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  • Comment by Night
  • Comment by notreallyatroper
  • Let it in
  • Oh, yes, EarthBound!
  • Presentation is part of content, and this proves it
  • The ''[[Music/{{Smile}} SMiLE]]'' of video games BOING!
  • EarthBound's Long-Forgotten Big Brother
  • Itís a decent game.
  • MOTHER - or, why actual writers shouldn't make video games
(EDF 4.1 review) The spirit of Serious Sam, upgraded for modern times
Cheesy fun
Preaching to the Choir the Movie
The Yin of Earthsong
Pure garbage
Sect's review
Bear with it.
  • A continual favorite
  • One of Ang Lee's best
The Greatest Black Comedy I've Ever Seen
Eat Lead, but don't eat too much of it
Defender of the Future is actually a pretty good game.
Comment by Anonymous
A review of Season One
  • After a while...
  • From comments
  • Impressive start with different results
  • Now has its own page
From comments
  • Excellent
  • This was pretty good.
Not for Everyone
Comment by {{@/Troppers}}
Feel Good Shmaltz... done right.
A very funny and imaginative series of shorts
  • Ed-straordinary
  • If it smells like an Ed. (part 1 and 2, if you go that way.)
  • Slightly disappoint-ed
Slightly disappoint-ed: the finale (spoilers).
A hilarious gag dub of one of Cartoon Network's best series
hard to define
  • Good but predictable
  • Live. Die. Repeat. And Worth the Rewatch.
My Thoughts on the Special Edition
Marlee Cross' review
The Best of Burton
Solid story and gameplay, with a few critical flaws.
  • Ultimately never goes anywhere
  • Amazing
  • Cute yet dark
  • Review by {{Tropers/Belphegor}}
Comment by Nani
A rather good sci-fi story, but a good Zootopia story? Well...
  • Clearly Not For All
  • Too Atrocious To Be Offensive.
  • What the hell.
Listen to them Now. NOW.
Interdimension Travel Metal
Doc Astaroth's review
  • "Just because you don't understand something, doesn't mean it isn't awesome"
  • After the first season...
  • Aims for the middle - Hits it perfectly
  • Great Americanized Story of Holmes
  • Much better than ''Sherlock''.
  • Pilot Review
  • Reviewing the pilot
  • Danel's review
  • From comments
I enjoyed it a little. But I'm not you.
There's A Good Show Hiding In Here...
2/5 awesome, 3/5 sappy
  • A Bizarre, Yet Memorable Christmas Classic.
  • Couldn't finish watching this sleigh reck
  • Quality content, a few consistent spelling errors
  • A Potentially Good Series Overloaded With Narm and Cliches
  • A so-called Cult Classic
  • enjoyable, if you can tolerate certain aspects
  • It's like a food fight shonen-style. With only tomatoes. And naked girls. In a spaceship!
  • Postmodernist Deconstruction in Elfen Lied
  • The series that made me cry
  • Too much fanservice; too little characterization. (Anime)
  • Two episodes in, and I've stopped watching it.
  • You cannot turn away...
  • Your mileage may vary: Oh so true here
  • A published brainstorming session
  • A real mixed bag.
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Deceiving Quality
  • EGS
  • El Goonish Shive
  • El Goonish shive: From a Fan's Perspective!
  • Flawed, but enjoyable
  • Good for casual
  • Most Improved Webcomic
  • Not bad, but not my bag, baby
  • Take the bad with the good
  • The curious case of EGS
  • The First Few Arcs From The Point Of View Of A Newcomer
  • Why is there so much hatred
A festering heap of adequacy
Wonderful singer everyone seems determined to ruin
Regulus Arcturus Black
Quite nice, but don't expect too much from the community
Died too soon
Quaero's review
Slightly dulled creepiness and frustratingly hard, but still fun
  • Covers familiar themes but other movies did it better.
  • Frustratingly Predictable
  • (please delete)
  • An unsigned review
  • An unsigned review
  • Controversial
  • Embers
  • Great, but not good
  • Has some interesting parts, and many bad ones
  • Is well written the same as good?
  • Like any of the characters in ATLA?
  • Outshines all other fiction; Published or otherwise
  • Spoiler-free review: bounces between awesome and guilty pleasure
  • Take It With a Grain of Salt
  • When it's good, it is very good and when it isn't...brrr
Dies the Fire, Pimps the Pagan Excessively
  • Final Ending: Ambiguous, but Satisfying
  • This game is too good to have the flaws that it has
A Very New Concept Done Well
  • Good when demonstrating her skills correctly.
  • Sorry, EA. I just can't do it.
  • Sad memories
  • YMMV
Awesome game
From comments
  • Almost Original Flavor
  • Almost perfect
  • op's review
The Modern King Lear
Oh noes Coop has to face the ultimate evil
Great Story
  • A book for its time.
  • A Long Wait, But Not Long Enough
  • A very good study of psychology and military strategy
  • Good Film Burdened By Unanswered Questions And Mary Tzu
  • Interesting premise, objectionable morality.***Spoilers***
  • Marvelous
  • Wow.
  • Season 1
  • The Sun Emperor's review
  • By @/{{Jisu}}
  • By @/{{NeoCrimson}}
  • By @/{{OpMegs}}
  • By @/{{Sneebs}}
  • By swtrooper42
Bloated, Emotionless, and Poorly Written -- A Triumph of Awful Prose
  • A World All It's Own
  • Blue World - A SurprisinglyImprovedSequel if ever there was one.
  • This game is SoOkayItsAverage
It has a lot of potential, but...
A sick, sad story that will haunt you long after reading
Lovely work.
