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Johnny Test's New Replacement
When I thought there was going to be a new Teen Titans show, I was thrilled. Even if the premise was purely comedy, I was happy to see one of my favorite shows as a kid being reinterpreted to a new audience. Then I watched a few episodes and got more depressed with each subsequent viewing. I feel the best comparison for the show is the scene in Silence of the Lambs where Hannibal peels a man's face off and wears it as a mask. From afar it may seem secure and convincing but up close you can see the gristly details.

The show is ugly as sin. Many of the backgrounds lack detail and other parts are clearly penciled in. When action or emotion scenes are conveyed the background shifts to one of several pure colors for no reason. I advise you never to watch this show in the early morning AS PRACTICALLY EVERY CONVERSATION INVOLVES YELLING, BECAUSE THE WRITERS THINK LOUD IS FUNNY! As if to reinforce its connection to Johnny Test the music consists of generic repetitive guitar riffs. The action scenes are surprisingly few considering this is superhero show, but what few there are seem to consist of rapid fire jump cuts that even me with my ADD fueled brain would wish they slow down.

Writing comedy isn't very hard when you aren't trying for quality. I'm not a paid writer and I could easily write a whole season for this show. Beast Boy says his senses including eye sight are superior to Starfire's. Starfire gets angry, shooting eye beams at Beast Boy, hitting a mirror and blinding her. Beast Boy guides her around causing her to crash into every obstacle she comes across. Starfire gets a rocket planning to go to Tamaran because her blindness impairs her duties as a Titan. Beast Boy stops her but inadvertently causes the rocket to launch into the sun blowing it up and enshrouding everything in darkness. Everyone gets hit by traffic but Starfire because of her superior senses. It took me two minutes to think and write that outline and with another two thousand words I could write the plot and dialogue. Any person can take five characters, exaggerate their personalities, and put them in random situations and its even easier here since they were already created and drawn by a much better studio.

Cartoon Network loves this show because its cheap and easy. They can churn out a new episode every week with little effort. Its basically McDonald's, stale and repetitive
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Pretty Good, but some does make me cringe
The series overall can be pretty entertaining and enjoyable. I found the slap-stick humor pretty decent. Its nice to see other characters from the old series as well (H.I.V.E, Trigon, Terra, etc.)and references to other heroes or villains (Superman,Batman,etc.) While I do find this show interesting and fun, some of the actions the Titans do can make me cringe, especially when it can be unforgivable (like in "Ghost Boy"). It also seems that the Titans forgot about "True Companions" like how it was demonstrated in the original series. In the original series, the Titans may had issues with each other, but they do work it all out at the end, and remind each other that they're there for each other no matter what. Well in GO!, the Titans use selfishness and greed to motivate them, also they can be quite abusive both emotionally and physically, making them into Jerkasses, and yet, they fogive each other easily and on to the next problem full of abuse? Stuff like that, makes me angry. Although stuff like Raven's sarcastic humor, Starfire trying to get Earth custom's, the fact that the voice actors are back, etc do please me about this series. I will continue watching this series, and I do hope the continue.
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I want to dislike it, but...
Well to be honest, when I heard Go was going to start airing over here I was already set to tear it a new one. I was fill of piss and vinegar after hearing horror stories of this apparently childhood-raping abomination set to ruin everything good about the original Teen Titans series. But I decided to at least watch some of it first.

So I watched the first episode, and much to my own annoyance I found myself laughing. Yeah the plot was absurd, but the fact that they had the same voice actors from the original series saying such absurd lines just made it funny for me. Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I watched another episode, and then I went online to watch more episodes of the series.

To me, I actually found the series hilarious. As I said above, the simple usage of the original series voice cast adds so much to the humor for me, having the Titans wildly out of nature being reinforced. It's funny to imagine Raven being into a My Little Pony expy (doubled by Tara Strong's other well known roles) as well as Trigon being both a sitcom dorky dad and a demonic overlord.

