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Lavanya Six's review
  • Ditch the couple and their baby...
  • Made Way Before It's Time
  • One of my favorite comic strips
  • Nobody put Baby in a Corolla
  • Pure Kinetic Energy
  • Radar Love
  • Was he slow? No.
  • Casual viewer's impressions
  • I strongly recommend this show.
  • Will cramp your butt at times, but worth it
If you need motivation to work out, WATCH THIS ANIME
  • Baccano!
  • Baccano! The best anime ever! To me at least...
  • I'd Like Immortals, the Mafia, Three Timelines and Crazy Awesome. Also set in the '30's? Thank you!
Moving comments to reviews
Backdraft: the review
  • I literally can't recommend this.
  • Introspection and Philosophy
  • True Art is Angsty: The Fanfic
  • Part 1 is a timeless classic, but Parts 2 and 3 were unnecessary
  • Timeless awesomeness!
Moving comments to reviews
  • 7.5/10
  • Backward With Purpose
  • Good, but Could be Better
  • Good, But Not Great
  • Great Time-Travel story, Sequel makes it better
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Moving comments to reviews pt 2
  • Okay story, but the reveal was anticlimactic.
  • Review for "Always and Always"
Sandlot Sluggers
CaellachTigerEye's Review
  • Lost interest after the first part. Till then it was good.
  • Very well handled
Funny, But Sad
Fantastic but also critically underrated
This won't be long
Anoymous review from the comments section
  • A Review of a Review Show.
  • Excellent and solid film reviewer and humourist.
  • Like David Spade with Bell's palsy
  • One of my TGWTG Favourites
  • Point, sneer, toss hair, repeat
Comment by Firestorm
  • Bad Santa 2: No No No
  • Bad Santa: Bad Movie
  • A pretty good comedy
  • Bad Teacher is a Bad Movie
  • I thought it was pretty good
  • It's great! =)
An unusual but worthwhile read
  • A terrible show done as well as possible
  • Good series but not for everyone.
  • Is there a kami of 'SHUT THE F**K UP' anywhere around?
  • Rather boring.
  • An study about epic and martial arts
  • Greatest Parody of Martial Arts in Fiction
So Good, its Bad.
  • I'll take a pen...and DRAW WITH IT!
  • Making Manga Creation Interesting
  • Quick out of the gate, fades in the stretch, finishes off behind but with head held high.
Baldur's Gate: A meager experience stretched thin and a prologue to a better game.
Comment by @/MarleeCross
Really dark. Really creepy. Really awesome.
Walt Disney's Bambi (1942) Review
  • Bambi II (2006) Review
  • Disney Still Need Him, Disney Still Feed Him, When He's Sixty Four
op's review
Don't expect to learn much about Kendo.
Banjo's a film that is pretty good. It often succeeds where it should.
Stupid, dated, ill-paced, poorly-executed. And yet...
A bit of a disappointment
Thor and Loki: What They Could Be
Barney was Super-Dee-Duper back then and still is today!
A Unique Kind Of Fun
A promising fic that definitely deserves a read!
Bartender= Psychiatrist
from comments
  • I like it.
  • Narration: Makes or Breaks it
Definitely worth your time.
Completely Missing The Point: The Series
  • 89 Movie
  • A Pretty, Well-Acted, Dumb, Plotless, Mean-spirited Mess, Set to Nice Music.
  • Batgirl's backstory
  • Just Pretend.
  • No one tried
  • So Bad, Even A Kid Couldn't Even Stomach It
  • Tragically This Movie Almost Did It Right
  • Unintentionally Fun but Still Flawed
  • Batman as he should be
  • I'm FINALLY Batman
  • They say it's the best superhero game ever
  • 5/5 Stars
  • A very deserving Game of the Year
  • Casebook example of how a sequel should be made.
  • Gameplay? Godly. Everything else? Eh.
