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Who Gets Him?
Comment by Roach Patrol
It has seldom been funnier than this.
Comment by Elenor
  • Tried to like it but...
  • Wow. Just. Wow.
  • A different view of a show that takes a different view to mecha.
  • Alibi: Two Heterodynes Attack Tokyo
  • All in All a Good Anime, not for Adrenline Junkies or Snobs, Their loss
  • An Extremely Non-Traditional Humongous Mecha anime..... Lord, I REALLY Wish
  • Arc the Fourth: Setup for the finale.
  • Final Arc: The end.
  • Shinjuku at Night: Big Battle
  • The Second Arc: Conflict with the Army.
  • The Third Arc: A case study in why Pointy Haired Bosses suck.
  • Wages That Correspond to Justice
its half life 2 on an old engine and no fun
  • A Great Adaptation
  • I liked this more than I thought I would. (manga)
Comment by Joie De Combat
  • Comment by Across The Stars
  • Comment by Studious Jones
  • Great Fic!
  • Jetfire's review
  • LavanyaSix's review
Excellent for Both Supernatural and Harry Potter Fans.
Frustrating - dungheaps in a diamond mine.
Review by {{Tropers/Quanyails}}
op's review
DanceRush Stardom Game Review - 6.5 / 10
A decent enough story
~1angelette~'s review
Dancing on the Edge (1999 book)
  • A Murder Mystery Game That Lacks Mystery
  • Good, but Nothing Incredible
  • Little Bit of Everything.
  • Spectacle creep is a hell of a drug.
  • Ultimate Despair
  • Wavers Back and Forth, But Ultimately Recommended
A very chilling and underrated light novel series. Recommended for patient readers in the DR fandom.
LavanyaSix's review
Danger Mouse (2015)
  • Comment by Fenro
  • Pairing over Plot
  • Dangerverse
  • Kind of like a swing
  • Started out great, became notably less so over time
Daniel Deronda (BBC 2002) - Spoilers Marked
  • A hymn to heroic teens
  • It Sucks.
  • Judge the inside, not the out...
  • So much potential...
A Horrific Adaptation, A Good and Underrated Game
  • You will like Danzo.
  • You will like Danzo.
  • You will like Danzo.
  • Daredevil Done Right
  • Netflix Presents: '''The Punisher''' [--Featuring Daredevil--]
  • Not Liking Something as Much As Everyone Else Isn't the Same As Disliking It
  • Season 2: The Seasoning
  • This Darkness is the Light
  • Why Daredevil is Better Than All the Marvel Movies
A very interesting and unique show
  • Daring-Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone.
  • Just Awful
  • The Alicorn's Shadow: Surprisingly Dark But Nowhere Near A Bad Thing
  • The Staff of Star Swirl the Bearded
  • antvasima's review
  • Comartemis' review
Not as good as Buffy. Better than Charmed.
Darkartists Review of Circles
Please watch the director's cut
Firework by paganpunk2
It's Got Problems
Sometimes it's nice to be evil
  • :(
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • Great Show
  • Mature characters, confusing plot
  • One View On The Dark.
  • Wow, just wow.
DeadpoolFan's review
Unforgiving but so enjoyable!
  • Good start, but the climax is a bit naff
  • Mess of a film
  • It's only called "derivative" if you don't like it, otherwise it's an homage
  • What You Get When You Tape Two Good Things Together
  • A Punishing But Highly Rewarding Experience
  • D&D: The game
  • Dying Over and Over and Over and Over and O-
  • More Than The Sum of Its Parts
  • Not my Thing
  • Overrated game
  • Prepare to die, and love every second of it.
  • Prepare to Hate Me
  • Worth It!
  • I Might not be Part of the Target Audience...
  • Not a horrible game, but honestly a letdown.
  • Absolutely Sublime
  • Either an unfulfilling time sink, or an arcade classic.
  • One of the grandest Grand Finales ever
A Truly Memorable Game
Extreme sports meets adventure
Rebecca Hb's review
  • Comic for prequel fantastic. Original is much less interesting.
  • Great for any Star Wars fan, not just tabletop gamers
  • Not funny because the group is too functional.
  • Recommended
  • Starts out Awesome, slides down to Pretty Good.
Claustrophobic and awesome.
An amusing start that falls a little flat
Interesting character study buried beneath contrived conflict and muddled metaphor
The Art of Character Done Perfectly. (SPOILER HEAVY)
  • Amazing series
  • Season 1: Actually amazing
Comment by Firestorm
  • [=AJC46=]'s review
  • [=TheLastChronicler=]'s review
Dave Barry: The Legend
''Lost Boy Found'' - Well, it's no ''Hook''.