From comments
  • An unsolvable puzzle of dualities
  • Odd brand of Canadian Facism
Extremely well done.
Enjoyable, but glitchy
op's review
  • FireLizardInABottle's review
  • Jetfire's review
Very good
  • Epic: Building a movie uniquely
  • Good, but not great
  • Not as Epic as the title promised.
  • Not terrible, but definitely not epic
Tedious Over Time
  • A Disney Movie in Videogame Form
  • Beautiful Story Presentation, Very Unpolished Gameplay
  • Warren Spector Presents: SoOkayItsAverage Mickey
  • Clever, but is it intended to be?
  • Epic, but with some flaws.
Review for Epilogue - Outstanding Loki Fanfiction, Best I've Ever Read
Massively sad, incredibly dark
  • I really don't get it.
  • Not great, but better than a lot of Youtube's other popular stuff
  • While his popularity moves up his videos decline in effort
A new take on 'fix it' fics
Comment by Equivalent Exchange
Comment by Anonymous
Erased Potential
  • Setting Fatigue, Thy Name is Erfworld
  • The best comic no one's ever heard of
Show me Your War Face!
A very lovely way to experience some of the brothers Grimm's lesser known fairytales
  • Better than it Seems
  • It's not bad
  • From comments
  • From comments
Meh. But a fun "meh."
  • By @/SirRandomUser
  • By Captchacritter
  • That feel
Espgaluda II for X-box 360
  • Riverscryr's review
  • Steve the Corn Muffin's review
Better than expected
  • From comments
  • From comments
Happy nightmares, dearies...
Comment by Marlee Cross
Eternal Return
  • Eternal Sonata 360 - main points review
  • Eternal Sonata PS3 - a very flawed game
An impressive and underappreciated Naritaverse series
Higurashiblood98's review
  • Above and Beyond
  • Excellent show, guaranteed 100% daily dose of CMOH
  • You'd be surprised
  • As a fan of the original, I liked it. (SPOILERS)
  • Hoo boy.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Immersive Truck Sim
Less Political Voting, Less Style, But Plenty of Snark- the 2009 Contest
mysterynovelist2010's review
  • DKN117's review
  • DKN117's review
  • Nivenus' review
  • Universalperson's review
  • Willbyr's review
  • Amitakartok's review
  • Maltani's review
  • Comartemis' review
  • Steve The Corn Muffin's review
How to NOT write a crossover.
  • Tacitus' review
  • The Best Worst fic ever
  • [[ McNapkins's]] review: This is bad. Very very bad.
  • CrypticMirror's review
  • OP's review
  • Nexus Blue Dragon's review
  • [[Tropers/EvaUnit01 EvaUnit01]]'s review
  • Amazing
  • Caellach Tiger Eye's review
  • Clendy 82's review
  • Much better than you might think (spoilers)
  • Nerdorama's review
  • Right kind of wrong
  • Sneebs' review
  • Some flaws, but still very good.
  • UltraSonic007's review
  • Wow...
LavanyaSix's review
  • Could have been decent, but the character bashing turned it to crap.
  • Horrible
@/ThinksTooMuch's review
No good
  • Outer space meets supernatural horror
  • Shock Value, but falls short of genuine terror
  • All these other reviews are years old, so a fresh look
  • EVE Online
  • Eve Online- The Sandbox With Mines
  • Stay away if you value your sanity.
  • karma: a review of ever17
  • One of the best Visual Novels ever, if you can forgive the translation
Sword scene - Danielle's epic scene cut from video & dvd releases
Realistic Portrayal of Character Flaws Effect on Relationships
Meanest Bit of Cinema I've Seen in a While
  • A great game that's fun for kids!
  • Correction...
If you read one series by applegate, read this one.
Silly and cute.
Every Thirty Days Review
  • crap game
  • Great potential, but deserves more attention
  • Great, fun show, with hilariously-nasty characters
  • just perfection
  • When it's good, it's great. When it's bad, it's almost unwatchable.
  • Annoymous review from the comments section
  • Comment by Tropers/PurplePeopleEater
  • Just a note.
  • Review by Tropers/SgtFrog1
Comment by lastcrazyhorn
  • Comment by dune
  • Comment by Marlee Cross
  • Everyman HYBRID
  • Everyman Hybrid
  • Good for what it is
  • Not Bad!
Comment by chibiaries
I guess this home-made band wrote this page about themselves.
Tropers/StudiousJones's Review
op's review
Looking at Evil Phineas
  • Hooo boy....
  • LaughingMad and Disturbing rolled in one
  • Nightmare Fuel
  • Nightmare Fuel x20
A Silly-Roleplay (recommended with caution)
Not every plan is flawless
  • Evil Zone love
  • Surprisingly good?
A Very Inventive Game
Look out for the slow-moving killer robot before it telegraphs its attacks!!
Credit to the Mind
[=71TheRoman=]'s review
  • An alternate point of view...
  • Gets better as time goes on
  • Wavers between inane and obnoxious
Seriously Awesome
  • Could be much, much better
  • The end didn't justify the means
  • Why Brian K Vaughan is an asshole. (SPOILERS)
Interesting Premise, Lousy Theme
Zelda meets Metal Gear
Comment by nettlemace
From comments
Review by Tropers/BlueHedgehogJunkie
op's review
71TheRoman's review of Eyes Wide Shut
  • CrazyAwesome
  • My Review! Ya-Ha!
  • The greatest sports manga ever... for 27 volumes.
  • The Gurren Lagann Of Sports Manga
  • The Unexpected Touchdown
  • Without exaggeration, my favorite manga.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by [=CheapSugar=]
  • Definitely worth a quick read.