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Great fun
Beast Wars has to be one of the most underrated entries of the Transformers franchise, being dismissed by several fans due the changes done to the story in comparison with the original cartoon.

However, despite being quite different, this series managed to have a very interesting storyline and a good characterization, balancing incredibly well the action, the seriousness and the comedy. Rather than being just archetypes, or carbon copies of their original counterparts from the first series, the new characters have a great character development, showing different aspects from their personalities as the series advances.

The main premise of making the characters transform into organic beings rather that vehicles was actually pretty effective in this series, working as an adequate comedy device at moments, but also as a key component for more complex and serious story lines (Which were even more developed in the following series Beast Machines)

Even when the quality of the CGI could seem a bit dated or "primitive" by modern standards, "Beast Wars" remains today as one of the best animated entries in the whole Transformers franchise, having entertaining stories, a likable cast of characters, and a very good plot which turned more and more interesting as it advances, having a level of quality and fun that hasn't been achieved by the following animated series.

Overall, it is a very good series, with many good things to offer.
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