  • David Icke is awesome!
  • This man is crazy-pants
Are all sequels bad? No.
  • Great gameplay; terrible story
  • Retribution: A great finish to the [=DoW=] II series
  • Retribution: What I Wish Had Been
Rather Dissapointing
Why people hate remakes
sauronlulz' review
Shinj117's review
Timeless Masterpiece
  • Comment by Tropers/AckSed
  • Comment by Tropers/FishCalledWaldo
On the right track, but still doesn't do enough.
A masterpiece
A Meh Out of Spooky
Interesting concept, now starting to really bloom
  • Symbols within Something Fucked Up
  • The Best Zombie and the Worst Zombie Movie
  • Dr. Vegas's Otaku Review
  • [[SincerityMode In no way does the trailer reflect my view of the game itself.]]
Somehow keeps it's head above water
Deadlands: Battle for Slaughter Gulch review
  • A Tragic Failure.
  • Fun.
  • Just Here For Godzilla
  • Season 3 and How it Stands Out
  • Spartan vs. Ninja: Look Past The Controversy
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Deadliest.
AkatsukiDaybreak's review
Dead Like Me season 1
  • Deadly Premonition review
  • Greater than the sum of its parts
  • The Story Is What Sells It
feral's review
Xtreme 2/Paradise Review
  • Fanservice aside, it is a good fighter
  • The Most Modest Costumes Yet
The biggest bang for your buck you could ever possibly find.
  • An exellent movie, that losses a bit due to ValuesDissonance
  • Confusing message and characterisation mar its potential.
  • If you hate this movie at 20, you have no heart. If you believe it at 40, you have no brain.
  • Just like deadpool's rattled brain, this game is flawed but a ride.
  • The Definitive Deadpool Experience
The same, but more
  • 16 Broken Walls of Awesome
  • A Lot Like Borderlands 2
  • A Must See For Any Deadpool Fan
  • All downhill from here...
  • Inexcusable. (first series)
Subgenre confusion
  • A Chore, and Little Else
  • Not scary, but good.
  • Overall, pretty awesome.
  • Putting the "jump" back in Jump Scare.
  • Tries Too Hard
  • Welcome to your Nightmare
  • A Wonderful Subversion of the Original
  • Different, but not a failure
  • Isaac Finds His Voice
  • It is Its Own Beast
  • A Good Addition to the Franchise
  • A Good Shooter, But A Horrible Dead Space Game
  • More Like Dead Planet (HURRHURRHURR)
  • Worthless
Yeah, it's pretty good.
A clean, corny but fun horror show for a younger audience
Poorly written
Great at all ages
  • Pretentious Garbage
  • Pretty great.
  • The 2012 Remake - Hauntingly Vapid
  • The designers of this... thing have no idea on how to design a ludonarrative.
  • This is Not a Game
  • Walk forwards. Listen to narration. The end.
Does DarknessInducedAudienceApathy have any meaning for you?
feral's review
My Take on DearS
  • Never Has a Title Caused so Much Needless Butthurt
  • Sincerely, Black People.
Death is Cheap
feral's review
  • @/ShayGuy's review
  • Timetraveller's review
from comments
How a Sideshow Bob episode should be made IRL
firelordzuko's review
Simply the best
Shows its work
Not worth it.
Comment by Echo Garrote
  • A Dream Come True
  • Cammy VS Sonya: Elephants & Anvils, Oh My!
  • Crazy cool, but covered in caveats.
  • Death Battle only care about money
  • Death Battle's Unusual Strengths
  • Death Battle: Love It or Hate It, You Can't Deny the Effort
  • Fun, if flawed.
  • Fun, so long as you don't take it too seriously
  • Goku vs. Superman: Possibly The Greatest Fictional One-On-One Fight Of All Time
  • Justin Beiber vs. Rebecca Black: Worst. Episode. Ever.
  • Pikachu vs. Blanka: Deja vu, Thor vs. Raiden viewers?
