Reviews: Kablam

It's the absolute Ka Blammiest!

Why doesn't this show have a bigger following? Was it the lousy timeslot? Was it the introduction of two more popular Nick Toons around the same time? Was it the near-complete lack of merchandise? Or was it just too weird for some people? Either way, Ka Blam really deserved better than it got. It is abso-fucking-lutely awesome.

Instead of boring you with random facts you probably already know about the show (it's a sketch comedy with lots of cartoons and blahblahblahblahsnoooooooze), I'll just explain what makes it so great to me. First of all, Action League Now was pretty good, and seems to be the most popular part of the show around the internet. But for me, Henry and June was the shit.

Well, mainly starting with Season 2. In Season 1 they were a bit different (Henry was more normal, June was a lot more of a ditz), and were a lot like Babs and Buster Bunny. But in Season 2? They really came into their own. Henry retained some of his "average Joe", but became a mishap-magnet who was always being hilariously put through the ringer in some shape or form. June, however, underwent the most (and best) change, going from a ditz to a highly likable Deadpan Snarker with even more of an anger problem than before, but a good heart. June's easily my favorite character - I even had a crush on her when I was around 6 or 7 (at age 19, I still find her to be pretty huggable).

The other segments were wildly entertaining, don't get me wrong. But as far as I'm concerned, they could make a movie with just Henry and June putzing around and getting into mishaps. Watching nothing but those two cutting up would be a blast.

My favorite episode... More Happiness Than Allowed By Law. June is just so delightfully sadistic here, putting Henry through sheer hell for forgetting her birthday (his blissful ignorance here is hilarious, by the way).

So anyway, badass show, watch it however you can. It's just sad that it's been largely forgotten, with not that much art on Deviant Art (what is on there is awesome, though), and no fanfiction whatsoever. However, Ka Blamoid 4 Life (the guy who used to be hunterjeanmidna and decided to go straight) is currently working on a story that I'm really looking forward to when it's finished.