Reviews: Bobs Burgers

I don't get the appeal

Its a very bland show. The designs are passable, not much wrong with the animation, but the characters, mostly the children, say and do horrible, borderline socio and psychopathic things, and everyone acts as if it's either completely normal, or the most darling thing. Not to kink-shame, but remember the zombie fetish Louise had? Plus, Bob, the only likable character, is the butt monkey who rarely wins. The Family Fracus episode is the most grating example of this.I just don't understand the appeal.

Edited: I like it now

Okay, so this review made quite a while back was negative. But last year, I decided to give the show a second chance and I LOVED it. I guess I just caught the weaker episodes early on. I will say that the show certainly isn't for everybody; the humor style is a mix of odd, quirky, and a little annoying. It's a show that you might not get right away, or ever like at all.

Now, for my positive words... The show is different from other animated adult shows currently on air. It doesn't derive humor from its characters acting like horrible people. The characters are flawed, but still nice and likable, people. Similar to the classic Simpsons era, many episodes are about them trying and usually failing. Like King of the Hill, the show is fairly grounded in reality, it doesn't go too far out. It's refreshing to see something different, both in the stories and the characters. They don't just rehash the typical sitcom formula.

Bob, the father, is the straight man of the group, trying to succeed in his business and raise his family. And he loves his family, he loves spending time with them, rather than many sitcom dads who see their family as something that's holding them back. Linda, rather than being the typical sitcom mom, is the wild and silly one in the relationship. Both parents are supporting of their kids, even when they do odd or unconventional things. Whereas most shows have the parents freak out (humorously) when their kid does something "weird", it's really nice to see a show where the parents are more accepting. The kids are pretty fun, with youngest Louise being an aggressive wild child who usually leads the other two around. Middle child Gene is an enthusiastic music-lover. Oldest child, Tina, is my favorite. She's a fangirl character you don't don't see in many lead roles on TV or movies. Her sexuality is developing and she obsessively writes fanfiction (and friend-fiction) but the show never mocks her for this or acts like there's something wrong with her. She has some insecurities but has many moments of confidence, and many a teenager (or former teenager) can relate to her. It's no wonder she's become such an internet darling.

If you decide to give the show a shot, I recommend watching at least a few episodes. First half of season one is a bit weak and doesn't offer the best qualities of the show.

A whole different flavor of Fox Sunday Night

For years, Fox has been dominated by Seth Mc Farlane shows with their political humor and social commentary snark. While I do enjoy American Dad and Family Guy is my guilty pleasure, this one's a breath of fresh air. No politics, no heavy-handed Aesops, just crazy functionally dysfunctional family fun. Kind of like The Simpsons in its earlier years! It's so much fun I wish I'd gotten in on the ground floor, kind of regret being such a latecomer. Oh well, it's still in its prime and hopefully I can get my hands on the DV Ds soon. The kids are definitely my favorites, especially Louise, but the whole Belcher family is just made of awesome and so are a lot of the secondaries. Overall this series is worth checking out, especially if you like quirky families and burger joints.

It Didn't Disappoint

So far, I've seen three (and a half, haven't finished watching "Crawl Space" yet) episodes of the series. While the first one took a little too much Refuge In Audacity, all of them were surprisingly funny. The animation might not be on par with The Simpsons, but the creators did a good job making likable, flawed, and funny characters out of the family, and for the most part, it takes Refuge In Vulgarity while stopping just short of being Dude Not Funny. Unlike Family Guy, which seems to go out of its way to ignore anything tasteful or heartwarming. My favorite episode so far is probably Hamburger Dinner Theater, where Linda puts together a shoddy dinner theater, and a robber comes in and makes an actual robbery and yet steals the show.

"AUGH! I've been murdered! To death!" - Mort

So, how long until FOX inevitably cancels this awesome show and never puts it out on home video?

I'm in love

I dont know what it is, but this is definitely the best show on Animation Domination on Fox. I for the life of me cant understand the hate around it besides the fact that the humour is more subtle than Seth Mcfarlane shows. I guess it might come off as boring to some, but it just comes off as much more fulfilling to me.

Season 3 premiered yesterday and I'm fully confident it will be better than the last, just like season 2 was better than season 1.

The characters are pretty memorable (especially Louise and Tina, the daughters on the show, which seem to have very interesting personalities, and the writing seems a biut more realistic and sounds like things people would actually say and not something specifically for a joke like what you see in other series.

It's good.

Decent Boredom Killer

While I wouldn't put this show on par with the greats, it's a good way to spend the evening if you have nothing else better to watch. I sat down to watch just one episode, but wound up enjoying it (partly because I'm an Archer fan and recognized the voice "Serpentine!"). It's a show where I would watch a few to get a feel of it, because the early episodes seem all over the place in style.

I would say it's not for everyone, though. I had to skip through a few episodes because they were just too gross (the art gallery episode) or annoying (the dinner theater). There are a few killer episodes, though.