  • Quick Reviews: Season Four Part 1
  • Quick Reviews: Season Four Part 2
  • Rain Drops Cutting Wins
  • Scrooge Mc Duck vs. Shovel Knight: Most Unfair Death Battle so far
  • The Best Death Battle: Dante VS Bayonetta
  • The Biggest Death Battle: Goku VS Superman
  • The Most Disappointing Death Battle: Tracer VS Scout
  • The two worst Death Battles - Goku vs. Superman
  • The Worst Death Battle: Yang VS Tifa
  • The Worst Match-Up: Bowser VS Ganon (Spoilers)
  • Two Parts, One Good and One Not
  • Yang vs Tifa: Worst. Battle. Ever.
  • @/{{RubberLotus}}' review
  • Acae's Review
The Death Lands an Odd Book Series
Beautiful, Vivid, Painful, Enthralling
Falters a Little, But Still Very Good
  • A Wonderful Trip Through Morality Land
  • Action, not in-depth emotional discussion, is the name of the game.
  • Death Note...
  • If Christopher Nolan made an anime, this would be it
  • My thoughts: Death Note ( Spoilers)
  • Oh, goodness... I think I'm in love.
  • Okay (anime)
  • One of the best series ever
  • Read the Manga for Maximum Enjoyment
  • Shonen at its smartest
  • Starts off a masterpiece, has like a dozen mediocre episode, then finishes strong
  • The Second Half Is Where It Got Boring
  • Which Version You Prefer Depends On Where You Start
  • Hardcore fans will probably hate this movie.
  • Meh.
  • What it is and What it Isn`t
sauronlulz' comments
feral's review
Unfortunately misguided
(The 2008 remake)
Moved comments
  • Deathsmiles for X-box 360
  • Deathsmiles IIX downloadable
  • Deathsmiles iPhone
Comment by Navllyk
better than pop culture likes to think.
An intelligent action drama, still topical in 2015
Death Wish 3
I liked it, but it wasn't as intelligent as the previous film
Comment by Navllyk
Candelabra's review
Not that bad, but not that great
  • A good though short read. Kinda mind screwy if you think too much.
  • Didn't like it.
Get your epic game on
It's funny because the space ship is a penis
This is a Tower Defense
Too Little, Too Late, Don’t Buy It
Definitely a "Must Watch" series
[[{{@/Redazrael}} Redazrael]]'s Review
MarqFJA's review
  • A definite must-read
  • Worldbuilding and well-rounded characters.
  • -
  • Creativity to Maximum
  • Delendam Voldemort
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • One of the best.
  • This one's actually good.
  • Very origional and takes a whole new angle on Marauder's Era
op's review
Never Have I Been so Bored of a "Dystopia"
Votum separatum
Clever. Concise. Caballistic.
Moved comments
  • Extremely Japanese
  • Occasional decency in a landslide of stupidity
This comic is for you if...
  • Just Fabulous
  • Just Fantastic
  • Demon's Souls: It'll rip your heart out and you'll love it for that.
  • Skip to Dark Souls
  • Killed prematurely
  • Not that good (at least for me)
  • There must've been a better way to close it out.
  • A Hidden Gem
  • It's Alright and That's Fine
  • Needs More Love
Fairly Strong, With A Couple Issues
Insane is cool
crackersdon'tmatter's review
I loved it!
  • An interesting thought experiment.
  • For what it is, Depression Quest is pretty good.
  • Mediocre at Best
  • Not Fun, But Good
  • Very close to my own struggle with depression
Mercifully brief.
A real tearjerker, but ultimately uplifting.
Comment by Dune
Better than I thought
Wait, what am I reading again?
It's a good show just HATE the ending
A Fantastic Premise, a Flawed Execution
  • Comment by {{Tropers/RainKrystal}}
  • Hilarious All The Way
Yet another far too long bad Ranma fanfic.
Gru's relationships
Pros/Cons of Despicable Me 2
Prisoner of Love
Short but good!
Very promising story
  • Destiny: Enjoy game at own risk
  • EDIT: A cynical swindle and an alarming precedent
  • Squandered Potential
  • Hazy Opinions
  • I'm sorry - I'm afraid this one gets my personal thumbs down
I hate it as much as the author seems to hate canon
  • @/MiriOhki's review
  • @/ShayGuy's review
  • @/{{HasegawaRayven}}'s review
Destroy the Godmodder 2 Review
op's review
Four Badass Quartet
The Detective Pony
  • Are We Done Yet?
  • Milked dry
  • Stagnated
  • Amazing continuation of The Raven Chaser film
  • Fallout
One of the funniest Machinimas I've seen
An intelligent, well written show that is loved by all!
  • K9Thefirst1's review
  • Leliel's Review: ZOMG, Nice!Asuka Written Well!