Yes, the Titans are all out of their minds and completely insane, but the fact that the show points that out at least makes it fine by me. I recommend at least trying it out before passing judgement on it. You might find yourself pleasantly surrised by the show
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Really funny sometimes, but repetitive and boring at other times.
I loved the original Teen titans, when I saw that there was going to be a new TT series, I was really happy. Judging from the commercials, you would probably think that TTG is boring and unfunny. If you were one of those people, then you were only half right, TTG is hilarious but also really repetitive and just kinda boring. Most episodes are a hit or a miss but there are a few that really stand out. The reason the show is repetitive is because the same jokes are used in almost every episode and it gets very obvious if you watch more than one episode at a time. I would only recommend TTG if you really like the original TT because a lot of it won't make sense if you have never seen it. over all, TTG gets a 6/10.

Pros: -tons of fanservice for fans of the original TT. -Childish and immature, but in a funny way. -Almost everything beast boy says! He is a walking comedy gold mine. Cons: -May alienate fans of the original TT because it isn't focused on action and the art style can be off putting to people who hate chibis.

-Way too repetitive at times. -With this show being aimed at kids, don't go into it expecting anything mature out of the jokes if you like dirty humor, it's surprisingly somewhat more tame than Adventure Time and Regular Show.

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Never tries to be anything but funny
I have strongly mixed feelings about Teen Titans Go!. On the one hand, I can't call it anything but a success, because it does what it was made to do; it's obviously a much more comedy-oriented show than the original, and for all the criticism in the world, I cannot deny that it's very funny on every level. There's wacky humour, dark humour, continuity humour, and overall just consistently well-written dialogue and hilarious animation. It's a comedy, and it's funny. I can't fault that.

On the other hand, I would be lying if I didn't say that I thought it was a shame to gather all the original voice actors, get a new timeslot on DC Nation, try a new style of animation, and stick solely to comedy. The original Teen Titans cartoon isn't a Sacred Cow to me, but it had moments that were funny, heartwarming, awesome, or sad. The new cartoon sticks to humour and never ventures into any other category. Ever. Moments listed as heartwarming or awesome on This Very Wiki have no impact on me because the situations are never serious enough to cause any impact.

The only other thing that sometimes annoys me is that unavoidably, the topic of most of the jokes is the Titans, who all play exaggerated parody versions of themselves. It seems like a lot of the people who don't like the show were fans of the original as kids, and seeing their childhood heroes portrayed as idiots has really stopped them from enjoying it. It's great that the show is finding new fans, but it's a little sad that they had to remove - and then mock - a lot of the elements that older fans enjoyed in order to do this.

All in all, the greatest weakness and greatest strength of this show are the same thing; it never tries to do anything but make the audience laugh, and while it definitely succeeds in doing this, it rules out a lot of possibilities the show had to be entertaining in many more ways. I'll definitely keep watching, but it does sometimes feel like a Teen Titans show made by people who couldn't care less about Teen Titans.
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I admit, as a fan of the original Teen Titans cartoon, I was giving Go! a lot of undue hate when I first saw it, as many people did. I originally saw it as a terrible satire of the original cartoon that had done everything a reboot can go wrong. Granted, I somewhat liked the artstyle (I'm a sucker for chibi), but for everything else was summed up by one word: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Then I actually watched a couple of episodes and it turns out, it's actually pretty good. The characters are exaggerated from their original selves yes, but in the quirky world that Go! sets up (which isn't that different from the original cartoon really) it works surprisingly well, and each of the characters have a kink to them that make their humor funny (i.e. Robin's friendship with his staff, Raven's closet love for the cute, etc.) It's overall humor is hit and miss, but for me, it's mostly hits with some misses here and there.

Is it as good as the original cartoon? I wouldn't go that far, seeing as though the main 5 is really the only characters that do have focus, and the villains are there, but they only appear as cameos at the most. Also, where's Terra? I'd like to see what they could do with her. But on the whole, Teen Titans Go is a decent cartoon with good comedy and a fun colorful artstyle.
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Awesome Reboot
Personally, I was never a fan of the original Teen Titans series so naturally I wasn't very excited for this series. But since I had to watch this show in order to get my new episode of The Looney Tunes Show, I had no choice. So, I watched it and well, it was surprisingly good. This along with The Looney Tunes Show is the only good series Cartoon Network currently airs. I love the fact that such a dark character like Raven likes such a girly show like Pretty Pretty Pegaus. Not go mention how cool Raven looks in that cloak especially with the hood over her head. I just wish that Raven would appear unhooded more often. Overall, this is a great series but personally, I think the best episodes are "Laundry Day" and "Meatball Party", currently the only episodes where Raven is shown without her hood.
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