Reviews: Undergrads

Undergrads = Good show, cut down before it's time

Huge fan of this show, going back to it's first run on Teletoon. Much like Undeclared, another show with a similar concept (but a real cast), it smartly never featured them going to school, since y'know, it's the first year of college and all, and instead was about Nitz trying to hump long-time crush Kimmy (a ridiculously hot redhead with a way-too-sweet attitude that cynical dorks like Nitz ALWAYS fall for), deal with gal-pal Nikki (hot in the 'tomboy with an attitude' kind of way), and deal with his goofy-ass friends messing up every one of his plans.

Particular highlights in this short series include the Risk episode (with the always-recurring instance of "we wipe each other out"). The realities of college life are all over the place: The guy only in clubs for the way it'll look on an application form, the way-too-cheery artsy theatre crowd, the uber-stoners who play frisbee and hackey-sack all day, the overly pretentious movie-watcher who nitpicks all the continuity errors ("his watch was there last scene, but now it's gone! CONTINUITY ERROR! CONTINUITY ERROR! I watch the movie good!"), the Star Wars/Star Trek nerd feuds, and the keener dipshit floor manager of the student's housing—- ALL college realities that I've personally witnessed first-hand, and was amazed to see done DEAD ON in cartoon form. The brutal realism of crushes was done very well, too- Nitz mopes over Kimmy all year (to the annoyance of ALL of his friends, new and old), and in the end, we STILL don't really know what's going on, and Nitz is confused over his relationships with Kimmy AND Jessie.

I really enjoyed the way the show explained the balance between your "old self" and "College self"- Nitz wanted to experience new things, but was still lazy and apathetic about leaving his comfort zone- in this sense, the show may as well have been a biography of my OWN college life (and a lot of others'- I think this is why the show has such an obsessive fanbase despite it's brevity). It wasn't all perfect, though- with the exception of Nitz, Kimmy, Gimpy & Jessie, most of the characters were REALLY one-dimensional, so the show may have had a rough going if it DID last another season or two. But who knows? Sometimes, maybe it's better to wonder "What Could Have Been".