A bit clunky, but still a fun game
  • A modern update to an old classic
  • A much better follow-up than Invisible War
  • Deus Ex, HR: pretty much what I expected
  • Human Revolution compared to DeusEx 1
  • Play This Game
  • Where was the "Human Revolution" anyway?
  • You Never Asked For This Review, but here ya go.
  • Almost killed the series
  • Underrated
Deutschland 83 Review
The first Deverry cycle
Conceptually brilliant but subtle as Tarantino
  • A Faithful Adaptation of Devilman, For Better or Worse
  • double post
In order : Confusing, rather forgettable and awesome
  • Fun and it Works
  • Worth watching if you're a fan, but don't expect too much
Sweetcove's review
  • A Welcome New Work Out of Atlus
  • One of the most interesting games on the DS
  • From a player of the game (Be wary of spoilers)
  • Takes Steps Forward, But Also Back
  • The Enhanced Port Is Okay
Anonymous review from the Comments section
Redefines Prolific
Moved comments
Interesting premise, fun twists, and just enough unrealism to work
The later seasons weren't that bad
The "Twilight" of Horror Manga
The Kingdom of Shadow
  • Almost Outrageously Fun
  • Good stuff some flaws.
  • No control for the player. Disappointing.
  • The game is great; it's the other parts that are a problem
  • Guilty Pleasure Anime At Best
  • Things Wrong With Diabolik Lovers
Season 1 is the most terrifyingly inspiring review show I've ever seen
A Dark Fic that thinks it’s a Deconstruction
  • And so it begins...
  • Everything Human
  • Hard to believe it isn't a parody
  • From comments
  • No clue what the other reviewer was thinking, great fanfic anyway.
  • Bespelling story
  • My Comment on This Fic
Moved comments
Not at all bad for what it is
  • A Superb Mecha Classic
  • I saw no reason to continue watching
  • ''Die Hard 1'': Worst. Christmas. Ever.
  • ''Die Hard 2'': Is a Normal Christmas Too Much to Ask For?
  • ''Die Hard With a Vengeance'': Simon Says, "Boom!"
  • Die Hard 1: I supported the bad guys
  • Die Hard Arcade game review
  • Casefic with delighful plot twist
  • Mixed feelings, yet captivating and enjoyable in the end.
Comment by [=OracleSeven=]
Different: Dissapointing retelling of Tron Uprising and the MCU
  • Comment by Tropers/{{Dimesocket}}
  • Comment by vaguelyyaoilookingcatboy
  • A Bizarre and Fascinating Tale With a Sadly Underused Antagonist
  • Fantastic and Funny
Detailed Video Reviews
  • An excellent remake of the second Digimon anime that would have been legendary if it weren't too grimdark in the first place
  • Really good
  • The Story We Deserved
  • Absolutely A Bloody Big Cosmic Clusterf!ck
  • First Installment Wins,...
  • Where it all started
  • 02's rollercoaster of doom
  • An unworthy sequel
  • Ep. 1-21 The Digimon Emperor (English Dub)
  • Love it or hate it
  • Oh boy...
  • The Filler Season
  • The strange case of Daisuke/Davis
  • Underrated
  • I was wrong - A promising starting
  • Not the worst Digimon Series, but not the Best Either.
  • The DC Extended Universe of anime?
  • Not as Bad as it Looks
  • Worth the time
  • My Other Favorite
  • Not nearly as bad as everyone claims it is
  • Steam will come out of your ears
  • Superlative Originality,and George Lucas Style Throwbacks....
  • Worst Season of Digimon
The best of its kind... shame it's never been localized.
  • A complete review
  • Ambitious attempt at maturity for kids
  • Characters with ''characters'', oh, and a great story
  • I wanted so much to like it...
  • My favorite season
  • NOT a typical Mons or Shonen show.
  • Slow to Awesome in 34 episodes.
  • Third season,third best,'s not a MagnumOpus
Tries to make a feature film by combining 3 short films and it doesn't work.
First episode was...actually not half-bad
Not as good as you remember
A Decent Romp for Digimon Fans
  • Do NOT Play This Game By Yourself
  • Mediocre in every aspect
  • Mediocre in every way.
Entertaining But Convolted
  • A short (?) description
  • Just average with nothing outstanding
  • Pros, Cons, and Explanation
  • Childish, generic, Anvilicious and with a non existent plot. Just about watchable
  • Doomed to failure from the very beginning
Tough Love
Decent plot, terrible research, average writing.
