Reviews: El Tigre

Died too soon

I consider myself a cartoon veteran and I watched a lot of good cartoons that died too soon like The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice or Sym-Bionic Titan. But I've never been as upset as with El Tigre (And just to make it clear I finished it few weeks ago, so I don't have any nostalgia for it.)

This super hero adventure/comedy show. Manny/El Tigre is a kid with super powers, son of superhero and grandson of supervillain. He lives with both of them and tries do decided if he want to be hero or villain. Manny himself is your standard trouble maker/ kid with good heart, but get this: his female best friend ISN'T smarter and better then him at everything unlike so many other girls in cartoons. She's crazy, fun and makes even more trouble then Manny. But best characters are his family. His father is a powerful goody gooder with hilariously naive optimism and his grandfather is pretty much Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls as villain. As a duo or separate characters they will make you laugh.

Also animation is pretty good too. It may not look that at first, but it will suprise you few times with it's quality. Also show uses A LOT of Mexican elements, which gives it very unique style, similar to Guacamelee! or upcoming The Book Of Life (fun fact: creator of El Tigre is directing that film). Animation especially shines in episodes with Raul the living mustache and Titanium Titan, villain with liquid metal arms. It's really cool to watch what those two can do.

So is "El Tigre" some kind of Magnum Opus of cartoons? I guess not, it had is ups and downs. Some jokes were forced and few episodes end with unsatisfying conclusion. But probably biggest problem are bleak villains (with 3 exceptions). El Tigre has fairly big rouges gallery, but here's few most recursing ones: El Oso is just strong and dump guy, Dr. Chipotle is simply evil scientist with funny voice and Mustache Mafia is, well, a mafia will living mustache. Boooring.

Still, I say that you should at least give it a chance, it's very solid superhero cartoon that needs more love. And if first few episode won't catch you I suggest you jump to "Grave Escape" unrivaled best episode of the entire series (but maybe not the best starter). If you still won't like the show, well at lest you seen what show has to offer.