Reviews: Sofia The First

Lord of the Rink

The latest episode was wonderful in my opinion. The fact that it was Hugo that became interested in something predominantly female was an great reverse call back to "Just one of the princes". However I was disappointed by the other princes being okay with Hugo ice dancing so quickly. It would have been more interesting to see all the princes save of James gang up and laugh at Hugo. Then James could have stopped them and made his little speech. Also Hugo's father was really annoying here. He continuously interrupted Hugo and or ignored what he was saying. The man couldn't see he was making his son sad by making him do something he didn't want to. I understand that he was trying to be a good father and become more active in his son's life which is fine, but any father should be able to easily notice when their child is upset or unhappy. Even though he supposedly redeemed at the end saying it was okay for Hugo to like ice dancing it still felt selfish to me. He only agreed to let Hugo continue because he was good at it. The man is still a competitive person and can see another thing to brag about and have Hugo bring home more trophies. All that aside the real shine in this episode is Sofia and Hugo themselves. While Hugo shows a natural talent for skating Sofia struggles. They also make good foils for each other with Sofia being open and willing while Hugo was hesitant and secretive. I loved how these two played off one another during the moments when Hugo was trying to hide his doing ice dancing and Sofia encouraging him to tell his friends and father the truth. Also in the actual ice dancing performance at the end of the episode where they did a fantastic job working as a team. So overall I thought this episode was great with a few missed shots and some awesome character building for Hugo and Sofia's relationship. I do hope we get to see more of Prince Hugo in future episodes and see him grow even more.