Reviews: Ed Edd N Eddy

Slightly disappoint-ed

After a few years of break I rewatched a couple episodes. How do I feel?

On one hand they've managed to make a realistic (by cartoon standards of course), long-running series. The slapstick and amusing, the characters are likable (most of the time), but...

Kankers. Good God, Kankers. No depths, little redeeming qualities, one unfunny schtick (if you think offscreen molesting and desperate pleas for mercy are funny, please contact the nearest mental ward), appearing only to make the protagonists' life more miserable. Eddy's brother got more character development in five minutes than they got in five seasons!

Some of the episodes exist solely to utterly humiliate the main characters. The Eds ain't saints of course (especially Eddy, who became a cowardly jerkass in later seasons), but after you see Eddy and Edd getting beaten because Ed alone went mad, you simply stop caring. Idiot Ball and Jerkass Ball are held tight as long as it will make Eds look more pathetic (case in point: the Halloween special).

Ed Edd N Eddys Big Picture Show made an attempt to fix what ailed, but why couldn't the writers do so in the series? Okay, I'm glad Eds earned their happy ending and Kankers evolved beyond Diabolus Ex Machina: The Trio, but the whole climax seems a bit rushed. Because reviews don't allow spoiler tags: suddenly the show starts treating Domestic Abuse seriously. Really?! The main characters were beaten, blackmailed, molested, framed, and generally treated like shit during the show's run, and no one in-universe gave a damn. Also, how much time did the kids need to became BFFs with Eds? Five minutes. It was enough to switch from "KILL 'EM!" to "LEAVE OUR FRIENDS ALONE!". *Head Desk*

But, all in all, it stands quite well. As long as the writers weren't lazy, it's still fun to watch. The concept as a whole wasn't bad, though it sometimes got poorly executed. The show got a happy ending, but fans demand a spinoff. If they'll find a competent writer and remove all the flaws mentioned above, it'd be a huge success.

If it smells like an Ed. (part 1 and 2, if you go that way.)

This episode may be one of the lowest points on the series, what with it being a complete mess. It starts out with the kids having singing some song about friends. Um... what? Yeah... I hated the song, but it gets worse: Eddy gives Jimmy a wedgie, and all of the kids, even Edd and Nazz, laugh at him. This is probably the first moment to land the writers in hot water; as this is out of character for Edd or Nazz (laugh at your friend's misery? Wow Nazz, thatís low). Next, we have the three Eds being framed by someone; lets call the framer "X", to make this shorter (yes, I know it will still count as a word). X tries to frame Ed by stealing a paintbrush, but does X put it in Ed's pocket? Put paint on him? No, X takes it. That's it. Now, another bad moment for the writers; the kids had no proof of this, so um... then the Eds get what looks like X's foot print, then they try to figure out who did it. After a series of events, the Eds follow a trial of jujubes leading to who did it all... it was Rolf! No, wait, it was the Kanker sisters! Or... was it? Anyways, the Eds are caught again, and then the plot starts to make no sense what so ever. IT WAS REALLY JIMMY! Then, it turns out that he did this to the Eds...because...Eddy gave him a wedgie...Who ever wrote this, (no, I'm not one of the people who think the creator did everything) There are many way to do Beware The Nice Ones, you picked the one of the worst possible ones. When you see that Jimmy tied up Johnny, stuck a hockey stick into a project that could have took days-maybe weeks to make, got himself tortured by the Kankers to get them to give the Eds unwanted kissing, etc. just for a freaking wedgie, it comes clear that Jimmy is insane. At least in this episode. Oh, and why all three Eds? Eddy was the only one that did the act, and every one else laughed at him. Was it because the Eds where friends? Jimmy, You Fail Logic For Ever.


Even though very little of the supernatural or fantastic ever comes to Peach Creek, this unique and witty show itself manages to be extraordinary. In its impressively long run, "Ed, Edd n Eddy" managed not to succumb to Seasonal Rot, a feat there is definitely something to be said for. The humor stayed fresh, the show kept its focus, and the characters in fact became even more colorful over time.

With Gentle Giant Ed as the brawn; good-natured and neurotic Edd as the brain; and fiesty, ambitious Eddy as the willpower and leader; the "Eds" are a well-oiled machine that can weather whatever life has to throw at them (in the meantime stumbling out of their own blunders). Even though they couldn't be more different from each other, and they have the most clashing personalities, the boys still find common ground and stay the best of friends.

Much more than a simple cartoon, "Ed, Edd n Eddy" is a story that all ages can enjoy—three inseperable young friends and their quest to obtain the two things every kid wants: candy and the acceptance of their peers.