Reviews: South Park Bigger Longer And Uncut

One of South Park's Many Highest Points

I've known for years that South Park had a movie, but only recently became a big fan of the show. I was originally a bit skeptical about this movie after finding out that it's a musical (you can blame The Muppets and its extremely awkward human musical numbers for that). But now I can can safely say that Bigger, Longer and Uncut joins The Lion King and The Nightmare Before Christmas as an Animated Musical that's also one of my favorite animated movies of all.

This is essentially a Disney Renaissance movie for adults starring the South Park characters, if the opening number's Beauty and the Beast parody didn't make it clear enough (the only thing missing was the townsfolk shouting "Bonjour!" or at least "Howdy, neighbor!"). But it goes deeper than that; like the entire show, it's also a commentary on how utterly paranoid and stupid society can be sometimes, with the adults of South Park wanting to declare full-scale war on Canada just so they can continue to grovel about their kids swearing and not have to take responsibility for it (no wonder "Blame Canada" was nominated for the Oscar). In fact, this is one of the best things about South Park in general. But this movie takes that and sets it to a faux-Alan Menken soundtrack. The songs themselves are really well-written and witty, and none of them feel out of place (like many of the songs in The Muppets). You'll find yourself tapping your toes and singing along to such classics with endearing names like "Uncle Fucka" and "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch", just like the kids themselves like doing in universe.

And, of course, the movie is pretty big on action and violence. People get killed and maimed all the time - sometimes for humor, sometimes for drama - but the darker and more violent scenes are some of the best in the series. I got goosebumps during the "Hell Isn't Good" sequence, where Kenny is rejected from Heaven and is sent to Hell where he is tormented by CGI demons. The animation in this scene is just gorgeous, even if it's dated, and the awesome song helps too.

I highly recommend this movie for any South Park fan or anyone who likes adult humor in general, since it's one of the best works the series has put out.