  • Great game, but digs a bit deep into the source
  • I'm not even a Batman fan
  • In the end it had nothing to add to Asylum
  • Not a 10, but certainly a 9.5
  • Terrific game
  • A Brilliant Ending (This Review Contains No Spoilers)
  • Could have been better, but a good way to close a brilliant franchise (spoilers).
  • Garbage. 1 Star.
  • More bad than good.
  • Refuses to go gentle.
  • A step down
  • A Valiant Effort
  • Another Improvement (Spoilers)
  • Enjoyable but underwhelming
  • Good, but it could have been great (SPOILERS)
  • Good, not great
  • Merely Good Amongst Greats
  • Risk Reaps Rewards
  • Weaker than ''City'', but still rather good.
  • How Batman himself would make a Batman game.
  • In Hindsight the Combat is Shit
The Dirty Dozen Problem
  • Anti-Hype Aversion
  • How to do an origin story
If Batman Were Spider-man; Or, How To Make a Great Show Out of an Executive Mandated Premise
Too Long, Too Inconsistent, But Still Pulls Through
A good popcorn flick, but should have been more
  • It's a shame they didn't show that in the film
  • The Heart of Batman
The book is good, even if you don't know Batman
  • Batman as a Gothic Tragedy
  • Batman Returns: Questioning a Classic
  • Burton goes to further extremes.
  • The Greatest Batman Film
  • Why is Batman in this movie?
A must watch all around
  • Finally we got back to what this genre is all about.
  • I'm going to hell I prefer this over The classic 90's cartoo
  • It could have been worse, but that's not saying much.
  • Outrageous.
  • The Fate of Equinox!
  • The happy days are here again
  • Too much quality fluctuation
  • The Most Overrated Piece Of Garbage In Comic Book History
  • Why Doesn't Gotham City Kill The Joker?
  • A Fun Movie Adaptation Dragged Down By A Flawed Prologue
  • Batman: The Killing Joke Review
  • The Killing Joke, now available in multiple choice media! Except, not.
  • Two stories that didn't need to go together
  • What Were They Thinking?
  • A fantastic series that's really missing an episode.
  • Season 1 Vs Season 2
Actually made me like the character
  • BvS - The Abbreviation Looks Like My Face, Sideways, After Watching The Movie
  • Critically flawed, but still enjoyable. Definitely worth your time and money.
  • Dawn Of...Somthing.
  • Everything This Film Attempts To Do, Fails
  • False Start
  • Flawed, but still enjoyable if you're open-minded
  • Great visuals, great acting, great everything except the plot
  • I don't get it
  • I love it. I absolutely love it.
  • I really don't know what to make of this movie
  • It takes skill to fail so thoroughly
  • Lowest common denominator, not very great a movie.
  • Not Perfect, Not For Everyone. But Then Again, What Is?
  • Skip to the 2:00:00 mark (extended edition). It's the only thing worth watching.
  • So Much Win
  • The good and bad stuff is equally present
  • There are good parts, outweighed by the bad ones
  • Things that don't make sense in Batman v Superman (spoilers!) (duh)
  • This film is kinda the opposite of what it wants to be.
  • What can I say... It is not bad, but...
An Amazing Accomplishment - Millers finest work
A nice replacement for Xanax
  • A Golden Age tale: hardware, ideas, baddies and can-do cut-out heros.
  • Battlefield Earth - Sure it's bad, but...
  • Should You Read It? Good Question...
MUCH Better Than its Predecessor
  • Enjoyable, Despite the Humans
  • Saved by Genre Savvyness.
Good But Not Too Great
Brief, fun little fic.
  • Numb Your Brain to Get Any Gain
  • The audacity!
  • The better of Taylor Kitsch’s flops.
  • A good first try.
  • best fanfic series ever
  • Daybreak: An Admirable Failure
  • Too much navel gazing
Daybreak: An Admirable Failure
Moved comments
  • Masochism and Sadism: The Game
  • Why didn't this sell better?
  • Why didn't this sell well?
