Reviews: Houseof Mouse

What A Great Way To Commemorate & Coincide With The Late Walt Disney's Birth.

First of all, I'd like to mention that this show was created to commemorate and coincide with what would've been Walt Disney's 100th birthday. Surprisingly, there still hasn't been any site with info about this Disney show nor anyone else other than me who has brought up this trivia, but it's so apparent. However, what a great homage paid to the animation mastermind behind Mickey Mouse and more, as well as a great follow-up to Mickey Mouse Works (which was just a preparation for the real thing that would be planned for the big anniversary). Anyway, since coming across it the same day it premiered, it's been one of my most favorite programs by Walt Disney Television Animation and I consider it among the best the studio/company ever did. Mickey and the gang are back once again. In this next to latest outing, Mickey co-owns a nightspot with Donald Duck on Main Street in Toon Town, where the former acts as emcee to the clientele of other Disney characters who usually frequent there nightly for entertainment. Mickey and his staff, including doorman Donald, maitre'd Minnie, head chef Goofy and others almost constantly have to do everything in their power to prevent the establishment from being shut down by Pete the landlord. I think this was a brilliant idea and the perfect way to have one's various favorite characters come together. Mostly the Mouse Works featurettes would be shown in intervals of whatever was taking place at the club, often matching the themes of the episodes, but a few Walt era shorts were played too. HOM had what I'd say was a fairly long run, but I still wish it had lasted longer than it actually did. I feel it really had such potential and believe it should've lasted longer, because I, and clearly many others who'd agree with me, believe that it was cancelled too soon. We believe that there was still plenty of creativity left in it. I recommend this series because it has enough interesting things to hold your attention, plus I find its humor is well done, with the punny references to Disney movie titles and a few jokes that are vague or obscure to kids but not adults for example. Thanks to Tony Craig and Rob Gannaway for their brainchild, one of the better 2000s cartoons. Among the best ways to kick off the decade, century and millennium nearly from the beginning. A show that should not be passed, for fans of old-school Disney.