  • Left a bad taste in my mouth
  • Smacked in the face with bashing
Fun but Underwhelming
What are you doing here? GO READ THIS STORY, NOW!
Interesting beginning, but very weak continuation.
  • Disney's Walking With Dinosaurs
  • Experimental Film
  • Visually inventive.. but that's about it
  • I do get this.
  • I don't get this
''Lost'' for kids
"The best dinosaur 'documentary' ever, and it's for preschoolers"
A New Take On Dinosaurs
Original Comments
Maninahat's Vague Positive Review
An Anime Classic
A Very Dirty Potter Review (with extra pineapples)
Disciples review
Comment by Monkeypizzasonic
Disaster Inferno
Discotek Media: Savior of Old School Anime
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by [=BombayKitten=]
  • Comment by [=CheshireGrinne=]
Video Games as Art; A god As An Interesting Character
The Discworld with Noir Sauce makes one hell of a cold, rain-soaked pizza. But hey, you've got to love it.
Not bad.
Simply Amazing
Disgaea: 200+ Hours of Darkness
  • Comment by {{Tropers/KhittyHawk}}
  • Disgusting History Lessons
  • A juggling act with too many balls in the air
  • A really fun game, way too damn short.
  • Chance and Choice
  • Mixed feelings
  • So close, and yet so far.
Going downhill fast.
  • Bit of a Mixed Bag
  • Decent Watch
Dissidia: awesomely fun, but very demanding.
  • From comments
  • Good when it actually updates.
Lavode's review
  • FireLizardInABottle's review
  • Jacob Greyson's review
  • Ryan Lohner's review
  • SalFishFin's review
  • A Smart, Creative Story with Fantastic Character Development
  • An Utterly, Utterly Brilliant Film
  • District 9, Part 1
  • District 9, Part 2
  • half great, the other half, not so.
Fresh Take on an Old Idea
  • 3.5/5
  • A Decent Series
  • Boring at best and mean-spirited at worst
  • Divergent
  • Divergent: Piece Of Crap
  • Falls Flat
  • Insurgent: Guilty Pleasure.
  • Is this Writing 101 ?
  • Never read the book, but the movie
  • Sues, sues, sues....
Sick through and through .
  • Ambition sunk by its own concept
  • Interesting concept, flawed execution
We Made It Good This Time, For Real, You Guys
  • I don't know what to make of this movie (Spoilers)
  • Possibly Tarantino's Best
  • Probably, One of my favorite movies of 2012
  • Two Failed Acts and Two Failed Characters
  • Worth it for the style alone--which is good, because there's not much substance.
  • DLC quest wouldn't be worth playing if it were free
  • Good satire, lacks gameplay
  • Alright gameplay with bad writing.
  • Credit where it's due, please.
  • Decent game for rental, don't buy full price.
  • Don't believe the hate... (Definitive Edition)
  • Forgettable
  • Give it a shot
  • It is for the best.
  • Sloppy *SPOILERS*
  • Sometimes Change is Good
A worthy comic to be part of internet history
  • Darn you Whedon!
  • Simply Amazing
A real shame to see the class seep out of this show
A Man with a Vision
  • .
  • A Strange Movie
  • Don't Like Marvel Movies? Watch This One Instead
  • Everything Wrong with: Doctor Strange
  • Formula isn't a bad thing.
  • Good, but not impressive, MCU origin story
  • "The best idea ever invented in the history of the world"
  • "The Husbands of River Song"
  • A Christmas Carol
  • A Sci-Fi Series That Is So Much More
  • All of Time and Space. Where do you Want to Start?
  • Amy's Choice
  • And it was all going so well.
  • Best Science Fiction Show on TV
  • Blink
  • City of Death
  • Clara Oswin Oswald: A Character Study (Spoilers!)
  • Cold Blood
  • Day of the Moon
  • Doctor Sue?
  • Doctor Who seasons 5&6
  • Doctor Who- Now With 50% less Doctor!
  • Flesh and Stone
  • I have a wife now. Wives are cool.
  • I really regret not having gotten into this series earlier
  • Kill the Moon. Seriously, kill it.
  • Love & Monsters
  • Midnight: Nothing happens
  • My problem with Series 7
  • My problem...
  • One of the Best Sci-Fi series ever.
  • Other - A review of many episodes past and future
  • Revisiting those last two episodes of Series Four, "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End"
  • Series 7 - A bit of a strange one
  • Surreal and epic
  • The "we don't have much TIME to resolve the arcs" of the Doctor
  • The Angels Didn't Take Manhattan Very Well, Did They?
