Reviews: Tenko And The Guardians Of The Magic

Americanized Sailor Moon, with Triple the Magic Sparkles

I would never have watched Tenko And The Guardians Of The Magic if it weren't for the old VHS tapes that my day-care provider ripped episodes of Sailor Moon onto. With the extra space on the tape, here was the show. The influence of Sailor Moon on this show is very obvious. Tenko's a Magical Girl Warrior, who is pure as pure can be, but this is the only trait she shares with Sailor Moon's protagonist. Tenko is a good example of a Purity Sue, but interacting with her friends seems to make up for that. Her friends are quite typical for any animated Five Man Band, except for the two who take a Face Heel Turn. These two are probably the most interesting of all the characters. There are a few other cardboard villains they fight in the episodes, but other than that, the two are the greatest threat.

For a show that was simply whipped up to put some sort of rival to Sailor Moon on North American screens, it fulfills all expectations. The one thing that makes it more unique than a ripoff of She-Ra is the live-action segments in which Princess Tenko taught a trick. It would have been better if they had make Tenko actually feel more related to the live-action performer. The magic tricks are interesting on their own, but feel oddly disconnected from the rest of the mediocre series.