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ADHD: The TV Show

The one main reason that makes me dislike this show so much (aside from the many other reasons) is that it can't calm the hell down. It NEVER takes a break. Every scene has to have some sort of over-the-top preformance, obnoxiously loud guitar riffs, half-assed action scenes riddled with cliches, or a flimsy attempt to tug at my heartstrings.

That being said, there are other reasons that make me dislike this show. One of them being character development. In that there is none. The characters are one-dimensional, bland, and mostly stereotypes (super-secret government agents wearing black suits, geeky science nerds wearing glasses, etc.). The characters aren't just bland, though, they're also unlikeable. Johnny is a little prick who deliberatley does bad things without any remorse (or consequences). His dog Dukey tries way too hard to be a comic foil and just comes off as being annoying. Johnny's sisters constantly oogle over Gil (even though he's got the mental capacity of a squirrel) when they could be using their science skills to do something like, oh I don't know, find a cure for cancer. Johnny's dad is a ponce to the point where he has to reassure himself that he probably loves his son. Johnny's mom seems to be the only sane character in the series, and she's not even used that much.

You know when I said the show flimsily tries to tug at my heartstrings? I wasn't kidding about that. Occasionally the show will have a "sad" moment where reused guitar stings pluck quietly in the background and the characters make an unemotional speech about the moral or something. When these scenes happen, I can't help but sit back and laugh because of how little emotion the characters put into their speech.

In conclusion, I'm disappointed. I know that Cartoon Network can do better than this, because they have, several times. Though I am happy with the new shows coming out like Regular Show and Adventure Time, and look forward to new episodes of those.

Passable at best, eye-rolling at worst, but not horrendously awful as Legend

I am going to say it: Johnny Test is an average at best cartoon, Johnny Test himself is an average at best character, and everything else is, you guessed it, average. To be honest, I was once apart of the "Johnny Test is the Worst Cartoon Ever" crowd until I re-watched the episodes and I have to say that they were not all that awful. Was season 1 better? Of course! But is the rest of the series unwatchable? No!

Honestly, I do think the animation is rather basic and nothing of note, but it is not like a kindergartner animated it.

To sum it all up, Johnny Test is not as bad as a lot people say. However, that does not mean that it is "great" by any means, it just means that there are shows out there that are far, far, far worse. 5/10 (It's not bad, but it could've been better.)

Began on a High, ended a Low

I was the age of the target audience when this show was first aired in the UK in 2005 (if you count 7-years-old as the TA), and I must say that I enjoyed it a lot. The characters were likable and the episodes were good.

Then late 2008 rolled around (when I turned 10), and for me, that's when the show started to go to the dogs (and in no way I'm talking about Dukey). It reminds me of a quote from said dog, when he said in one episode "I'd rather throw up my dinner and enjoy it the second time", which is what I found the series becoming at this point. Mary and Susan were hinting at the beginning that they only made Johnny their test subject because it was their vengeance on him being a very annoying little brother, but at this point, it just felt like complete hatred. I know brothers and sisters fight a lot, but I found that this kind was like they were actually trying to abuse him.

I'd feel sorry for Johnny, but he was becoming insufferable for me at this point, too. He began as a nice, easy-going kid, but it seemed like the writers were trying to put some story-lines in favour of the horrible sisters, and purposely make him obnoxious so that the sisters have a reason to turn him into a frog or a gorilla. The episode in which he became a "phat" boy was hilarious, but it also made him an awful little shit because of the "karma" subplot. And don't get me started on the "saying Uncle" episode.

It's bad when my favourite character in the series turned out to be Bling-Bling Boy — a character that barely made any appearances, and had eventually kinda fizzled out of the writing, and seemed to only show up when some of the episodes needed conflict because the writers' story-lines were wearing really thin.

And don't even get me started on the episodes. At this point, the creators were running out of ideas so much that the creators resorted to parodies of other cartoons. I don't mind parodies, but when I watch a show that began on original stories with little references here and there, the last thing I want to see is a three consecutive episodes ALL being parodies of shows I'd rather be watching.

I was glad when my TV box eventually removed the Cartoon Network Channel. At least I wouldn't have to see the show anymore, and watch it fall on its head. I wouldn't be the one reading the eulogy at its funeral.

Is Johnny Test bad?

Is Johnny Test bad? Well, that depends. It is Cartoon Network's adored show, after the Ben 10 series went down under. Produced by the same people from the Total Drama Island series, which is actually better than this. If TDI is such a good show, then why does this one suck?

Well, I think we should talk about the premise first. It is a simple as you can get: a dumb kid named Johnny Test, and his mutated talking dog named Dukey get into trouble with their genius sisters who work in a lab who fawn over a teenage boy named Gill, and some "wacky" villains, such as moles, a person who is obsessed with snow, and aliens. This is actually a pretty good premise, and it can come up with some pretty interesting stories, such as that freeze boy freezing over the town to dangerous levels so he can capture the city.

