Reviews: Planet Hulk

Enjoyable, but could\'ve been a lot better with a bit more work.

I am only broadly familiar with the popular comic storyline this movie is adapting, enough to say that, well... I'm glad they changed the ending.

And it's a good movie. The action is intense, the characters and character designs are fairly memorable (particularly Miek), and the Beta Ray Bill cameo was amazing. While the overall plot is a bit predictable, it at least manages to work well within its strictures, and the setting itself is an interesting fantasy-science fiction hybrid on a level with Thor, but taking more inspiration from the Hyborian Age than the Norse mythology or the works of Tolkien.

Besides, the Hulk makes a really good Barbarian Hero, and I am the guy who gushed about how much he loved Conan the Barbarian.

But, even apart from the predictable plot, there are a number of basic writing problems with the movie. For one, the Hulk is way too much of a rebel-without-a-fuck anti-hero loner for most of it. And the writers don't even bother with giving him the usual cliche excuses, like "Everyone I love dies!" or "My friends always betray me in the end!" to try to give a bit more power to the moment when he inevitably commits to being a good guy and saves his friends. The Faux Action Girl sidekick is played a little too pat, and the Hulk's romance with the Noble Top Enforcer could use a bit more spit-polish.

And, honestly, the villain really loses because he brags to his more-powerful sidekick about killing her family, which is just... why?

Again, while it's a bit cliche, I don't think of it as a bad movie or a bad time. And hell, it's probably the happiest ending the Hulk character will ever get. But, while I can forgive the cliche plot and often-stock characters thanks to the interesting setting and fun-factor, it could've gone from being a fun-but-flawed movie to a genuinely great one if the writers put even minor effort into basic, glaring flaws.