Reviews: Sing

A fun movie, even if not original whatsoever

The biggest appeal of Sing is that it's a pleasant, undemanding movie. It uses the stock setting of a modern world with anthropomorfic animals to tell you a story you've probably heard many times in the past, but manages to throw enough charm, likability and comedy to be an enjoyable watch that should satisfy your average family.

What I like about this is that aside from maybe the mouse character, everyone is likable, and the movie manages to throw in just enough detail on what each character's life and struggles are for us to understand what they are about and feel for them, and it manages to juggle their stories just right not to muddle either of them.

Now, obviously, the story is rather predictable, and the fact that everyone is an anthropomorfic animal isn't used for any story-related reasons. There are also a few moments where the movie goes for kinda stupid jokes (including one groan-worthy fart joke). So obviously, if you are a more critical person, this might not be the movie for you.

Personally, I was able to overlook the movie's flaws and enjoy it thanks to its overall tone and charm. So as long as you are not looking for an original story or high-brow humor, Sing might be worth checking out.