Lacks the depth of the first game
The greatest show about running and diving and swimming
I Think That This Show Smells Good
  • A Game Let Down By Its Fluff
  • A rather unfairly maligned game
Comment by Dr Tempo
Comment by Looney Toons
Anoymous review from the comments section
  • Definitely a classic.
  • I love this movie, but HOW can anyone sympathize with Gaston??!
  • Absolutely wonderful
  • An average, if pointless, remake
  • Old Story, New Magic
  • Pathetic
Comment by Hawking
Bring a Pillow. This is Torture.
Can't second this
Really Hate MTV but Love This
From comments
  • Hylarn's review
  • Magic Laser's review
  • Taker Foxx's review
  • A Return To Form... ''Mostly''.
  • Actually Not As Terrible As It Looks
  • My favorite Scooby Doo
  • What the F*** is this???????
Practically Imperfect in Every Way
  • Review by {{Tropers/Fivepence}}
  • Review by {{Tropers/Quanyails}}
  • Comedy saved this series to last a bit longer
  • Rise of the Demon King
  • RuleOfFunny to the Rescue!
Z Movie - Seinfeld and his Friends Cash In
Big Dog Breaks The Aesop
  • Comartemis' review
  • Dartz-IRL's review
Review, Copied And Pasted From My Blog
Good continuation
It's really good.
Comment by @/CoppeliaMartyrdom
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Rita689
Good, but admittedly not great and not really scary
Comment by Genki Girl
As close as you'll get to a perfect story.
Don't Miss It
Being Human: A Post Whedon world
What You Are In the Dark
OP's review
  • ...
  • If You Never Read Another Fanfic, Read This One
  • Tropers/Thornheart's Review
  • Beltane Night
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Yessiika
  • Not fluffy at all
  • Ben 10: A Look Back
  • One of the better modern animated shows.
Decent, but. . .
  • Ben 10 Alien Force, a controversial sequel...
  • No. Beard. Was. Grown.
  • The Con of Rath - or, the best episode of a mediocre series
  • Vengeance of Vilgax review
  • Whored. To. Death.
  • A Mixed Bag
  • Arc 1 and 2
  • I Hate This Show As Much As Clement Hates Sonic 06 (Kirbypower's Review of Ben 10: Omniverse)
  • Meh
  • Misplaced
  • Not perfect, but better than Alien Force and Ultimate Alien
  • Not totally bad, but rather disappointing.
  • T.G.I.S.
  • The best Ben 10 series
  • Vilgax Must Croak
  • Worst Ben 10 Series EVER
  • Ben 10: Ultimate Shark-Jumping!
  • Creative and fun
  • Full of unnecessary and disappointing decisions
  • I liked the series before Cartoon Network milked it--everything's related to aliens now.
  • Started off really Well, but Now It's boring
  • The Room, get ready to meet your gay challenge
  • This is the Worst Kind of Movie
From comments
Holy. Ganon's. Sword.
Comment by Looney Toons
Spare yourselves.
  • A depressing, ultraviolent, and surprisingly mature masterpiece.
  • Constant source of morbid fascination
  • Like watching a car crash
  • The best fantasy manga.
  • The definitive Seinen
Comment by Elora
  • Cliche as hell
  • Koh and that Old Klingon Proverb
  • Spot on spirits
A good way to spend time!
  • The Back To The Future Lab episide
  • Time To Rob and Slam
The Best of Guest
  • An excellent but nasty book.
  • An exciting, well-written slog through insufferable darkness
Comment by Mipp
Yes, You Should Read It
Not a great first try
Eye candy, eargasm, crappy story
  • CrypticMirror's review
  • Deconstruction at its finest
  • Nerdorama's review
  • Season 1: Slippin' and Slidin'
  • Totally Worth It
  • A Flawed Magnum Opus
  • A Furry, Westernised ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' without the MindScrew.
