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First Episode, First Impressions: "Inoculation Day/Animal Testing"
Hello TV Tropes! This is the first in a series of reviews I'll be doing where I watch the first episode of a show that I don't want to binge-watch to get an idea of it. I'll then give out my first impressions of it based on the episode. As they say, the first impression is the best impression. If it's a poorly-made review, that would be because it's really biased (I'm basing my entire opinion on one episode FFS!) and it's kinda meant to be quick, so take a grain of salt.

For a long time I was curious to why people hated My Gym Partner's A Monkey since I remember enjoying the show when I saw it on occasion. Wikipedia's article on it was quite well done too. So I took to it and here's my verdict.

Inoculation Day: When I saw this, I understood why people didn't like it. The jokes were mostly bland and just cringe-inducing at times. The butt jokes didn't get a single little laugh out of me.We learn see very little about the characters beyond Adam and Jake as the plot was fast-paced and only Nurse Gazelle and Principal Pixiefrog had significant lines. Overall, not very good. Nevertheless, I kept watching.

Animal Testing: I was actually quite impressed with this one. While we still get little about the rest of the cast, this episode was actually funny and had a watchable (if fast-paced) plot. There were no butt jokes in the episode either, so Jake was pretty funny. I enjoyed it more than the previous one to put it simply.

Overall: The premise is pretty interesting. The rapidness of the plots was a little hard to get used to at first. I didn't get much from the secondary characters because of the quickness, so I can't say much about Windsor, Slips, Ingrid, and Lupe. Adam is kinda undetailed in personality, but it fits his "ordinary kid" image. Jake is like Bloo: Funny when done well, but obnoxious when not. The show is just So Okay, It's Average, but would be a lot better if there was A LOT LESS toilet humour. It is definitely the cause of the large hatedom.

I would like to see you guys' opinions and why you think that way too!
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