  • The Beast Below
  • The Beast Below
  • The Big Bang
  • The Caves of Androzani
  • The Curse of Fenric
  • The Day of the Doctor
  • The Eleventh Doctor Never Felt The Pain
  • The Eleventh Hour
  • The first Moffat/Smith season retrospective
  • The Hungry Earth
  • The Impossible Astronaut
  • The Lodger
  • The Pandorica Opens
  • The RTD Era
  • The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
  • The third Sontaran serial
  • The Time of Angels
  • The Time of Angels
  • The Vampires of Venice
  • Victory of the Daleks
  • Victory of the Daleks
  • Vincent and the Doctor
  • Why the Weeping Angels Scare You
A whovian's thoughts
  • Brony Whovians rejoice!
  • Good fun for everyone!
  • A Smart Pulp Adventure For All Ages!
  • Too over-the-top for my tastes
The end lesson for people who read fantasy and for those who don't
Brilliant adventure
from comments
  • Good for a quick h/c fix, probably not for those who avoid angst
  • Powerful writing
  • An Incredible Satire
  • Preachy
Excellent. Truly excellent.
  • A Surprisingly Interesting (and slightly flawed) ride. (spoilers)
  • Scary in all the right ways, but flawed.
The Mana Aida Show
  • No masterpiece, but not that bad either.
  • Sobbing is all I can do...
Why did this fail?
[=GuyYouMetOnline=]'s review
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by LittleMissSophie
  • Elizabeth and her story
  • I thought it was funny
  • Is not funny.
The truth about DK
DKC2 - A True Gaming Masterpiece
How I Learned to Love (and Hate) the Kong
  • DK's back, but at what cost?
  • It's like DKC never left us.
  • Old-school yet modernized, this is a great platformer
  • A good game, but it lacks heart
  • A step in the right direction.
  • Retro's new Magnum Opus
Do No Harm
  • Honest opinion...
  • Not Recommended
  • read to come to your own decision
  • Warning
  • DoDonPachi for arcade
  • DoDonPachi [=DaiOuJou=] for arcade
  • DonPachi for arcade
  • Don't Be Fooled By The Trailer
  • Flawed yet Overall Enjoyably Creepy
\Better than most horror movies, but that's a low bar
Anonymous review from the Comments section
Weird and demented, but in a good way
Most excellent and funny, need page.
I honestly can't decide if I like this movie.
Another great watch
Comment by Juice Box Hero
It's addictive.
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Innovative, Compelling, and above all else, Good
  • Now that's more like it
  • One Thing Ruined Everything
Simple Idea with a Surprising Amount of Meat
Comment by {{@/Anfingrimm}}
Overrated and pointless.
  • Classic Doom For The I-Pad: Old School Fun
  • Doom 3 forgets what made the series so good
  • Doom 3 is one of the best and scariest Sci-Fi Shooters of all time.
  • Doom 64: A 12.0 on the 10.0 scale of badness
  • Overall very good, minus some technical issues and overly long campaign
  • Rip and Tear
  • Screw the story, screw the multiplayer, screw snapmap, and screw Hell.
Quite dark, but good
The American Office ... IN UNIVERSITY
  • A game for the thinking man.
  • A lumbering, archaic dinosaur in a flashy, blinged-up suit.
  • As pleasant as eating razor blades.
  • The best MOBA, but not perfect
  • A Compelling Look at Escapism
  • Come with me in the Twilight
  • Extraintrover's review
  • OP's review
  • OP's review
A Westernized take on the classic, with approval from its original Japanese developer himself
Awesome as always
Captures the spirit of TTGL perfectly
  • A Thoroughly Entertaining and Well-Animated Fan Movie
  • Good as a fan animation, lackluster as a fan episode
  • Yeah
The Ending Is Terrible
Moving comments to reviews
Only one of the best shows ever
Doug Walker reviews - More Bum than Critic
Doujin work
Comment by Anonymous
  • Downfall
  • EvilPinky's review
  • It's not as Great as the Fans of the Fanfic Make it Out to be...
The Famous
Down Periscope
Series 1 and 2
A Well Done Story
  • Interesting
  • Mostly worth reading for the snark
  • A Dated Classic
  • Dracula, Bram Stoker - Important but not good
Tried so hard to like this.....
Sequels do not work this way!
May God Strike Down Whomever did this to Dracula.
