Reviews: Sausage Party

So egregiously foul, the respective levels of stupid and hate are actually wrestling with each other for the number one spot.

Where do I begin with this film?

This film seems to think that humor can get by on shock and gross out humor. That can work, but only when done right, and Rogen and co did it wrong. When it's not shock humor, it seems to rest on nearly all the foods being stereotypes; mainly black stereotypes, gay stereotypes and religious stereotypes. By trying to have having grown-up humor, this film is more childish. It's even too late to the starting line of saying "animated films can be adult too!" South Park already proved that with "South Park, Bigger, Longer and Uncut"; and they didn't need to sacrifice intelligence or strawman anyone to do it.

With that strawman remark, we get to the film's worst aspect. This film decided to engage in The War on Straw towards religion so hard, some of the religious foods are even grain products. This was the only part of the movie that made me laugh, and then only because of how wrong and stupid the message was. The rules of most religions exist for a reason, something most people can agree on whether or not they believe in God. It even has an ending like the Carl Sagan film "Contact" which goes out on an atheistic note of "though they find another world, there's no gods or religion, but turn to other people", but while I disagree with that message, at least "Contact" tried to be polite and helpful about it. In the end, the message to me here was "all religions are a lie, so do whatever you want", a message that even some atheists took issue with, let alone religious people like myself.

The pro-drugs angle was a bit more subtle, but just as asinine. Firewater (a Stephen Hawking expy - I see what Rogen did there), gained his "higher understanding" through drugs, which is also how the first human communicated with the film's food characters (via Bath Salts). Drugs are illegal for a reason and if anything impede intelligence rather than enhance it. All in a film which humans are the bad guys for eating food, another level of stupid ;if it were true, I don't think it'd matter to Rogen the next time he got the munchies (he is known to be quite the pothead at times, seriously).

The final nail in the coffin was the development. The animators were abused and blackmailed into working on the film, being forced into long shifts and threatened with being cut out of the credits. I would buy this movie, if only to compensate the animators for their suffering (God help them if any of the animators belong to any of the groups or creeds the film savagely lampoons), but that would also give the impression the film is worth selling. The only reason I wouldn't erase this film from existence if I could can be summed up as "Those who don't learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them."

A waste.

Not a waste of a concept, but a waste of time.

The concept really doesn't have much going for it to begin with, obviously just a jab at movies like Toy Story. Plot wise it seems like a weak kids movie too, so it's not like you're going to see anything new here.

Now onto the film's problem: A lack of humour.

Racist stereotypes and accents don't carry humour by themselves. The same goes for orgies (of both the death and sex kind). You have to do something more, tell or show some sort of joke. It doesn't have to be clever but it does have to be funny, otherwise what's the point of showing it? You're just killing time.

What really makes this movie deadly is that its jokes rely on shock value and gross out humour, but bizarrely don't seem to go far enough to provoke a reaction. It might actually be a failing of making the movie animated; it sanitizes most of the violence for one thing (not the condom of course, that was dark).

I can't even take offence to any of it; they were obviously just trying to be transgressive, but here's the thing. It's not actually transgressive to make an adult animated film.

It's novel, sure, but that isn't the same thing. The only kids who are going to see it are the kind of kids who watch adult movies anyway.

Telling racist jokes and featuring rape is definitely transgressive, but that's still just trying to be novel and eye catching. It doesn't have humour in and of itself and it's not like it has any build up throughout the movie. The Saving Private Ryan parody sets basically blows the entire movie's load early and after that it really doesn't have anywhere to go. The trailer massacre is slightly worse, but it basically kills whatever chance the orgy has of inspiring a response.

There are a few funny scenes and moments smattered throughout the film (bag of wonderment), but it's just not enough to justify the... 90 minute run time? That's it? It felt a lot longer. I'm a bit bewildered as to how it has a 83% Rotten Tomatoes score, when it's just so dull.

As a side note, the villain being a rapist wasn't really intended to be funny. It seems like it was mostly meant to give the villain more evil points. There were a few obligatory rape jokes in the orgy scene of course, typical stuff like a Hitler getting sodomised. I've never seen the point of rape jokes, but again, I'm not offended this time. It's just an excuse to be transgressive.

Edit: If you're wondering why I watched this, I saw the Rotten Tomatoes score and a friend recommended it.

Disgusting and Mind-Numbing

"Once you see that shit, it'll fuck you up for life."

I literally could just leave that quote from the Twinkie of this movie and say that sums up just about everything I want to say about this movie. Not even kidding.

