Reviews: The Skeleton Dance

How those dead men danced!

The Skeleton Dance is an absolute Halloween classic and for good reason. A six, six, six!-minute seánce of spooky scary skeletons sending shivers down your spine with some of the seriously most sublime and splendorous animation ever seen before shit truly got started! Yessir, Ub Iwerks weaves some crazy witchcraft with his creative, fun, and infectious depiction of the nightly midnight sprees of a graveyard's worth of the skeletons of what I can only assume are a massacred bunch of time-displaced Jim Carrey clones.

Humorous and defanged the proceedings may well be, but thanks to Iwerks' slightly Uncanny Valley designs, spooky backgrounds, and the stark black-and-whiteness of it all it still holds its own as pretty memorably creepy. The first time I saw it I was just randomly channel-surfing and happened upon the beginning right after the title card. The atmosphere and build-up just totally caught me off-guard and made me a bit uneasy about what was to come. It only made it all the more hilarious when the skeletons started dancing in ways that'd make ol' Stretch Armstrong himself feel like he should be in an old folks' home.

That, and that inhuman thing the panicking skeletons turn into when they attempt to scamper back into their graves before sunrise is pure, undiluted Nightmare Fuel. Fuck The Human Centipede! This is true, harrowing Body Horror, skin or no skin! And thankfully it's the latter because if it weren't the case I'd have gone mad from the revelation ages ago... well, for a different reason than I ended up doing. Ain't no human was made to grasp that true form, man!

If I've one caveat with the short it's that it brought us those goddamn skeleton enemies from Mickey Mania and their unpredictable, No Game Over Run-raping scattering bones of doom. Fuck those bastards all the way to the, umm, Hell they already are in guess. I mean, being forced to live forever stuck on the same plane of existence as Trump is a punishment that no one should suffer, regardless of crime. ...Except Trump himself, I guess. Which has already happened. So... good?

...There I go again, being semi-serious and all that. In summation, The Skeleton Dance is awesome and you should totally give it a ghost of a chance. And hey, ain't never too early to pick up on some useful dance moves for the afterlife, because nobody knows what's gonna happen at the end of the line... but things like this sure makes it easy to enjoy the trip!