So, since the stories aren't that bad, what could be making this show a pile of crap? Well, what about the graphics and sound? The characters sport pretty interesting get-ups, and are easily recognizable. However, that is just the design of the characters, what about the animation? It sucks. The animation looks like a 15 year old's first attempt at animating in Flash. They don't bother to animate the arms moving, no no no. Just add a blurred frame to give the impression that it is moving! I know that some shows succeed at this style, but Johnny Test is not one of them. And to accompany the animation, is a horrible bland sound track. Ugh. However, while it is true that this is horrible, I know of plenty of series that are still good despite this. So what TRULY is making this cartoon horrible?

It is the execution. The characters, despite having the possibility to not, are blander than left over tuna. The story, despite being set up to be something interesting, are the most cliche thing I have ever seen in existence. And any chance this show could have to be a cult classic, is diminished by the fact it is shown 24/7 on the network. Every person who sees Cartoon Network sees this at some point. Worst of all, it is the Spongebob of Cartoon Network. Despite everyone complaining against it, it is so cheap to produce, they continue anyways.

Premise: 4/10 Aesthetics: 2/10 Overall: 3/10

Don't bother. If you want to find a good cartoon network show, don't look here. Wait until Steven Universe, Gumball, or Adventure Time comes on.

Actually not that bad

Many people hate this show, but it's not too bad. The animation is passable, the writing is okay, and they even occasionally put in a Crowning Moment of Funny. Maybe it's not the best show in the world, but it's not too bad either, and at least is entertainment for when I'm bored. I guess when you compare it to Breadwinners, Uncle Grampa, Sanjay and Craig, Rabbids Invasion, Brickleberry, Superjail, Squidbillies, 90% of the shows on Disney Channel and Disney XD etc. it doesn't seem that bad.

I give it a 5/10.

I Don't Hate It

Adored By The Network! Advertised on every commercial break! Hated by TV Tropes reviewers! It's . . . JOHNNY TEST! (guitarriff.mp3)

Expectations not to have of this show:

- That it's worthy of CN's adoration

- That it's complex

- That it tries to appeal to adults beyond pointing out cliches (and still playing them straight), and the occasional jokes completely lost on the TV-Y7 audience (like mocking the snobby owners of pedigree dogs)

That's out of the way! Let's watch the show.

First, we notice that there is no Continuity Lockout. New viewers have no trouble picking up the show's basics.

We also notice that the characters are fully one-dimensional. This incites troper rage like nothing else. Yes, each one is a walking cliche. There's the foolish, immature, and somehow-manipulative Johnny, whose impulses cause most of his problems (similar to Timmy Turner's skills at wishing). There's the animal sidekick, Dukey, who is supposed to be saner than Johnny, while still being his friend. There are his twin genius sisters, who lose all their intelligence when faced with their shared crush, Gil (a stock moron). Then there are the parents, who seem to neglect their son, and yet still love him.

So in essence, this show has to be situation-based comedy at its purest. And for variety, the premise is perfect.

So is it funny?

That depends on the viewer. I find it amusing, but it never seems truly hilarious. Its writing could be done by anyone who was given the characters and told to make something up. Not too much care seems put into it; the most obvious jokes for the situation and/or Running Gags take up most of the humor. Occasional parodies of other things or Getting Crap Past The Radar provide most of the real comic value. For example, one episode focuses on Johnny cross-dressing as a Girl Scout, and his parents' reaction is very funny just because Johnny doesn't properly explain why he's doing so. The kiddies will enjoy the screaming, action, and recycled slapstick gags.

It's not good compared to the best kids' shows that appeal to adults. We've seen this all before, the writing and characters are bad compared to some kids' shows, and it really is aimed at 7-10 year olds. If you lose any unrealistic expectations and just watch it as a quick diversion, it can be fun. If you watched it as much as CN showed it, you'd die.

Obnoxious and "Radical"

Johnny Test was a sign; a sign of an oncoming rush of a multitude of shows, throwing out all logic or even rules established in the show's universe to have "funny, wacky antics" and appeal to kids.

It doesn't.

It's ugly. The Once an Episode jokes are obnoxious, irritating, and forced. It just never shuts up; there is never any quiet. There are always poor-quality sounds, horrible voice acting, or attention-stealing, horrible Flash animation, ever. Damn. Second.

Don't watch it. At least, not intentionally.

Sesame Street > Johny Test

Yes, I'd rather watch Sesame Street then Johnny Test. This show is especially flawed, even for a kids show.

- The characters are all idiots that have no empathy or relatability whatsoever.

- The plots are cliche, which wouldn't be a huge problem if it wasn't because the show keeps recycling these same cliches it used 2 seasons ago. No callbacks or references, just the same plot about racing cars/canoes/lawnmowers/whatever with the same bland and uninteresting characters the show demands the audience to adore.

