Reviews: Voltron Force

A super robot people who hate super robots

Every few years, World Events Productions tries to revive the Voltron brand. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint. Voltron is considered the UR example of super robots in the US of A, ala Mazinger in Mexico, Grendizer in France and the Arab world, etc. The problem is that most of the time, what we get isn't very good.

Voltron Force seems to again show the problems with distant sequel/remakes of newer material.

There are a lot of things wrong with the series. The animation ranges from mediocre to atrocious. The music tends to be mostly forgettable, with the few memorable tracks, unsurprisingly enough, being either adaptations of or tracks taken from the original Voltron. The voice acting is...passable, but nothing to write home about.

Where the show falls apart under its weight is the writing and the story. While the premise is interesting at first (military establishment forces Voltron Force underground, and at the same time Lotor returns with a vengeance) it quickly devolves into the adventures of three new characters collectively known as the cadets (an annoying hot head rookie, an annoying female athlete stereotype, and annoying token minority) that skirt the line between Creators Pet and full on God Mode Sue, with the regular Voltron Force reduced to the level of bumbling mentors.

Now I know what you're saying, "I don't watch a giant robot show for story, I watch it to see big robots beat the crap out of each other and the way the tech is improved every week!" Which is fine, except if anything suffers the derailment, it's probably the big bot itself. The classic Lion Voltron is here and is re-designed, but is significantly weaker than it was during the original series, with nearly all of its subweapons removed in favor of a interdocking system ripped straight from Getter Robo. The problem is that Voltron is beaten almost mercilessly by every opponent it faces until the kids get involved, with the actual Voltron shown as effective as a paperweight.

So a bad plot, bad characters, and bad action scenes really leads to a show that fails to deliver super robot fighting, its most basic goal. Bottom line- If you like the interchanging mode super robot gimmick, hunt down New Getter Robo.