  • A lack of courage
  • Ignore the drama and judge for yourself
  • Utter garbage
Great story, but horrible writing
  • A pretty good read.
  • Simple But Solid And Entertaining
from comments
My childhood
Creepy, but rambling
  • A rather nice surprise
  • Even Better Than B:TAS?
  • Great start!
  • Pretty good so far
  • Strong New Take on Batman
  • Ten episode review.
  • A magical tale that could have done with more magic
  • Bewitched: A brilliant comedy no matter what the era.
  • Imagine if a Dursley married a Weasley.
  • First episode review: bland, boring and amazingly bad
  • Maxi1234's review
  • A great game, with some confusing elements
  • Pigs Have Wings
  • A Pleasant Surprise, A Flawed Gem
  • Indecisive opinion, indecisive series
  • Beyond The Wall
  • Comment by Dellanotte
  • Acted well, but questionably written
  • Immersive, but Frustrating
  • Curious Self-Exploration
  • Originally Average
Fetish Retardant Sex, Surprisingly Interesting Story
And yet it had potential…
CaellachTigerEye's Review
Perfectly vicious.
  • Big Hero 6 gives you a big hug.
  • Big Hero Two Plus Four
  • Can't Wait for the DVD!
  • Disney grows up, but is still Disney, for the better
  • I might have been a bit harsh on this movie the first time
  • One of my favorite movies ever
  • Ryochi reviews Big Hero 6
  • The Tale Of A Young Teenager Dealing With Loss
  • Very Artificial, but thematically decent
  • @/{{antvasima}}'s review
  • @/{{Comartemis}}' review
  • @/{{lanky}}'s review
  • Beautiful. Hilarious. ''Accessible''.
  • There is a reason this is the most favorited Ranma fanfic
  • So bad, my grandmother found it hilarious
  • The literal definition of ObviousBeta.
  • This is more like a game engine than a game
What happened to this show?
Let's Rock and Ride
  • Bodacious Indeed
  • Party On, Dudes!
Speaking as an educator...
Billy Elliot Shines!
Cyberpunk by flashsucks
Billy Madison vs Happy Gilmore
A stunning example of when less is more.
A series with a glaring flaw
Comment by Vitruvius
  • A man chooses. A slave obeys.
  • Rapture is a mixed bag, but definitely worth a visit.
  • A game that runs out of Shock.
  • A marvellous pile of... What?
  • By Far, The Weakest
  • Diminishing Returns
  • Excellent story, mediocre gameplay
  • Shocking. Positively Shocking.
  • A definite improvement, but feels bland and samey by the end.
  • In Defense of BioShock 2
  • The Chain's Greatest Link
  • The worst kind of sequel.
  • Absolutely Fantastic
  • Blows Bioshock out of the water
  • Excellent game
  • How the hell does this have universal critical acclaim?
  • Loved everything.... Except the ending
  • Not The Best, But Excellent
  • Squanders Good Things
  • Whether you are killing for a cause, you're still killing people!
  • A Defense
  • Hilarious, corny, and unlike the sequel, honest
  • This was too much
Winking at the camera kills the fun
A Mixed Bag: But Interesting
Needs. More. Love.
Great content, but a ''lot'' of typos
Erenischean Universe rocks!
Comment by Yuurei
Comment by Wild Goose
Not bad for the first Furry movie, good but not great.
Seriously guys, its getting old
  • BIT.TRIP Saga
  • Ow, my brain! Too much awesome for me.
Black: Gun Porn
@/{{Binaroid}}'s review from old comments section
BossGoji's review
Good read
A Rare Gem
Comment by chibiaries
  • Comment by @/ArcaneAzmadi
  • Comment by @/TheViolentTomboy
  • Comment by {{@/Magareagle}}
  • good stuff
  • Flameblade13
  • Not Perfect, But a Lot of Potential
  • Sparky
Are you a blessing, or a curse?
