Reviews: Pinocchio And The Emperor Of The Night

Hilariously Bad

I'm a sucker for So Bad, It's Good animation and this hits all the right notes. The abuse of the Disney School of Acting and Mime, excessive and often out of place sound effects, the film being an (almost) complete retread of other verisons of Pinocchio... if you like bad animation, you'll shake your head and chuckle at this.

I do, however, have two legitimate and sincere compliments about this film. One, the voice acting is top notch. Not exactly the actual dialogue, per say, but the acting itself is very good. The other thing I liked was the song "Do What Makes You Happy", which, if you pay attention to the lyrics, is actually kind of sad and haunting, especially to parents.

Otherwise, watch this on Youtube for an another example of that classic bad Filmation touch we all know and love.