Reviews: Cars

Cars 2 - Actually Super Awesome

Honestly, I can't understand why Cars 2 is getting so much flak from the critics. I found it adorable, hilarious, and in general everything I'd expect from a Pixar movie.

I thought it was nice that McQueen (who's already learned his lessons, after all) stepped aside for Mater to play lead protagonist. Mater and McQueen's friendship made me smile. I also loved the international theme. There were a lot of clever jokes and cultural bonuses. It was one of those movies that made you feel just a little bit closer to the rest of the globe. It was very cool to see more of this car-populated universe, and I was astounded by how much creativity must've gone into coming up with the little details. It's mind-blowing. Car airports, car bathrooms, cars riding in or on other vehicles. And when you see the spy cars put through their paces - for example, in the opening scene - the ingenuity behind their gadgets is ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome, that is. I kept thinking "How do you do that with cars?" and I kept getting answers.

The movie is also ridiculously pretty. Especially the shots of the cities. Every race scene reminded me of Gran Turismo, except even more stunning. But then, what do you expect from Pixar?

My only complaint is that the "be yourself" message felt a little bit forced and cliché. I would agree that this movie lacked the pathos and toying with the heartstrings that other Pixar movies do with mastery. In retrospect, that's a bit disappointing. But while I was watching the movie, it was so much fun I barely noticed.

My advice: it wasn't on par with the Pixar greats, but it was still pretty darn awesome and a lot better than most movies. You might not love this movie as much as I did, but don't just take my word or Rotten Tomatoes' word for it. Go see for yourself.

How did I ever like this movie as a kid?

Man, some things in life really start to look like shit when you get older. The first "Cars" film surely does.

As a kid, I naturally found this movie enjoyable. I wasn't too big on vehicles back then, but I did enjoy racing games and I felt the movie had a vibrant, colourful look. But I was a kid. As kids, we are often too stupid to notice how crappy certain things we grow up with are. And I remember gradually liking this film less and less as I grew up, to the point where I couldn't get past the first 15 minutes without getting bored. I also started questioning why I ever liked it in the first place, eventually leaving it in my DVD cabinet and not watching it for at least five years (and, of course, I skipped the totally unnecessary Cars 2).

For some foolish reason though, I contemplated the possibility that perhaps I had been too hard on the movie during puberty, and that I'd like it a bit more as an adult. So, I found the DVD, popped it in my laptop, sat back as the film came on, and... sigh.

I'm just going to say it. Cars is a terrible movie. The whole thing is so awkward and mundane, not to mention stupid. It's a film about living cars with goofy faces. In fact, re-watching it made me finally realise something: The movie is merely a love letter from John Lasseter to himself. It's little more than a brainless vehicular orgasm, concocted because the director's car fetish blinded him to the fact that the many car-related puns and shenanigans throughout the movie are utterly lame. It's overstuffed with so many obnoxious, cartoony antics that it was dated from the get-go. I was always aware of Lasseter's passion for automobiles, but I now understand just how tepid and unlikable this movie is.

The sad thing though about Cars is this: it's actually got a few good, and wasted, highlights. The animation is always highly detailed and visually interesting, there's some rather solid voice acting in it, it has a few decent messages, and the ending is appropriately happy. However, the film's major flaws - the feeble, monotonous plot, the disposable characters, the many superfluous scenes, the twangy country music soundtrack, etc. - totally ruin it. As a movie for toddler boys, it's workable, but I can't see how anyone who liked this particular movie as a kid can still like it as an adult. It's a movie to grow out of, that's for sure.

Cars 2 : Not bad, but disappointing

Despite all the criticism that it received, I liked the first "Cars" movie: It is true that it wasn't at the same level of masterpieces from Pixar such as "Finding Nemo" or "The Incredibles", but it was a nice film that was very enjoyable to watch, with many likable characters, disregard of the strange premise. But since the first film had a satisfying resolution, the idea of a sequel wasn't very interesting for me…And too be honest, I don't think that this sequel was necessary at all. "Cars 2" isn't terrible as some critics said, it is just that it is doesn't feel like a Pixar movie. It feels more like a movie from Dreamworks, or from Blue Sky Studios. I guess that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is still disappointing.

On the good side, the animation was pretty good (Even better than the first film) and most of the film was quite watchable, and some of the jokes were effective, despite the fact that most of them were forgettable. On the bad side, the plot from this film was way more childish than the one from the first film, and the most likable characters from the first movie have here a secondary role (Some even became extras, have a minimal role, having just a few lines) in order to give more importance to Mater and the new characters. Even Lightning Mc Queen, the protagonist of the first "Cars" became a secondary character in this sequel. I don't hate "Cars 2", I just think it could have been way better (Or at least, more enjoyable for the adults, not only for the kids, as the first film was)

Not perfect, but still pretty good

The first question you might want me to answer is "Is it as bad as critics say?". Well, my answer is...No. Not at all! Infact... i LIKED it!

Let me first say the one problem i had, which didn't really bug me that much, but it's still enough to take some points off Like some people have said, it doesn't have the heart all the pixar movies have. But it doesn't really take away from how fun it is. it does have some pixar emotion to it, just at a lower level.

I think what really makes it good, is the spy element. Some people say it's out of place, but i didn't care, it was still pretty cool. On the audio commentary, John lasster explains that he loves spy movies, and the cool spy cars, so he put spies in the Cars world.

Finn is a great character, while not too complex, he is just awesome. This is due to a great performance by Micheal Caine. He just sounds great, and it seems like he had fun with this movie.

Now for the other common complaint: Mater. He's the main character this time around, which bugs people. Personally, i didn't mind it. Mc Queens character has already done all he can do on his own. so in this movie, mater needs the spotlight.

He plays off well against Finn and Holly,. Mater is also just plain awesome. He ends up figuring out the bad guys plan in a very cool way, and he is bad ass with his new spy status

Another thing that bugged me is that when mater is a spy, he wants to keep mcqueen away from the spy thing. i don't like that cliche and i wish they could of not used it

The score is pretty cool too. Though it's not the best. The main theme is really good i must say. This is done by the same cuy who composed The Incredibles and Up, just so you know.

As for what i think of the negative i don't care anymore. So pixar made a negatively reviewed movie. So what? Everyone makes mistakes once in awhile. Though i do think some of the reviewers are asking too much from this movie.

This movie was just a bump in the pun intended. it's not amazing, but its not awful either.

To sum it up, Cars 2 is not the smartest pixar movie, but it's still an incredibly fun ride and i will be watching it for years to come.

Score: 8.6/10

Cars 2—Actually not bad.

After hearing about how Rotten Tomatoes is thrashing this film, i decided to go by my gut and see this movie today to see how it really turned out for myself.

To my surprise, it was actually pretty good. The plot was handled in a workmanlike fashion, the characters are likable, visuals are pretty, and there are some funny bits sandwiched in between the story. Mater actually wasn't as annoying as i thought he would be.

My only complaints about the film are annoying pathos scenes, which just feel forced and out of place in what's otherwise a fairly good summer comedy flick.

I can tell the people who worked on this were having fun making this spy film spoof, and if that's so bad, then sign me up.

Overall, it was a good movie—worthy of around a 70% rating, and certainly NOT around 30%. I think i even liked this film better than the original Cars.

Rating: 7/10. Decent film.

P.S. The film has a Toy Story short in the opening, which is also not bad. Not as good as the typical Pixar short, but i guess this short and film were made to relieve the tension of making the gut-wrenchingly sad Toy Story 3. Here's to 25 Years of Pixar!