Reviews: Hey Arnold

Welcome Back, Arnold

Guys, this was probably the best television movie on Nickelodeon by far. After years of waiting for answers, we finally got the conclusion we were asking for. In it, Arnold's class wins a trip to San Lorenzo by winning a competition. Thrilled by the aspect of his parents being somewhere out there, Arnold embarks on an adventure to find the Green Eye people, an indigenous tribe that his parents helped long ago.

Alright, so for starters, the animation. For the most part, the animation is the same, albeit with a slight few alterations in character design. I loved how fluid the actions were as well. Overall, with the animation, while I understand that style would change overtime, I had found it slightly difficult to get used to, but it was by no means bad. Same with acting. A majority of the voice cast returned to reprise their roles, except for Arnold. In this film, he's voiced by Mason Vale Cotton. For the most part, he does a good job playing the football head. However, you could kind of tell at some points he was trying to mimic the exact voice, and it is distracting to a degree. The other actors also do a very good job.

I also loved the adventure aspect of the film. The series for the most part is a slice of life, but this movie differentiated itself from the series enough to make it feel like it's its own world. The villain La Sombra was okay. To not give anything away, he is searching for Arnold, because he feels that he was the only one who was able to lead him to the Green Eyes' sacred treasure. He's threatening when the time calls for it, but he can also be pretty silly. Oh, and who could forget all of the cameo appearances in the film? From Stoop Kid to Pigeon Man, this was a dream come true for anyone who grew up with the show. My only problem with the film was the ending. It was predictable. Yeah, I know that as a Nickelodeon movie they wouldn't want to go to any dark routes, but it was both predictable and a little convenient. As for Helga and Arnold, I will say that they handle Helga's confession better in this film than in the theatrical film. After everything they've been through, I can see them probably growing closer.

Overall, The Jungle Movie brought back what I loved about Hey Arnold growing up, and it wrapped everything up nicely. As for whether I want a season six of the show? No. I feel that this is a perfect way to end the show, so let it go out with a bang. Hey Arnold will continue to be one of the best Nicktoons for its realness and relatability.