Reviews: Sixteen

Inexcusable Garbage

Oh God, where to begin with 6teen? It's awful, but I might as well start with the most striking flaw.

The art and animation are, to put it lightly, are hideous. It attempts to invoke a stylish and sleek aesthetic that is both easy to animate and nice to look at. It accomplishes only the former.

It is lazy, inexpressive, incredibly ugly, and the kind of shit you'd expect from a webcomic like Laws 4 Kids. This is the crap that Kricfalusi saw in his nightmares.

Now, the characters. They're almost as bad; they're all unlikable caricatures of archetypes. A Casanova Wannabe, a token black Only Sane Man, a Goth, a rich girl, so on, so forth.

Except that they don't represent anything; they are anti-characters, so to speak. For example, most of Nikki's character is that she hates the Khaki Barn employees... because they're plucky and annoying! Except she represents a similar debasement: of goths.

It's like they took a person who had a goth phase or merely has an interest in the subject and wears black makeup and clothes sometimes and completely erased their actual person into a vague form of a boring, repetetive, overdone last-ditch effort because the writers couldn't come up with the third girl to have a gender equal main cast.

See? She's snarky and withdrawn! She just needs a nice guy to help her, which eventually happens, because those aren't genuine traits that people have!

Except the entire cast was written using this "method".

But that isn't the worst. The creepy Fanservice, I could accept. The awful soundtrack, I could tolerate. The boring, unfleshed out background characters, I could bare.

But the straw that broke the camel's back, tore of one of its hind legs, and beat it to death... no, it wasn't the episode where the entire cast dies - the only thing that could redeem this bullshit but it turned out to be All Just a Dream.. no.

It was comparing Radiohead, our lord and savior, to Coldplay. Cold. Play. That's like comparing Beethoven to Drake. Just no. Nope.

Yet it also represents a similar debasement of culture, that 6teen encapsulates and perfectly emulates. Perhaps that was the point? A massive social experiment on Canadian children? Maybe.

But as a bottom line, stay away from this trash. It's awful, in literally every way. Or at least most.

Would have been better if they didnt use teen stereotypes

6teen isn't all that good. I honestly tried watching an episode and i was like, NOPE! The only characters I liked were Wyatt and Jen. Everyone else isn't cool or funny. Caitlin the Girly Girl REALLY grinds my gears. all she talks about is her latest boyfriend (AKA "The One") I honestly can't stand "The One" Catchprase. Also, nearly all the episodes are in a mall. Shouldn't they hang out somewhere else like at school, someone's house or something else like that. Not EVERYONE goes to the mall 24/7.

Bottom Line: It's bad, but it's not terrible