Quintus's review, moved from comments
  • Manga - So Bad it's Good at Worst, but can be very Good
  • One Hell of a Manga (sorry for the obvious joke)
  • Pronoun Trouble - Does He Have to Shoot You Now?
  • A good series to look into.
  • A Slight Cliche Storm Which Still Manages to Grip and Impress
  • Review by Andrew L. Urban:
  • Review by Dan Lybarger:
“Dark Lover” by JR Ward
OP's review
Funniest movie of the new millenium!
  • Badass with an extra topping of badass
  • Desperate to be cool.
  • Fantastic... If taken with a grain of salt
  • Tarantino With An Infinite Budget
Hmm, well...
  • Loathsome and Inspired
  • Ow.
  • White Bear: The Worst Episode of the Pre-Netflix Run
  • Why?
  • A good-but-not-great Marvel
  • A very good movie, and a good reminder that not all films are made for me.
  • Amazing
  • Awesome Movie. Good Morals.
  • The best movie of the MCU
  • The Decent Movie Where Nothing Much Happens
  • Black Rock Shooter
  • Haters gonna hate.
Sqwark! Pieces of Shit! Pieces of Shit!
Shocking Swerve tossed Suspension of Disbelief
A little too Black and White.
  • Great film, weakened by pseudo-dramatic twist (spoilers!)
  • My Favorite for a Reason
  • Oh, boy, we're in trouble...
Appealing on a Primal Level, Less so on an Intellectual One
Suffocated by hopelessly dragging storytelling
  • Awe.
  • My weird oppinion...
Candelabra's review
A dumb plot with no likeable characters, but I've seen worse
A decent anime hampered by a frustrating case of "Decoy Protagonist"
  • (Blaster Master Zero review) Easier, with a more fleshed out story, and more detailed gameplay
  • (first game review) Very creative and original concept I'd like to see done better
Calamity Trigger
Skip it. Don't even acknowledge it's existence.
  • A BaseBreaker in serial form
  • A forever great show
  • A very dangerous work; and not in a good way.
  • All Downhill from the SS Arc
  • Betrayal
  • Bleach at a glance
  • Bleach in the Broadest Sense
  • Bleach Overall
  • Bleach was never ruined.
  • Bleach, the Rise and Fall.
  • it worth watching?
  • Bleach: A Rocky Road
  • Enjoyable Due to the Characters
  • Given up on it...*BLOOD WAR SPOILERS*
  • Great Characters, acceptable otherwise
  • Hueco Mundo Saga: Not As Good As What Came Before
  • Its bad, but there are parts I like
  • Jumping The Shark in Style
  • Mixed Feelings
  • Not the best, but definitely my favorite.
  • Not the Show I Thought it Was
  • Pre-Soul Society: A Promising Shonen Series
  • Sorta A Rant, Feel Free To Ignore
  • Soul Society: A GOOD RescueArc
  • Starts off great, but starts to decay (manga only).
  • The Diamond Dust Rebellion
  • The problems started earlier than people think
  • Using a brain is discouraged
  • Vast Expanses of Beautiful Nothingness
It was pretty decent
I thought it would suck.
The Best Power Metal Band In Existence!
My thoughts
Comment by [=ZeldaQueen=]
Depressing, but mind-opening
The Killer Game for the PS4, Finally!
Interesting idea, but there is one problem.
Disappointing mediocre animated show
Comment by Silverpaw
A riot!
A Third of a Book
Best Opening Line Ever
  • An unsigned review
  • Nine Of Eight's review
Deevo's review
The best fan story about the coyote Antoine from Sonic so far
A great book for children!
Not bad, but unfinished and only one chapter long.
  • Mom's favorite show
  • My favorite Cop Show
Very highly recommended
Boys Will Be Boys: A real low point for the series
Blue Rose - 2nd Edition
Great writer!
Surprisingly compelling
Review by David Anez
  • One of the weirdest shows I've ever seen, and I've watched Excel Saga
  • Perhaps one of the silliest things out there...
