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An overlooked classic of the early 2000s
A childhood favourite that Iíve always loved, the original Ice Age is a pretty underrated movie that is somewhat forgotten by many family film fans. This is due to the fact that it came out at a time where the now iconic Shrek and Monsters, Inc. were popular, both having received much better reviews from critics and audiences. Its three sequels havenít done it any favours either. Though I admittedly do like Ice Age 2, it wasn't a big hit. The far worse Ice Age 3 and Ice Age 4 definitely damaged the franchise's reputation further, and because of this, the first movie is now sadly overlooked.

Ice Age, as a movie, works because of how it takes a straightforward premise and makes the most out of it. Thanks to its variety of interesting scenes and its good pace, this movie has an excellent sense of adventure, and the Rusted Root classic ďSend Me On My WayĒ really helps to make it a fun, engaging journey. The ice slide scene, for example, is especially fun and well-crafted. The film has plenty of witty humour as well, and although some of it can be mean-spirited, itís always in good fun, and never goes too far. The filmís unique selection of characters, unusual settings and good balance of optimism and melancholy means it rarely has any hiccups, and strong, confident voice acting holds it all together.

Another great aspect of this movie is its heart. The fact that the movie starts out with two anti-heroes Ė the bitter mammoth Manny and the menacing smilodon Diego (plus Sid, of course) and ends with the three of them a team, is wonderful, with just the right amount of relatable character development to make it happen. The toddler that the trio look after is adorable as well, and watching it being returned to its father is, to me, one of the most heart-warming moments in cinema. The final great element of this movie is its wonderful soundtrack, especially the triumphant and unforgettable opening theme.

The only obvious flaw I can find in this movie is its CGI animation. While itís certainly colourful and at times beautiful, it does look a bit dated and awkward nowadays compared to most of the Pixar and DreamWorks movies. But thatís really the only criticism I can make. This movie was always one of my favourites as a kid, and I still enjoy it just as much today. Ice Age is thoroughly enjoyable animated adventure that, quite frankly, deserves better.
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Continental Drift -don't even bother
Whether you're a fan of the first three or just a fan of the first one, do NOT watch "Continental Drift."

The other movies were great because they had charm, lovable characters, and jokes to make kids and adults laugh. But this movie seems to have forgotten that they have an adult fanbase and settled for cheap jokes that only a hyper little kid would find funny.

The characters we've been following suddenly aged a lot. Remember Peaches the baby? Now she's a teenager. And, because nobody is allowed to be single, they gave her a boyfriend -in the form of a pathetic little dork. He has a crush on her but she wants to go out with a bad boy, and the writers assume that this is enough to make us feel sorry for him. Actually, it comes off as if he doesn't care about her feelings and wants to hook up with her more than he wants her to be happy. She makes friends with the "wrong crowd" but eventually gets together with him because he manipulated her enough to make her feel bad for him. Give me a break.

Then there's the other, more important plot about the family being separated and trying to get back together again. The annoying thing about this is that the two female characters they've introduced in the franchise are suddenly miles away, while the male characters we started off with (and Sid's grandmother) are staying with us for most of the movie. But don't worry, the audience won't notice if we just replace them with one new female that we know nothing about, right? And this new female is just a female version of Manny who will become Manny's girlfriend because they can't have any single guys. Except for Sid, because he's a loser.

The rest of the plot bounces around all over the place like a kid on sugar-high. There's something about pirates and escaping but it's kind of hard to follow, and the film keeps jumping from this to the side-plot with Peaches and her stupid boyfriend.

So what was the point of this movie? There wasn't a point to it. With the first movie, the point is getting the baby back home (and making new friends), in the second one the point is escaping the changing environment (and making new friends), with the third one the point is dealing with the neighboring dinosaurs (and starting a family.) This one may have had some point about staying with your family, but I felt too lost.
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