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A different kind of Fantasia
"Allegro non troppo" is a wonderful film.

It is both a parody and homage to Disney's masterpiece, "Fantasia", completely done right.

The colorful and cartoonish animation style sharply contrast with the bitter irony displayed by some parts of this movie; however, it is also very enjoyable to watch, being funny and poignant (Particularly in segments like Ravel's "Boléro", where Evolution is seen from a satirical and surreal perspective) I particularly loved the Sibelius's "Valse triste" segment, which is not only incredibly well animated, but is also very sad to watch, featuring one of the most endearing and lovable characters from the history of cinema.

Humor, drama and surrealism are perfectly combined on "Allegro non troppo" resulting in a must see film, with lots of imagination, craziness and beauty. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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