Reviews: My Life Me


Wow. This...It's great because it's awful. Seriously, this is underrated and i Haven't even seen a episode.

Worst. Cartoon. Ever. Which is a shame too.

My Life Me is universally considered one of the worst cartoons ever made. Here's why:

  • The animation is terrible. The show is animated in Adobe Flash. This is not a bad thing by itself (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is animated with the same program, yet looks good), but if done poorly, it looks terrible. My Life Me's characters look like mannequins when they move. Was the show's budget a penny?!

  • The writing sucks. The plot is dull and doesn't make an inch of sense. It's supposed to be Slice of Life too, it should not be that hard to write! The jokes fall flat on their face (or at least non-existent).

  • It's a terrible anime parody}. Lots of people bring up this one. It uses every anime cliché in the book and does a terrible job at mocking them too. If it's supposed to be an actual anime then that's just even worse!

  • It's characters are bland as a blank piece of paper. Their personalities are non-existent and their voice acting is terrible. I find that a general rule of comedic cartoons is that characters should always have personalities that allow good jokes. These characters have nothing! That's why the show isn't funny at all.

Now that I'm done, I want to say something important. My Life Me is not a depiction of the standard piece of Canadian animation. There are lots of good Canadian cartoons and animations! (Or at least just alright). Unfortunately most of them are obscured by the fact that stuff like Johnny Test is more famous (for some awful reason) while people forget that Ed, Edd n Eddy was Canadian.

How could anyone like this at all? My Life Me is quite possibly the worst cartoon to come out of Canada and that's a shame too because I know as a Canadian that my animation industry can do better.

This isn't my best review, but I wanted to get some stuff off my chest. I will probably improve it later.