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Critic vs. The Chick?
I think Channel Awesome's appeal, as well as strong and fervent fan base, comes from the fact that these guys speak, act, and look like, not to be presumptuous in anyway, ourselves and our friends. In many ways, they are mediators of culture that are of the same perspective as ourselves. This can either be a good or bad thing. Though I enjoy Doug's, Lindsay's, Linkara's, Brad's, and Spoony's videos, there is an existing Fandumb- an annoying one. In other words, though the community may be close-knit, it does tend to veer on the creepy side once in a while.

But that's not really my point. I want to focus on a rift, evident between the Nostalgia Chick and Nostalgia Critic, that I think will dictate the future of the site. To begin, I will say that I enjoy the videos of both. However, Lindsay manages to go one step further than Doug, in which the issues presented by the film are given a feminist/sociological context. Not to insult Doug, but her reviews go beyond pointing out the implausibilities of the film's plot. In emphasizing the implications of the film's messages, her reviews aim for something along the same lines of what the AV Club does. The Critic, however, goes in the other direction, focusing on slapstick humor, mocking the narratives (see also Film Brain and The Cinema Snob), acting choices, etc.

Not that this type of style of critique is invalid. Going by the stars alone, the Critic's videos always receive higher ratings than the Chick. But I think the discrepancy in ratings has everything to do with how people visiting the site want to assess past popular media: mockery or discourse? (Not that one is better than the other.)

In this way I wonder how the site will continue to function. Though Lindsay and Team N Chick are popular figures, I don't see her discourse-y type of reviews spreading throughout the site. Though she is a well-known fixture of the site, in many ways she's a black sheep. With that in mind, I could easily end on a punny, sheep-related point, but instead I'll spare you and say that this rift is interesting because besides its increasing obviousness, it opens the possibility that the other reviewers can choose to expand their scope, or Lindsay can choose to leave or follow the flock. Damn.

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TGWTG = MST 3 K Wannabes + An excuse of media critiquing + Douchebaggotry
During my stay on the site of That Guy with the Glasses, I've come to realize that now.....

They aren't good. At all.

Their reviews are heinous. Their jokes are heinous. Some of their reviewers are even outright douchebags, and overly cynical hypocrite assholes.

Most reviewing on the site boils down to bad Family Guy flavored jokes, and are the equivalent of yelling in a movie theater like a jackass, without anyone there to tell them to shut the fuck up. The fact that most of the reviewers here are mimicking MST 3 K, which is an annoying pseudo-reviewing show in itself, really shows how low-brow it is.

And to call this reviewing is a fucking insult to media and entertainment appreciation. NONE of the shit that comes from here is even a remote analysis or study of what the fuck they watch that makes it either good or bad, without personal bias. I don't want a droll lecture, but I don't think some candyass halfassers are gonna last if their reviews don't have fucking standards and actual reviewing longer than 20 seconds. And even if they are "reviews", most of it are either faked (Angry Joe) or imbued with personal bias (Bennett, N-Critic), without any sort of understanding and full baked dynamics of entertainment of their part of the world.

Bennett, Jesu, N-Chick and Marzgurl are high on my douche-o-meter because they represent a fine example of ignorance and the outright bane of entertainment appreciation on an international scale. When you review something from another country, they have their own standards and own properties that they have for their own media and entertainment. When it comes to Anime in this example, I remembered Japan had a reviewing system for their own media. And I don't give a fuck if N-Chick came from NYC with a Bachelor's in Film- The fact that most of these fuckers here are uneducated and outright self-absorbed geeks that think that if they watch enough anime in their own country gives them a right to review it, well, sorry assholes. America and Western Cinema and Media isn't the only form of entertainment in the world, and judging entertainment by western standards is a real sign of incompetence.

Brad Jones, get the fuck off the site and get to making movies. You are better than this place.

TGWTG, you deserve to have your servers be taken out back to the Dime Thrift Shop, before smashed and buried.

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the Deutscher Reviewer's Review of reviewers
Hallo, Ich bin die Deutscher Reviewer. Yeah, I'm that guy who does the videos on youtube with heinous quality...congrats if you found me already. Since my reviews on film sucked, I guess I can write one...on Doug Walker and crew. I am a huge Nostalgia Critic fan...and a Spoony One fan...and a Linkara get the idea. These guys do a nice job of their reviews and make them entertaining during the entire bout. These guys have made tons of Running Gags, and they do a fine job of pulling them off. They all are pretty spot on to my opinion of the matter, and if I dont agree, they sway me to their side after the review is over. Now, since Spoony, though he branched off, holds a spot in my favorite reviewers, he gets a paragraph. THIS GUY IS GOOD. He did some great reviews, played that disc game...Horror Trax i think it was...that i once played (finally! someone else played that thing! skip to track 12 for excitement). He played System Shock (which was the first survival horror i ever played) and I agreed with him all the way through. This guy helped me muster up my decision to do reviews. And Dr. role model. I hear the rumors that this guy is teetering on the brink, though, so Spoony, this one's for you. Now, time to dive deep into the topic of the Nostalgia Critic himself, the figurehead of That Guy With The Glasses. Now, before I go on, I have to say, Doug Walker is a nice guy in real life. That being said, Doug does a great job of making the Critic into a world-class jerk. In many of his reviews, he rants so friggin hard that I swear Downfall Hitler is taking notes behind the camera. Even in his Signs review, in the rant he does about a PANTRY DOOOOOOOOOR(!!!!!!!!). He makes me laugh so hard my face gets as red as his. And I recommend his review of the Room...priceless. And he does sometimes have his bad reviews. Let's not mention Bert's Nightmare...but his crossover with Phelous on Child's Play was horrible. The Critic tried being funny, but Phelous dragged it down. That all said, im the Deutscher Reviewer, and you've just been Deutsched!
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