Reviews: Hotel Transylvania

Wacky Monster Comedy with Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez = gold?

This is one of the most enjoyable animated films I've ever seen. It's incredibly charming, creative, talented, and a total blast.

The animation is the first thing to talk about, because Doug Walker nailed it right on the head: it's amazing. The animation has boundless rapid energy, fluid and snappy motion, great character designs, and wonderful atmosphere. The animation out-Averys most Tex Avery cartoons, but still has the restraint needed for more quiet, emotional scenes.

The voice cast is also surprisingly good. Sandler is actually a fantastic Dracula, with great timing and delivery. Methinks he's better on someone else's scripts. Selena Gomez is also really good as his daughter, Mavis, and has her own charm and feels fully realized despite her comparatively small screentime. Andy Samberg is good as Johnny, too, and the bit parts are also well played.

The plot is fairly simple, but not in a way that feels cut-and-paste or condescending. It's very very funny yet also heartfelt and sweet, and every character is both charming and flawed, and the relationships between them capture a very charming realism that feels almost like you're watching a group of your own friends and family. It's certainly not a Pixar film, but it's still a good story.

The comedy is rapid-fire, varied, and consistently hilarious. It's definitely one of the funniest movies I've seen, and there are so many terrific twists on the monster characters and scenery that are just brilliant. The animation and the voices mesh perfectly together and sell every joke.

(Yeah, the ending does feel a bit like a corporate order, but they managed to squeeze in the rest of the film's charm, so it's tolerable.)

In short, watch this movie. It's full of laughs and fueled by a lot of heart, and is a great watch on Halloween or any other time of the year.

A Severely Underrated Film

I'll be honest, I avoided this movie for a while, like I'm sure a lot of people did, because it looked cheesy, and stupid. But after hearing the Nostalgia Critic repeatedly praise it, I gave in, and gave it a watch. And its been a while since I laughed out loud at a movie the way I did while watching this.

Now we all love to dump on Adam Sandler, but I think this movie is proof that he can be funny, and he can act. His performance as Dracula is likable, memorable, and just down right hilarious, as are all the other characters. We got a tremendous cast, each given a pitch perfect performance. The romance is actually surprisingly heartfelt and genuine, with both Andy Samberg and Selina Gomez acing the role.

The story and writing are very good, despite a very basic idea. The idea of a hotel for monsters isn't that new of a concept, neither is the Humans Are the Real Monsters with monsters being afraid of humans concept. But they actually do it really well, with some great comedy, coupled with appropriate dramatic, heartfelt scenes.

The animation is top notch, some of the best I've seen out of any CG movie. While it may not be on par with the animation from a movie like Tangled, Frozen, or Big Hero 6, its not trying to be, and if you look at the style, and designs, its clear the animation is meant for comedy, and it succeeds in that respect. Its very stylized and exaggerated, not to mention very quick and played up.

Now the song at the end a lot of people didn't like, but I'm actually in the minority that did like it. I though it was catchy, upbeat, and well sung. But that comes down to personal taste, and I can certainly understand why most people didn't like it.

A funny Adam sandler movie?

Never thought he had it in him after the film that shall not be named.

The animation is excellent, the voice actors do wonderful jobs especially Sandler and gomez. You donít hear Adam sandler as dracula, you hear Dracula, just played by Adam Sandler! Yes, at points itís easy to tell, but for the most part, he pulled it off.

Even his buddies manage to be funny, and they all l do good jobs. Itís very cartoon-y and it really feels like a classic 2d film, even if it is CG. Itís filed with one liners, visuals gags, and all kinds of jokes. Like the best comedies, it warrants a few viewings.

Itís zany, quirky and the way it plays with the monsters is very cool. Itís a very good Hall ween film, and while most will likely only watch it in October, it still is a decent film on itís own.]

The story doesnít exactly offer a ton of substance, even in itís clichť moments, it still inspires some smiles a few nice touches. But the film is a comedy, and Genndy pulls it off very well with his usual comedic style.

Sure, some jokes donít work, and I hate that ending, but that doesnít hurt this otherwise pleasant film. Itís not exactly made for adult, but they can watch it with their kids without wanting to shoot themselves.

It wonít make any best animated films lists any time soon, but I still rather enjoyed it. A sequel has been greenlit. Hereís hoping itís just as good

You'll Scream With Laughter

I am not really a fan of Adam Sandler — the only films of his I find tolerable are 50 First Dates, Click and Reign Over Me. And that kept me away from this movie when it hit theaters, because I've seen Eight Crazy Nights and that was his attempt at a family comedy. Eeew.

But then I heard, well after, that this film was directed by the great Genndy Tartakovsky, and that raised my determination level right past the dislike for the star.

I'm thrilled to report I was wrong.

What begins as a wacky screwball comedy that you know is going to take some wrong turns, turns out to have a surprising heart and a beautiful couple of Aesops about trust, and not letting one experience define everything you think.

The Dance Party Ending is a bit too Dream Works, but forgiveable. The art and the clear influences of Looney Tunes and Mad Monster Party make it worth putting up with the few places where the film falters.

Almost incredible

This movie was almost perfect for me. It was a charming family friendly comedy movie packed with laughs from top to...well...almost bottom. My recommendation is to leave 10 minutes before the very end. The ending is cringeworthy. But the rest of the movie was great.


I loved every minute of Hotel T, it was funny, touching and although it didn't have a big bad I still give it an A+. I sure hope it gets a sequel.