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Most of the criticisms made by the modern viewers about the original "Speed Racer" cartoon is concerned about the quality of the animation...But seriously, compared with the poor CGI and the incredibly unappealing character designs(Everyone has exactly the same face!) of this pathetic series, the original "Speed Racer" seems like something from the Golden Age Of Animation.

But despite being slow, ugly and choppy, the animation quality is not the only bad thing about this show:The plot is idiotic and clichéd ( A "Racing Academy"? Seriously?) All the new characters are boring and lame, and none, absolutely none of them was likable, or at least interesting. The voice acting is bland and forgettable, at best.

This horrible beyond belief. I tried to watch a couple of episodes, but I couldn't stand it. The amount of annoying clichés, stupid characters, the atrocious animation and ugly designs are the elements that made this pathetic series an unbearable spectacle that is better to forget.

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