- The animation is especially bad. Johny himself looks more like a yellow troll then an eleven year old boy. Dukey seems to be a kangoroo. And Johnnies sisters have gigantic, inhuman, heads of hair. Let's not even get started on the backgrounds.

- If you've seem just 9 or 10 episodes, you've seen pretty much all the show has to offer in terms of creativity.

- The sound effects sound like they came out of Bobby Hill's music album. Seriously, having loud bell sounds and cash register slams with your characters screaming like chips isn't funny.

- It keeps referencing itself. Look, there's being meta. There's breaking the fourth wall. And then there's pointing out cliches and saying "didn't see that coming" until the 11 minute episode ends with the most annoying sound affects.

- The intro music sounds like it was sung by a teenager stoner riding his skateboard into a guitar store.

Idiotic recurring gags include..

1. Dukey hiding in public and his shirt saying "Not a dog". Come on, the jokes tired. It makes no sense, and isn't funny or unique.

2. The dimwitted character of Gil getting fawned over by apparent genius sisters of JT (Hint: They're mindless pseudo intellectuals)

3. The racing episodes that apparently mirror Mario Kart.

4. Didn't see that coming

5. Dukey being a dog that talks.

I'm surprised, too. Total Drama Island, 16teen, and even Stoked were all superior to this show, so why can't this one be as good as the other Canadian cartoons?

So there you go. Johnny Test, remarkable for its bland characters and ideas, and utterly forgettable otherwise. I say skip it, it'll end soon. The ratings aren't very good and it's already ran out of plots to tell, so why are they keeping this thing that even kids don't care for? WHY?!

Not good.

If I were to describe Johnny Test in seven words, it would be "the cancer that is killing Cartoon Network."

First, let us talk about presentation. The show is yet another Canadian Flash cartoon, which becomes obvious with the lazy tweening and sub-par animation, as if the show was made on a $20 budget. However, sound effects apparently do not cost a dime, seeing as how electric guitar riffs, stock sounds ripped from 90s-era websites, and whip cracks dominate every scene.

Now for the main cast. Every character in Johnny Test is one-dimensional and bland: Johnny is your regular 11-year-old asshole who never gets karmic retribution for his douchy actions, Dukey is his equally boring foil, and Mary and Susan are supposed teen geniuses who lose all intelligence when staring at their next-door neighbor. Everybody else follows the same pattern (one of Johnny's teachers is actually called Mr. Teacherman, as if his entire life revolved around being a mean teacher), but one thing holds the same for every character: they panic. A lot. Seriously, it is like the voice actors were instructed to scream or use loud tones in every other sentence for fear of losing the minuscule attention spans of the show's audience.

At this point, I would delve into the show's plot. The problem is that none exists. Every single episode is made of cliches crudely held together with the characters mentioned above. For the most part, Johnny wants to do something cool, he asks his sisters to invent something to help him, things spiral out of control, and Johnny saves the day so that he can be a dick again tomorrow. Yeah, there are some other plots (generic villain team-up episode, Johnny squaring off against Bling-Bling Boy for the billionth time, etc.), but they are hardly worth mentioning.

Normally, I would not have paid any attention to this pitiful excuse for entertainment if Cartoon Network had not adopted it and aired it every waking hour. But they did, and I suffered for it. Since I am running out of word space here, I will summarize: this show is bad. Stay away from it. If you have nothing else to watch but this show, then read a goddamn book instead. Dostoevsky and Tolstoy may not be exciting, but at least they can write.

P.S. I would write a Big Time Rush review, but it would just be copying and pasting this one.

I don't like it

Well,I just dislike this show for so many reasons.The main character is not only a idiot but is also a jerkass to nearly everyone around him,he's your typical unlikeable and simple character,the other characters aren't much different.This show is repetitive,cliche,and is constantly referencing something or is just having a bland and boring plot.If you like this show that's okay,but I don't.The only good thing about this show is its okay voice acting,and even then that's not enough.If you hate this show like me,go watch something like Adventure Time or Regular Show.

Rips off both Johnny Bravo & Dexter—what a terrific combo!

What a terrific combo this show has going for it! Ripping off both Johnny Bravo & Dexter's Lab, with a tad smidge of Ed, Edd n' Eddy thrown in for "good" measure (the title puns, anyone?). The sisters bug me, considering we've seen them before—the dog is the only thing that made me watch this show in the first place. The parents annoy me as well: they have no characterization other than copies of Dexter's parents aside from the meatloaf obsession Johnny's dad has and the once-in-a-blue-moon Mama Bear persona that Lila Test has—other than that, the characters and supporting characters are dull as sticks. Johnny tries to be what he isn't—a cool little brother rather than an annoying selfish pest.