epitome of ItGetsBetter
  • I wasn't JustHereForGodzilla as a kid (first movie)
  • That Gingerbread Feeling
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Kina Kalamari
  • Comment by Taranwondering
  • Don't buy this for the singleplayer
  • Great new I.P
  • Overrated and cliche CoD clone.
Filled a Niche, But Filled it Extremely Well
  • Home On the Range: the sad, sad child of the Animated Cannon
  • Not THAT bad
Homestaw Wunnew dot net- It's Dot Com!
  • A Long Road (Some Spoilers)
  • A Wide World of Wonder.
  • An unique and groundbreaking internet story hindered by pacing issues, too much text, and trolling
  • Be prepared to subtract free time.
  • Chiptunes to jazz to jazz chiptunes
  • Dashes expectations, but usually in a good way.
  • Definitely a story that is also a puzzle.
  • Die, Die, Why Won't You Die.
  • Don't Even Bother...just don't.
  • Don't read Homestuck.
  • General Notes and Advice
  • Guide to Enjoy Homestuck in First-Time Reading
  • Handle With Care
  • Holy Shmoly.
  • Homestuck
  • Homestuck is an experience...
  • Homestuck is the best webcomic.
  • Homestuck is... homestuck just is.
  • Homestuck... is.
  • Homestuck: Here's the thing.
  • Homestuck: Long and unique... Perhaps too much so.
  • I hope you like text, and typing quirks...
  • If TVTropes ruins your life, Homestuck consumes it
  • IM: Write About Pleasing Audiovisual Series Online
  • Insane, impossible, incomprehensible... And yet it's simply the best thing there is!
  • It is so bad it is brilliant
  • It's style over substance. Fuck Homestuck.
  • Its greatest strengths are its greatest weaknesses, and vice versa.
  • Its worth the weirdness
  • Like a bucket full of squid giggles
  • Love it or Hate it
  • Love it! But will you?
  • My Favorite Webcomic
  • My opinion of Homestuck...
  • Objectively, Homestuck is interesting
  • Ridiculously complicated, but somehow it all makes sense...
  • Try it if you dare... You'll be rewarded
  • What the **** is Homestuck?
  • Wild Ride
  • With the right expectations, it's an infectious ride
  • Worth a shot
  • You won't regret it! Or will you?
Great Series
  • Excellent and so, so witty
  • Really, really good
  • Surprisingly enough not bashing.
Worth a Look
  • "The Honor of the Queen:" A Disappointing Hero
  • Flawed but fun
A very good Jet/Zuko fic
The creepiest thing I've ever read in my life
  • A serious mixed message
  • A thoughtless kids film.
  • Endearing
  • Beautifully written.
  • Competent writing but basically wish fulfillment
Grumpy old spies
Enjoyable Enough
  • Generic Title Unique Premise
  • [[SoBadItsGood So Good]] [[InvertedTrope It's Bad]]
An Execrable Waste of Time for All Involved
Excellent book
A rare case in which the TV show might actually be better
  • A Colourful, Mindless Time Killer
  • A good movie
  • Quite Good
  • The Anime- Brutal Disapointment
Hotel Mario is the best game ever!
Definitely Oscar Material
  • A funny Adam sandler movie?
  • A Severely Underrated Film
  • Almost incredible
  • Awesome!
  • Wacky Monster Comedy with Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez = gold?
  • You'll Scream With Laughter
  • A Good Sequel to a Good Movie
  • A Welcome Return
  • Decent First Act + Amazing Second Act + OK-ish Third Act = Fun Entertaining Good-time for all
  • Great!... until the end
Wonderfully bad
One hell of a trip
Sweet, and mildly humourous.
Male Tsunderes, Cool Lesbians and Long-haired Masochists
  • (Episode: Bombshells) In Perpetuity- Why I stopped watching House.
  • Not much to add, really
  • One of the greatest shows of the 2000's
  • Re-review
  • Why did I used to hate this show?
The problem with season 3... (spoilers, obviously)
  • Creepy Awesome in book form
  • TvTropes, I am disappointed...
What A Great Way To Commemorate & Coincide With The Late Walt Disney's Birth.
  • A webcomic gem here,folks.
  • Housepets
Caellach Tiger Eye's review
Industrial Light and Magic takes a vacation
  • Absolutely Hysterical
  • Implausable but not Terrible
  • Not Even So Bad, It's Good
  • A Surprisingly Entertaining Show
  • I'm Just Here fo Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris
  • It's the most overrated sitcom since Friends...
  • Last Forever Review- I am going to get maimed for this (Spoilers)
  • Last Forever-The Finale
  • Not What I Was Expecting
  • Why Last Forever Failed
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Marionetta}}
Amusing as well as informative
Comment by {{Tropers/LittleSerge}}
Genuinely wonderful.
The three words that best describe this film are as follows, and I quote: Stink. Stank. STUNK!
Anoymous reviews from the comments section
  • A candidate for the worst YouTube channel ever
  • HowToBasic: Be scared. Be very scared.
An Utter Masterpiece
A Familiar Formula with Something Extra
Bloody Brilliant
Moved comments
  • Did I miss something? Episode 2
  • Good, but not outstanding
  • Guys, I got this great Dreamworks pitch
  • If I could relive any experience...
  • Most awesome movie of the year.
  • Quite Overrated
  • Thank you Dreamworks
  • Actually Pretty Great *There will be spoilers*
  • Fun but a little disappointed *spoiler*
  • Good but not great (spoilers).
  • How to Create an Awesome Movie!
  • How To Mess Up A Sequel
  • Trying Too Hard
Moved comments
  • A fun romp.
  • Brilliant and hilarious!
  • Fun!
HP's version of FanFic/DreamingOfSunshine
From comments
  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d
  • e
So much lost potential (well, not ''that'' much, but some)
An underrated masterpiece.
Shockingly Bad
  • Hulk vs...Is this the best Marvel Animation can offer?
  • The title says it all.
  • Comment by [=ArlaGrey=]
  • Interesting idea but difficult to get through
  • Worth a Read!
  • ''Flinx in Flux''
  • ''Flinx Transcendent''
You could be so much more than just a clicker...*sigh*
A solid, simple and addicting experience
op's review
  • All of the manga to date
  • Anti-Climax: The Series
  • Chimera Ant
  • I Desire More
  • Lost interest at the Chimera Ant arc
  • Manga review
  • Manga-Highly reccomended
  • not everyone's cup of tea
  • One of the best Shonen out There
  • One of the BEST, if not the BEST battle-shounen manga ever
  • Pure, well-written storytelling
  • story in danger!
  • The anime, OVAs and all.
  • The living manga
  • This is good.
  • An interesting take
  • Bland and uninspired
  • Interesting idea, executed poorly
  • op's review
Unnecessary [=PoS=]
A fun game, but has a few flaws
A step in the right direction, but not enough of one.
Fanservice, nothing more
My first review...probably a bad one
An otherwise strong adventure hampered by some obtuse and cheap design decisions.
A Fair Furry Fable
This game WAS my childhood.
  • A blend of different things that isn't digested easily.
  • Not Bad But Not Great
  • Turn off your brain, Zelda fans, and get ready for some Michael Bay
  • What it says on the tin - but at the same time so much more