  • A Dangerous Balance
  • A Miserable Experience
  • A Mixed Bag Built on an Appeal to Novelty
  • A very surprising experience.
  • Am I the only one not wearing rose-tinted glasses?
  • An inferior sequel, but a very good game
  • An ugly duckling of the series
  • Diamond in the Rough
  • Dragon Age 2
  • Dragon Age 2
  • Enjoyable But Rushed
  • not as good as the first.
  • Not Necessarily RUINED FOREVER
  • Nothing Special...
  • Of Expectations Met And A Reluctant Warrior
  • Rinse and repeat gameplay brings down a good game.
  • Rubbish. Complete Rubbish.
  • S'alright
  • Six of One. Half a Dozen of the other.
  • Some nitpicky things
  • Something I can't play twice
  • The New BioWare Tradition?
  • Time For Some Heresy
  • Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back
  • Ultimately Satisfying, If Less So Than Origins
  • Unfinished--but still worthwhile.
  • Unpolished, but the Most Intimate of the DA Games.
  • Very similar yet quite different
  • Why should I care about these characters?
  • .
  • A Great Game with two Major Flaws
  • A Hollow Experience.
  • Good core, lots of padding.
  • Hamartia
  • The Most Meaningful Roleplaying Experience Bioware's Ever Made
  • Travels in Thedas
  • An excellent RPG
  • An Outsider's Perspective
  • Beyond awesome
  • Felt watered down.
  • Flawed but oh-so-engrossing.
  • Great, but with problems.
  • I enjoyed playing a genuine RPG
  • I want to like this
  • Made of Win
  • Not Perfect, but still Good
  • Not the best, but highly enjoyable
  • Oblivion was better
  • Only Bioware could make a game this good feel like a disappointment.
  • Return of the Classic Tactics, Loot, & Storyline RPG
  • Shite
  • Swooping Is Bad.
  • Witch Hunt - A Must-Play
  • Cheap but fun.
  • Cheesy, But Entertaining
  • Simple fun, but no Dragon Age Origins
  • An awesome story spoiled by author
  • Wow . . . just wow
  • A series that lost its way over time.
  • An Uncanny Yet Delightful Adventure
  • Dragon Ball: the greatest story ever told
  • Easily changed my opinion
  • It's an okay show I guess. Not the best, but okay.
  • The heart and soul of the series.
  • Volume 1: How To Gather Characters
  • Volume 2: The Word Of The Day Is "Arc"
  • Watch the first show!!!
  • Great for even non-DBZ fans.
  • Greatest parody I ever seen
  • This is what they meant when they said better than Canon
  • What distinguishes team four star....
  • Break out the flame throwers
  • Does it deserve the hate it gets???
  • Generic but Bad
  • Gets waaaay more hate than it deserves.
  • It'd take more than a wish to straighten this film out
  • Might as well be a fanfic.
  • Not as bad as I thought
  • The cheese stands alone
  • The worst film I have seen in ten years
Not (quite) as bad as it's made out to be
  • Sometimes Less is More
  • When the nostalgia goggles take over
Recommended, if you can handle some weirdness.
  • AkiraToriyama would be proud.
  • Could Have Been So Much More.
  • It's good, but has some bugs in it
  • The art is what sells it.
  • Future Trunks Saga Review (Anime version)
  • Resurrection F Saga review.
  • Super is the equivalent of the Star Wars Prequels
  • Universe 6 Saga Review
  • Universe Survival Saga Review (spoilers inbound)
  • Disappointing.
  • Not quite what was promised, but still pretty good!
  • THE Dragonball game.
  • An Anime Classic....and with good reason!
  • Dragon, dragon, rock the dragon, ''DragonBallZ''!
  • Would have been perfect if it was shorter.
  • A whole new version of DBZ... and it's awesome!
  • Better than the official version.
  • Plan to Eradicate Christmas: ...I feel like a jerk saying this, but meh.
Definitely one of the best DBZ films
  • A laugh riot and an epic slugfest in one film.
  • Its Okay, but is better for Dragon ball fans, not Z fans.
  • Take the Good with the Bad
The epitome of Dragon Ball movie villains
Freeza's cool but his brother's Cooler
Dragon Ball Kai: Almost better than the original.
Not As Epic As I Had Hoped, But Still Fun To Watch. Spoilers inbound.
Is it over? Not until the fish jumps...
Boring but the 2nd half is actually pretty cool
Enjoyable, but a bit predictable and dry
DragonFable, my teenage hobby.
