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Watch Four Episodes Before You Judge It...
The Secret Saturdays is one of those shows that will grow on you. I saw a few episodes and thought it was decent, but didn't really feel like getting into it back when it was on Cartoon Network. Recently I started watching it again on Boomerang and really got into it. Each episode is packed with action, and there's a ton of witty one-liners. The plot manages to throw a major curve ball now and then, both on a show-wide scale, and per episode. It's also really easy to feel bad for the Saturdays considering they're a family in a highly dangerous business, and there's plenty of heartwarming moments that show how deeply they care for each other. Also, Argost is one of the creepiest villains I know of besides Slade. His insect motif really makes him a villain that you'll love to hate.

When it comes to flaws, some noticeable ones are that there's basically no romance, the art is really only so-so and the pacing is a little too fast. Also, the fanbase is very small so if you get attached, there really aren't that many fan materials to ease the pain.

It's definitely worth watching though, if only for the fact it's one of the only adventure shows that doesn't have Parental Abandonment in play and still works. Overall, at least an 8/10.

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