Reviews: The Wotch

Anne Onymous is obviously writing wishfulfillment.

In a nutshell this story was obviously written by a man that wrongfully assumes that women have it easier, are happier, kinder or superior to men. There is no doubt in my mind that Anne Onymous is the pseudonym of a man. Because only an immature man would make such wrong assumption.

A real woman that lives every day as one knows of the challenges of her life and how her peers are as flawed as men are. Women are judged by their appereance, their role in society can be very complex and they have hormonal pain that men simply can't understand.

As for the plot it's a Cliché Storm:Chosen One plot average girl in an average school that gets magical powers Because Destiny Says So and yet another dime-a-dozen flat dark lord big bad( doesn't scream originality at all) ... Not sure if it gets better later. But what I saw wasn't very good.

The "plot" is just an excuse to write escapist fantasy plots and a wishfulfillment for the author and some of it's reader to become girls.

The characters are all one dimensional and just an excuse for gender bender and the protagonist is a Mary Sue with nothing that stands out from her.

In the slim case this comic is written by a girl, then I have no choice but to state that this comic is manipulative at worst and mediocre at best.

If you want a story that sells the ridiculous fantasy that becomimg a girl is some kind of Nirvana then this is for you. If you want a good story with interesting characters then this isn't the place.

Anne is a parasite and this series is her riverside

I'm not going to lie or hold back, this comic is horrible. The very concept is horrible, and everything it represents is completely and utterly deplorable.

I'll start with the more mundane terribleness:

-The characters are all bland, and unbelievably one dimensional. They're not even cut-outs so much as they are plot devices for character transformations and cheap cliches. We've never had even the slightest depth explored with any of them.

-The setting makes little sense. Why waste time keeping up the Masquerade when it's been broken before and we know magic fixes all anyway? Even the multi-dimensional war is completely in the dark. But hey, if Anne needs more cow-girl, asian-school girl fetish arcs, who of her fan-base if going to complain.

-The Transformations and fetish aspects are handled so heavily and forcefully at times it makes me want to bang Anne's head against a window til it breaks and a hint of sanity finally bleeds over. I mean the entire 'D.O.L.L.Y' arc,Consequences, Miranda's fitting 'punishment'? It doesn't just reek of masturbatory driven wish-fulfillment, it boldly swims in it's filth and relishes it's awfulness. And that is the absolute worse part of this whole operation.

The author and fan-base is in COMPLETE denial that this comic is a shame-less wank fest cash-cow for the author to exploit. And if this comic was another generic terribland transformation comic, that never amounted to anything but wanking by it's fiew viewers it appeals to, the hatedom wouldn't care. But then there's the 2000$ fan-paid donation artworks (Which Anne doesn't draw or make). Does Anne know how hard people in the real world have to WORK for 2000$? Even accomplished web-comic artist have to treasure every penny they profit, or at the very least DRAW THEIR OWN WORTH and be competent about it. This alone should invalidate this comics worth, do scholars go around analyzing the character development,plot themes, or deep symbolism in pornographic films, when it's all just wank fodder? No.

Did we mention Anne no longer even DRAWS for this comic? So what does she gets paid for here?


Read that again, I'll wait. She does the writing. For a work of pornography.

Yeah, you can be assured Anne is a forerunner for the Antichrist of webcomics..

El Goonish Shive for sociopaths

The problem isn't that The Wotch is a lazy, money-grubbing exercise in shallow, poorly-drawn transgender fanservice - although it is - it's that it validates every sexist stereotype in existence, to the point where brainwashing women to make them "girlier" is portrayed as a good thing.

If you're a guy in The Wotch, chances are you aren't going to stay that way for more than a page before being hit with a "KA-GIRL!" spell and losing your Y-chromosomes, possibly permanently. Don't worry, though! You will find yourself in one of three situations:

1) Exactly like before, but with tits. Only really affects the character Robin, but WHAT TITS THEY ARE! Being a girl, "Robyn" can now distract and manipulate men with her "vast tracts of land". The joke is that this is a Monty Python reference (also: Star Wars).

2) Realising you want to be a girl. Not because you're actually transgendered or anything, goodness no, because gender in The Wotch has nothing to do with personal identity whatsoever. Instead, you will discover you love shopping, cheerleading, giggling, showing off your boobs, trying on dresses and making boys do things for you, because being a teenage girl is so much easier.

3) Realising you don't want to be a girl, at which point you will be brainwashed into believing (2). Forever. Everyone will agree that you're better off that way. If you get turned into an Asian girl, you also beginning speak broken Engrish desu desu sugoi~! =^_^=

This works out well for both jocks (because girls are inherently incapable of bullying, which is all jocks do) and nerds (because all nerds are nice and caring, which makes them better off as girls). No other kinds of men exist.

The rest of the comic is also dreadful - the art tries to use "it's simple!" as an excuse to ignore basic anatomy; the cast have no personalities beyond "the (adjective) one"; the pacing is nonexistent; the main character is an invincible Mary Sue - but the sexism is what makes it beyond redemption. It reeks of a wank fantasy for socially-inept men who think women have it too easy (y'know, the "It's not fair, girls just get asked out!" stuff). Even if the other flaws were fixed, which they won't be because that would require effort, it'd still be one of the most repellent things ever written.

It got good only too late.

I like the drawing style, which helps the supposed tongue-in-cheek atmosphere, but the writing is ABYSMAL for the most part, especially with the Unfortunate Implications that being a girl is better than being a guy - the stories of Ming Mei and the four jocks/cheerleaders are especially appalling; I mean, the lead girl of Cheer says that now they don't have to be jerks; they didn't have to before, either, and why most (90%!) of the MTF T Gs are not reversed when ALL the FTM T Gs were reversed? - epitomized by the Godwaful 'Consequences' (yeah, right) part. 'Enter ...The Wotch?' was the ONLY part that was interesting and decent, which I did not force myself through just to say I actually read it, but it was too late. The premise is a 7/10, the execution is 6,5/10 for the drawings and 3/10 for the story up to ETW, where it goes to 7/10.