Reviews: Paperman

The kind of beauty that the world needs more of.

This short was shown at the start of Wreck It Ralph but, if I'd known, I would have paid full ticket price for this alone.

Magnificent, beautiful and heartfelt, it reminded me of both the works of Makoto Shinkai and the first 8 or so minutes of Up and if you've seen either of those you should have an idea of how good this must be. It's incredible how such a simple story -a guy meets a girl at the train station, falls in Love At First Sight, then goes to extreme lengths to meet her again, only eventually succeeding thanks to The Power Of Love- can be told in such a short time with no dialogue and yet be so deep and so moving, as well as so funny and so beautiful simply to look at. You can't even bring yourself to apply Fridge Logic regarding George's actions (he's met this woman for about a minute and didn't even say a word to her) because it just feels so right, like a modern-day fairy tale. I nearly cried.

Animated shorts before feature presentations are an old idea that has mostly died out these days, but this is the kind of work that justifies their existence. I can only hope we see more of its kind. Simply wonderful.

What much is there to say, it's pure Disney Magic.

I can't say much for Paper Man. I want to explain this by saying that any possible way I could explain the story behind it could easily be done better by just watching the feature itself.

A story about that once in a lifetime encounter, serendipity, and the power of love.

There is something amazing about how simple the story actually is, yet it's so completely impossible it is to explain. Just one viewing alone can show you just how much heart and spirit went into the short as you watch the male protagonist try his darndest to throw a paper airplane to catch the attention of the female love interest.

I'm wanting to avoid sounding unprofessional but to be honest the whole thing is a textbook example of the pure wonderful disney magic captured by the disney classics of my childhood. I couldn''t help but smile every moment of the way as the forces of love literally guided the characters together.

This review isn't the best I'm sure but it can be said that Paper Man is a perfect. End of story.