When uniqueness meets expectations
Slimy, yet Satisfying
An unpolished gem
Frustration and Animation
Dragons Lexicon Triumvirate, Good ideas in the hands of an incapable author.
One of the best of the ASOIAF fandom
Comment by Soojinyeh
Still a Classic
Caim's lovin' this shit
  • :/
  • A pleasant surprise
  • By Virtue Of
  • Divide it by half
  • For Me: Too Gross to Love, Too Funny to Hate
Comment by Oracle Seven
A Dread Empire's Fall
It's Not The Jumpscares That Are Scary
Dream of the Lotus in Bloom
Hilarious And Cheesy, But
  • ''Dreamfall'' is my obsession.
  • Sometimes Graphics Make All The Difference
  • It's one of those movies that makes you feel good every time you watch it!
  • Poorly done
  • Great Worldbuilding, Mediocre Story
  • Naruto: Sakura's Replaced By A Nara And Nothing Else Changes!
  • Pretty good, but loooooong.
  • Starts well enough, doesn't continue as well
  • Warning: Causes Death Due to Awesome
  • Dreaming of sunshine
  • Pretty good, but loooooong.
Let me sleep; I want to see the Dreamworld
  • Come for the artwork...and stay for the artwork.
  • If you felt the life of another person half way across the world
  • So much wasted potential
  • A Dredd film done right.
  • An all round fantastic film.
  • As a fan, I approve
  • It's Judgement Time!!
  • Small, but powerful.
  • From comments
  • Thumbs Up
Murphy's Law taken to its tragic extreme
The wonders of platonic friendships
  • A Nice Change of Pace
  • A Strange, Thought-Provoking Film
  • Never EVER Trust a Trailer
  • What A Difference A Director Makes
  • Roll With It, and it Works
  • San Francisco Fun
Fun but very silly game. Avoid spoilers before playing!
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • Recommended
Meat Wisdom's Review
from comments
My Favorite Fic
Comment by Maylene
  • A good story
  • A resounding "ugh".
  • Retcons can do wonders.
  • Wonderful art, decent story, but its best read if you don't consider some things
op's review
Almost But Not Quite
Full Of Detail
A Fantastic Collection of Short Stories.
  • One of the greatest cartoons of all time, if not THE greatest.
  • So simple and so powerful.
  • The Only Reboot That Worked!
  • The Only show that did it right.
Satisfying, but not perfect
  • Interesting, but incomplete
  • Not worth it, I'm afraid
  • Awesome One-Shot
  • Wow
  • A Great Game Destroyed by Impossible Expectations
  • A Sad Punchline to Gaming's Longest Running Joke.
  • Development Hell Took Its Toll...
  • Duke Nukem Forever only came out to give closure to the whole Development Hell fiasco...
  • Like a Checklist of Every FPS Fad From The Last Decade.
  • Starts out strong, but...
  • Honestly, I don't really understand the hate.
  • Nothing special, but definitely watchable!
  • Not Worth the Time
  • Worth the Time
  • A Peck At This
  • Cautious
  • Chauvinism
  • DAYD contradicts canon and is impossibly dark
  • DAYD is Awesome, 'Kay?
  • Didn't Meet Expectations
  • Downer Ending
  • Enjoyable
  • Good with Conditions
  • Heartbreaking
  • If Neville Longbottom Knew Your Name in 1998...
A Disney Classic
It's epic, but...
Great Book, Terrible Film
Dungeon Dynamite: Is it good?
  • A Good Way to Kill a Month's Worth of Free Time
  • Amateurish, yet awesome
  • Comment by Shay Guy
  • Comment by Sun Tzu
  • Unattributed comment
Pioneering for its time, but does not age well
An arcade beat-em-up with mild RPG-like depth, makes for a very fun game
Excellent Game
  • Dun Well
  • Powerful and Innnovative, But Deeply Flawed
  • We will fight them in the Multiplexes
  • I just love this series!
  • I liked it. I guess.
  • Worth checking out
Comment by chibiaries
  • Absolutely Brilliant
  • The best thing since peanut butter!
A Short Review
Some are too hard, some are too soft. This one is sadly, just right.
op's review
  • All Hail the God of Blood
  • Extremely Overcomplicated
  • Love the game myself, but...
  • The most complicated game ever. and this is why it's GOOD.
  • The pinnacle of god games(sounds good right?)
  • You have struck diamond!
One Hell Of A Great Country Singer
Episode 1