Reviews: Star Wars Clone Wars

Another gem by Gendy Tartrovosky....


Some of the most well animated, hand drawn action scenes you will ever see (yes, everything is hand drawn)

Storytelling improves in Season 3

The CG fits pretty well with the series

The soundtrack fits perfectly with the series

Good foreshadowing (You'll see what I mean...)

The tactics used by the clones are well thought out

Creative uses of the force

No action scene is the exact same thing, there is variety

The Jedi all have different fighting styles

Anakin's Character Development is brilliant and so is his relationship with Obi-Wan

The art style is unique and fits the series perfectly

Other Jedi get some focus


There is not much characterization in Season 1 and 2 which is understandable since they only have about 5 minutes but this problem continues in Season 3 when the series extends to 15 minutes (mostly with the other Jedi and some of the Sith)

The storytelling is weaker in Season 1 and is mostly an action fest (understandable since they only had 5 MINUTES)

(Personal and Minor Con) Some characters in this art style look kinda weird.

Overall: As you can see, the Pros clearly outweigh the Cons. Another gem from Western Animation. Gendy and his team put a lot of work into it and it really shows. Like I said above, although the storytelling isn't really that strong in Season 1-2, Season 3 comes over and fixes that flaw.

I like how this series focuses on other characters, but I cannot ignore the fact that they barely have any characterization. This is understandable of course but this continues to be a problem in Season 3. Now this may be because I may not have watched too much of the movies (I heard the prequels sucked from many reviewers) but if this is the case, then it shouldn't have to use prior knowledge or previous installments as a crutch for fans of the series. It needs to be a standalone story.

The only people who have any real characterization is Anakin and Obi-Wan. Their relationship is well done and I believe that Anakin's Character Development is well done as well. You can really see him change throughout the course of the series.

Plus this series has some really creative use of Foreshadowing

The animation, soundtrack, and art style are all very impressive and fit this series well.

Basically, go watch this gem. But remember that it's kinda dusty.