Reviews: Invader ZIM

Not for Everyone

Invader Zim is a very strange show indeed. And it is this strangeness that is precisely the problem with the cartoon that many would consider one of Jhonen Vasquez's magnum opi (opuses?). In every episode, weird, morbid things happen. Zim harvests organs from other classmates. Dib turns into a bologna. Gaz is put under a spell that prevents her from tasting anything but pork. Schoolchildren are almost sent on a one-way trip to a room with a moose, thanks to Zim's machinations. Things get very odd very quickly.

While many enjoy this show and find it hilarious, others, such as this reviewer, consider the bizarre, creepy atmosphere of the show oppressive and nightmarish. Sensitive folk would do well to avoid this prime example of horror-comedy, but those who are more accustomed to gruesome gallows humor and gross goings-on will be more likely to enjoy this show. I myself dislike the cartoon as a whole for its creepy stories and its rather mean-spirited atmosphere ("I will be calling all your parents and telling them to love you less", anyone?), but I enjoy the characters and the ludicrous dialogue, and find myself snickering at it occasionally.

So, give the show a try, but if you feel it's too creepy, weird, or upsetting for you to watch, I recommend you watch another show. Additionally, really young kids might not want to watch this either- they're impressionable and will probably end up having nightmares.

The Most Horrible X-Mas ever

I think this was the greatest episode of Invader Zim. This episode takes how stupid the humans are in the show, and takes it to whole new levels. When Zim was dressed up as Santa, he straight up told them that they would be sent to their doom. And they say 'Will being teleported to our doom be fun and christmasy?' And when Dib tried to tell them that Zim's not Santa, Zim convinced the humans that he is Santa because he has robot elves. That's really funny. And need we forget one of the greatest christmas songs ever? "Bow down, Bow down, before the power of Santa! Or be crushed, be crushed, byyyyyy, his jolly boots of DOOM!" I could not stop laughing when I first saw that. And then when they finally destroyed the robot Santa, Zim convinced all the humans who showed up to build the teleporter, to beat up Zim, under the disguise of the Easter Platypus. And they obviously bought it. Like all Invaader Zim episodes, it has great over the top humor coming from Zim, Gir's idotic behaviour, and everybody thinking Dib's crazy even though he's right. But it's the stupidity of most of the human race that really sells it. I never saw an episode of Invader Zim where they were that gullible, or stupid, being told straight out that they would be dommed as slaves. This is why I think The Most Horrible X-Mas ever is the greatest Invader Zim episode ever.

The Nightmare begins

I know alot of people like this episode, but I think it's pretty overrated. True, it's the first episode, but that's what holds it back. It feels rushed to me, though I don't know why. Granted, I still like it, because it has alot of funny scenes, especially the flashback where Zim was destroying his own planet, but compared to several of it's following episodes, it doesn't hold up as well.

I give this episode a 6.5/10.

Too weird for its own good

When I was alot younger, i was one of the many who nick screwed over by showing the often times disturbing and intended for older audiences, Invader Zim. As I got older, this past year I got on watching it again and I say its that it was so damn weird. It wasn't the natural feeling of weird, its the weird for weird's sake kind of weird. Like Adventure Time, it can become too much of a crutch for the writers to just add weird stuff and call ti an episode. They were genuinely funny moments in the series, but there would've been much more without being so damn strange.

The Review of DOOM!

Invader Zim is a dark, morbid, and downright hilarious cartoon from Jhonen Vasquez. This little gem was cut short with only about a years worth of episodes, but it's one of Nickelodeon's best. Zim is an invader sent by the Irken Empire (Or, to be more precise, a failed invader sent as far away as possible) to infiltrate human society and soften it up for the 'coming' invasion. However, a human named Dib has figured him out, and routinely tries to thwart him. Luckily for Zim, everyone else thinks Dib is completely insane, so they don't take him seriously. In fact, they seem more accepting of Zim than of Dib. Luckily for humanity, Zim manages to thwart himself most of the time, usually with only minor interference from Dib. I highly recommended Invader Zim for those you with a fondness for dark and twisted humor.