Reviews: SCP Foundation


To put it, SCP Foundation is single, collective Mind Hive representing the nature of human mind, trying to explore it's thought process to find a well-written yet incomprehensible, and sometimes horrible content. On most of the better articles, there's always just enough information that let the reader to guess.

In short, it was the Reader's mind that made everything work, SCP Foundation simply provide the stimulant.

And I'm writing this, because I was unable to sleep at all.

Woah... does everyone read this?

SCP Foundation was something i found looking up creepy pastas, and found it to be much more scary. As a collective database from other people, rarely are two stories alike. Its freaky, stories that will make your skin crawl (and stories about skin crawling) that will keep you out at night scared Shitless about the latest un known creature. As a 16 year old, I can't help but look ver my shoulder, bolt the doors and keep the light on.

They're good for a good scare, but seriously, they will keep you up at night.

I've noticed since I've started reading that in other pages people make comments about SCP F, which I'm sure wasn't there ast time. Is it growing in popularity or am I crazy?