Reviews: Justice League Action

Some hits, some misses

While no show will ever fill the holes in my heart left by the original Justice League and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, JLA does it's absolute hardest and I have to commend it for that - by leaving a postive review on TV Tropes and hoping it'll sway someone who was previously unsure as to whether they should watch it.

As the title implies, the show has a lot more 'misses' than the aforementioned predecessors. Jokes are are annoying rather than funny, plotlines are unoriginal, characters are overused (there's far less variety than the opening theme would suggest, for example). Firestorm in particular can be either endearingly clueless or just idiotic, as can Constantine, or a whole host of others I can't fit into a short review (since as of this review being written there are 30 episodes out and it's hard to cover all of them!)

However, I think there are far more hits than misses. Constantine, for example, while not always captured just right is both awesome and extremely funny when he is. The most recent episode as of this review involved a battle with Klarion the Witch boy that was both fantastically animated with interesting magical effects and the comedic highlight of the episode. The episodes that are good are brilliant, right up there with the funniest or most unexpected plots from The Brave and the Bold, with one of the best laughs-per-minute count in a recent show I can think of. However, the writers have shown they can handle more nuanced episodes and topics; off the top of my head an episode dedicated to showing the thanklessly altruistic side of Booster Gold.

Overall, don't watch this show if you want plots or myth arcs or character development - by and large it's not that kind of show. It's 10 minutes of fast-paced, hilarious DC madness with familiar protagonists mingling with the less familiar - and since the episodes are only 10 minutes, you know that when you get one that doesn't quite have the punch you wanted it won't be long until the next one that does. I consider it to be one of the best superhero shows on air in 2016/17 and well worth trying out.