This movie is bad, and not even the So Bad, It's Good kind of bad. I just mean the flat-out horrible, sickening bad that makes your mind rot. I almost don't even know where to begin because there was so much that was just wrong with this movie.

The entire joke of the movie is that all the food swears and make a truckload of unsubtle sexual references. Even Firewater, the alcoholic beverage that had a lot of stereotypical Native American traits and was so chill, swore as much as anyone else in the film. The movie proclaims itself to be an R-rated animated film and that it's mocking people for calling animated films childish, but this comes off as completely hypocritical because by relying on such low-brow humor that wears off within 2 minutes, the movie is EVEN MORE childish than how some audiences already view the animation industry. Swearing and dick jokes do not make you more mature.

This wouldn't be so bad if the movie was just that, however. Sure, it'd still be pretty terrible, but it would have just been a stupid movie to get an immature laugh out of. But then the movie decided that it also wanted to go full atheist on its audience with the eloquence of a sledgehammer to your face. Now I have no problems with atheist views, but this movie was just so preachy about it and rubbed it in your face what felt like every 5 minutes in the most demeaning way ever that it got just as tiring as the constant swearing. In the end, the message to me was "all religions are fake, so partake in your most depraved pleasures since it's not like life actually means anything", something I know even some atheists found deplorable.

There's a lot of other things I could talk about really that piss me off about this movie. The rapey vampire of a villain, the stereotypes that make up nearly 90% of the characters (Mr.Grits being an obvious black person stereotype, the fruits being gay people, Firewater as a Native American stereotype as I had stated earlier), the outright disgusting imagery like with the condom and that extended food orgy at the end, and so on. But I'm running out of room and am done committing this much energy to reviewing a movie I am utterly disgusted by.

Don't ever watch this movie. Don't believe the praise it gets just because it's an R rated animated film. You want to watch an R-rated animated film so bad? Watch South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. That movie actually had the intelligence to make their vulgar jokes meaningful.

If you have issues with swearing, sex, or stereotypes, you will hate it. Otherwise, you will probably like it.

First off, I wanted to make it crystal clear: this movie is aimed at a specific type of audience. One that has been desensitized to foul language, sex in all its forms, and various stereotypes. If you aren't completely certain that you can stomach all of these three, then do not watch this movie. To clarify, this film contains:

  • Characters swearing left and right, sometimes to a ridiculous degree. As a non-native speaker and a person who frequently browses Internet, I have largely been desensitized to swears, but even then, I found it a bit excessive how much the characters swear, to the point of it sometimes feeling unrealistic. In some cases, it actually makes me wonder if these characters even know how to talk without swearing. And seriously: in what universe can a cashier in a supermarket call a female customer a "fucking MILF" over the microphone and have that same customer react with "Ohoho, you're too kind"?

  • Sex jokes. These bothered me the most, primarily because all they seemed to amount to was "LOL SEX JOKE, LOL PENIS IMAGERY, LOL BUTTS AND CROTCHES!". The Internet has, again, desensitized me to all that, but even then I found myself rolling my eyes and thinking "Well, that's stupid" whenever a gag like this popped up. On the upside, the movie does avoid getting gross, so you don't have to worry about stuff like the rat fisting from the leaked script (if you don't know what this is about, then be thankful). Even so, prepare for numerous instances of food items very explicitly talking about wanting to bone one another, various close-ups of butts and crotches, even one quick gag about a used condom, and of course, the infamous orgy at the very end (which, again, to me comes off as simply stupid, but if you feel that it's too much for you, then you won't lose anything if you walk out at this point).

  • The stereotypes. Cultural, racial, anything goes. Not much else to say here.

Now, with this established, how is the movie as a whole?

I must say, I found myself fairly entertained. The story is well-crafted and unfolds in a very intriguing way, and seems to center around the concept of religion and how we should all accept our differences no matter what we believe in. It's represented by how the food items believe that the humans are gods that will bring them to paradise, and refuse to believe in reality even when the proof is shoved right in their faces. The characters are pretty enjoyable and you do end up caring about them. And boy, do I love how the animators got creative with the designs of locations and foodstuffs.

...Huh. I didn't leave myself much space for the actual review. Um.

But I guess that sums it up pretty well. What you're going to remember this movie by will be a thoughtful story, good characters and great animation, all of which is excessively sprinkled all over with low-brow jokes, swearing, and general offensiveness. But if you don't have a problem with that, then I'm sure you'll like it fine.