Reviews: Bravest Warriors

Bravest Warriors Comic Series

I've been enjoying the comic book series very much, it straddles the line between all ages and pg-13 amusingly well and the writing and art are top notch. Truth be told I enjoy it more than the web show and the Adventure Time comic series more for quite a few reasons;

1) Averts Women Are Wiser by making Beth more of a crazy person like the rest of the team, and averts The Smurfette Principle by having Plum as the fifth team member.

2) It feels meatier by having 20+ pages than just six minute shorts to help build its world or develop characters. It also helps by having it developed in sync with the show by having many connections between the two.

3) The writing can be very funny (especially with Black Comedy like the suicidal clown planet and casual deaths sprinkled in the series. It can also be poignant with Danny's guilt with having killed everybody on an evil planet from the first gag of the first issue in the latest issues.

4) Because the property is relatively new, it avoids having to live up to the expectations of its source material (Adventure Time and its comic to be specific) and overall feels fresher.

5) The artwork and coloring is terrific, especially that the artist used to live where I live now. The coloring gives it a great depth too.

This is a good cartoon.

"Damn, Pendleton! What crack you smokin'?!" is the first reaction anyone watching this series should have. "Why ain't you smokin' more!?" is the second. Although it's now produced by Breehn Burns, Will Mcrobb and Chris Viscardi, I can safely say Pendleton Ward has charmed me once again with his lively animation style (which is some quality shit right there) and nonsensical content. This time though, instead of bringing me on an acid trip through Ooo, he takes me to the space-faring youth of Bravest Warriors.

Burns' humor is targeted towards more mature audiences which, admittedly, feels at home with Pendleton's animation style. It must be that I'm so used to the radar-dodgy moments in Adventure Time... Besides the iconic whimsy nonsense of Ward, the dialog between characters is well-written, smoothly voiced, yet casual with a Jive Turkey abundance fit for a king, or a PG 13 porno, if that makes any sense.

I'm sorry, I'm just thinking about that episode with locally grown Butter Lettuce, 9000% sexiness and a prolapsed anus

Behind the reckless Jive Turkey and the wackiness, there is a semblance of a coherent plot. Well... I wouldn't say plot. It's more like an overarching development between the characters. Like Adventure Time, teen problems are casually, yet seamlessly, tied in together with a light-hearted, but crazy setting. It's kind of like a return to the simpler adventure times. Although I do see possibilities for something Darker And Edgier, I'm not sure how that makes me feel...

The only thing that truly saddens me is the length of these episodes. On average, they round-out to about only six minutes. But, hey, that could be a good thing, for the people who have busy schedules and can only spare six minutes of their time per two weeks. Besides, IT'S FREE! So go youtube dat shiz right now.