  • Pure. Distilled. Funny.
  • Wackiness with a side of Plot
  • A whole different flavor of Fox Sunday Night
  • Decent Boredom Killer
  • Edited: I like it now
  • I don't get the appeal
  • I'm in love
  • It Didn't Disappoint
A Pleasant Surprise
Comment by Mirkada4
  • One of the best TV shows out there, animated or otherwise.
  • Surprisingly, it may be the best cartoon out right now
  • You are everything that's wrong with you
  • A dark and entertaining take on HumongousMecha
  • Facing the End
Addicted with its own drama, sometimes to its own disadvantage (semi-rant)
Basically the best book I've read all year.
Songs to ageing children come (Joni Mitchell)
Make No Bones About It
  • Great back then, holds up okay today
Book Girl volumes 1 and 2
A Mind Screw That I Can't Help Coming Back To.
TheEvilOboist's review
  • FireLizardInABottle's review
  • The Otaku Ninja's review
A version of Boomerang that doesn't need a special subscription still comes at a price!
  • Borderlands DLC review
  • Loot collecting, co-op, skill trees and other RPG elements give depth and add more fun to this FPS
  • We were promised an FPS/Action RPG hybrid with GunPorn and it delivers
  • An excellent game that I wish I could finish.
  • Everything a sequel should be
  • Season Pass thoughts
Borderlands: The Watered-Down Part
A Original But Ultimately Soulless GuP Fic
Born To Be Wilde
Moved comments
  • Comment by v2113
  • Quite Lovely for a Smut Fic
  • Warning: Rant Ahead.
  • Pretty g- *cow falls on Tropers/BNJC1*
OP's review
  • Adorably fluffy.
  • I loved it!
Powerful but dark movie.
It's... unique, if nothing else.
Better than most boys in tankery fics, but still flawed
Pretty much what you'd expect middle schoolers to make, not that it's bad
  • On Causality.
  • One Good Level and Meh
Possibly one of the best AUs out there.
  • Brain Dead's okay, but it could have been better
  • I Kick Ass for the Lord, minus a little
My "deserted island" movie
  • Commentator Criticism
  • TheWolfBoy007 Reviews: BrainScratch Commentaries
  • Even if you haven't read it, it still doesn't impress
  • Milleage will vary for those who read the book
  • More ham! More I say!
  • Post Twilight: The movie did not age well...
  • Silly and not at all faithful to the source materal. But a great guilty pleasure.
  • This film is more faithful to Dracula than Bram Stoker is...
Brass eye - some overanalysing
  • Bit schizophrenic, but good moments
  • Brave: Better Than Expected
  • Disappointingly Average
  • Empty
  • Excellent! Really dont get the hate
  • Good, not Great
  • Great art in a tacky frame
  • Let-Down
  • Listen before you speak, think before you act
  • Not all bad
  • Points for originality, but suffers from ironic lack of ambiguity
  • Several missed opertunities and some serious logic holes
  • Should be judged on its merits
  • Sleeper, hold the hit.
  • The definition of "Idiot Hero".
A short review
A superlative historical fantasy.
  • Bravely Default: Flawed but Fantastic.
  • Flawed, but wonderful game (Contains mild spoilers)
  • Lots of potential wasted - mild spoilers ahead
  • Should have never bought this
  • Simply Amazing
Everything a good sequel should be and then some.
  • A Book to Change Perspectives
  • Came for the Romance, Stayed for the Ethical Debates (And Romance)
  • Simply Awful: EDIT
  • Bravest Warriors Comic Series
  • Hit or Miss, or An R Rated Adventure Time
  • This is a good cartoon.
  • Awesome, and endearing.
  • Funny, and Nothing if not Unique
  • Good, clean, nostalgic fun.
op's review
  • An absolutely terrible show.
  • An oddly good cartoon
  • Seriously, this show is garbage
OP's review
from comments
  • Pointing out the (fairly little) negative
  • Reviewing Bad
Let's Face It...
