Reviews: WITCH

Genuinely feminist fun

While watching this series, I couldn't stop thinking about Totally Spies, despite the two being very different shows. Perhaps a comparison will bring to light why one of these shows is good, while the other one sucks. Both are shows about a team of teenaged girls who kick ass and save the world on a regular basis. However, that does not make Totally Spies a feminist show: its main characters are airheaded bimbos obsessed with fashion and boys and have all the personality of a cardboard cutout. They may kick ass, but they do not transcend stereotypes.

This is where WITCH succeeds: credible heroines who break stereotypes. Boys? Oh yes, four out of the five girls eventually acquire a boyfriend, but they never become the center of their lives. Fashion? Doesn't come up very often. Personality? You bet. It must be admitted that the series takes a while to find its feet - arguably the entire first season, because the second season sees a noticeable increase in quality, when a new villain with fiendish plans is introduced. However, that doesn't mean that the first season can't be enjoyed, just that season two is so much better.

Any downsides? Well, I wasn't overly fond of the school scenes, especially when the bullies were involved. But that's really all I can think of. Alright, and I didn't care a lot for Blunk. As for the rest, this is a fun and genuinely feminist slice of fantasy. It's just a shame I've never been able to get my hands on the original comic books.