Reviews: Speed Racer The Next Generation

Ethan Views: Speed Racer Next Generation

I'm a Speed Racer fan since my dad introduce me it when I was little, and when I heard about this recent show when it came, I was pretty excited about!

I quite like the new characters they introduce. Conor and Lucy are my favorites so far, especially the robot monkey Chim-Chim!

Most older fans of the original series didn't like it because it's not faithful to the original source. While I do agree about that, it's not like the original series was perfect. Don't get me wrong, I love the original anime, but didn't had major arcs like this show has. Besides, I like some of the mythos they created that connected to the major characters from the original series. It's like how Beast Wars did with the original Transformers.

My only major complaint is mostly the schedule slippage. I can understand the gap between S1 and S2, but the long hiatus between S2 is really annoying, and that pisses the hell out of me! Fortunately, they aired the rest of the episodes a while ago.

Overall, it's a great series. It may be good for you, or not. It's your choice.

See ya, later!