Reviews: The Mighty B

Good Idea, Bad Execution

I will start off by saying I admire the idea of a weird girl scout being the focus of the show. The cast is unique: a previously homeless dog, a gang of popular girls, a poor mom, a wisecracking brother, an idiotic but lovable best friend. Throw in a bunch of great writers and this could have been a wonderful series.

Sadly, that's where the show failed. The plots were either stuff we've seen a million times (Bessie's too short to ride the rollar coaster, Bessie doesn't want to get a shot) or a little unusual (Happy the dog looking for his mom, Bessie thinks she's allergic to pickles.) But the humor would make you stop thinking about the plot and think about how stupid all the characters are. I was the target audience at the time, and this show never made me laugh. Cartoons don't have to make people laugh, but it's clear that this one was trying to be humorous.

The worst episode: The one where Bessie is playing with her fingers (seriously) and invents Finger's cousin, who makes Finger jealous. The whole episode's message is about friendship, but it's distracting when you're too weirded out by Bessie's insane/lonely mind. There's also a booger-picking scene which is too gross for this troper to recollect.

The best episode: The one where Bessie's dog Happy is introduced AND the one where he tries to find his mom. These two episodes are really cute and show the relationship between Bessie and her dog and are pretty heartwarming. They still show all the show's problems, but these are the episodes I remember liking, as opposed to the rest of the show. If you want to see a show about a girl that's funny and cute, I recommend Wordgirl (PBS Kids) or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (The Hub).

Incredibly Annoying

This show was awful. You might be able to forgive its ridiculously stupid premise if the humor was good, but even that fails. Bessie is nothing short of deranged, obsessive, and completely out-of-touch with reality. Her brother is an absolute moron and Butt Monkey, and the dog is just a jerk who tries to fix his mistakes simply because he needs a place to stay. This was one of the most incredibly dumb cartoons I ever saw, and I hope no one ever revives it.