Comment by Gemmifer
remyblake's review
Good... But not tremendously so.
CaellachTigerEye's review
Pretentious bullshit.
An Amazing Game saddled with a brand name.
The ideal turn-based game
  • A Really Refreshing Tale
  • Still a Classic
It drags on. And on. And on and on and on and on...
An idiom unto himself.
  • I'm Not Going to Lie
  • Seriously Underrated
  • So much potential...
  • Underrated, overhated, however you wanna say it
An affront to District B13
  • Eight Middle-of-the-Road Gentlemen
  • Stones aren't as interesting as birds; or, the complex reasons why the sequel doesn't live up to the original.
  • The most intimidating review I've ever done, because this is my favorite book of all time.
Juxtaposition in Action
Indescribably Strange and Unexpectedly Good
  • Bright is Alright.
  • Bright? Anything But
An Excellent Example of a Usual Cliche
feral's review
  • Best Vegeta centered fan fiction I've read
  • Straight amazing
  • When Good Fics Go Bad
  • AKA: If Zuko Didn't Get Shot In The Face
  • Starts out great, then turns into Embers
  • Fun but requires a much better story
  • Great, but has untapped potential.
  • How much have theese Agents Changed
A Mixed Bag of Big Apples
  • It's random, it's chaotic, it's fun, and it's got some depth to it
  • The NOT Game of the Year that somehow is more entertaining than that one
op's review
A great, captivating adventure.
Comment by Sackett
Broken Bride
Comment by Tropers/ROFLightning
Three gamers walk into a bar...
It changed me
Must-read for all Axel fans
  • Brilliant
  • Sheer, unadulterated genius.
I'm not sure why this exists
  • It's everything you need, but never asked for
  • This website is missing something...
Needs more lovin'.
Absolutely amazing.
No WMG here!
  • A very mediocre game not worth your time
  • Not the best game to play with the Steam Controller
FireLizardInABottle's review
  • Coment by [=KittyKat1001001=]
  • Comment by Anonymous
A very different Harry Potter meets the Serenity crew
  • Fridge brilliance
  • Reviewing a review show. How very meta.
An increasingly solid pop artist.
  • Great, but not nearly as good as it could have been
  • Highly disappointing, poor controls, unfocused gameplay
  • Pinchingly nostalgic
The touching story of Elvis fighting a cowboy mummy
Cute, Very In-Character, Sort of Squicky
  • Bubblegum Crisis 2040 is pretty great
  • Bubblegum Crisis 2040 makes me ANGRY.
Derpy as Woobie
  • A good effort brought down by fundamental flaws
  • I can see why this pilot wasn't picked up
Wasted potential
  • A slayer of monsters and conventions alike!
  • An Ode to the Slayer
  • Fantastic, Amazing, And More Brilliant Words
  • Go Ask Malice: Faith's own thoughts, Faith's own words
  • Good series.
  • How to Save a Farfetched Concept
  • My failed attempt to do this series justice
  • My humble review of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on XBOX
  • One of my favourite shows ever, cliched as it may sound
  • Season nine comic - it's [[JumpedTheShark JUMPED THE SHAAARRR...]]oh wait, that's interesting.
  • SMG or Mooki?
Comment by Silverfire526
Dodge This Bullitt
My Thoughts on Bully
KingClark's review
  • A Matter of Perspective
  • Review
Good show so far but there are some flaws
  • 2016 TV Show Review: Delightfully Weird Fun
  • Delightfully Weird Fun
Heart-Warming At Its Finest
  • Be wary of getting into this fic
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Believe what you will
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  • Repeated Excellence
Very nicely done.
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  • Season 1 and 2; Enjoyable fluff
Switched at birth
Not a masterpiece, but definitely has its moments
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One for the album, Kakashi
Best one shots i have ever read.
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BvB: Butting Heads
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  • Disappointing, but Not Necessarily Bad
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