Reviews: The Last Days Of Foxhound

Delicious madness

This is without a doubt one of the greatest webcomics I have ever read, up there with Black Adventures. It was managed to seamlessly blend comedy, drama, continuity and boatloads of Comedic Sociopathy all neatly into a 500 strip comic.

Basically, it is a parody comic that 'explains' the backstory of everybody's favourite Quirky Miniboss Squad from MGS 1 and the events leading up to the game. The comic is supported by its brilliant cast who's unique dynamics and ax-crazy demeanour blend together to create some of the most amusing moments I've ever seen. Indeed, sometimes I had to force myself to stop reading, because it becomes so engrossing.

It's short length means its pretty compact. There's almost no filler, and the filler that is there is always very entertaining (Mantis and Ocelots feuding is always a treat to read). Although the plots can get pretty messy (it was based on Metal Gear, a series reknowned for its confusing plots), ultimately they are still entertainging, especially in seeing how such a dysfunctional group such as FOXHOUND manage to work together.

The comic is not without its flaws. The main issue was with its art style, which issomewhat reminiscent of South Park, being simplistic and rather stark. This is especially notable in the beginning where it was particularly shoddy. However, it got significantly better over time and was particularly good towards the end with a rather rich depiction of Metal Gear REX. Also, as previously mentioned, the plotlines get a little messy, particularly the part where the gang end up in Ocelots mind (don't ask). And perhaps my biggest beef is with the characterisation of Liquid, whose character seemed very inconsistent, being both a badass and an idiot antihero. His transition into the badass leader just didn't seem natural, rather forced. Also Raven is white for some reason...

Even with its flaws though, it is still a brilliant webcomic. Despite being a parody, still manages to be almost frighteningly aligned with the canon. It is a brilliant piece of work that is absolutely hilarious and brilliantly dramatic. What's most striking is that although you know all these characters die in the game, you spend the whole comic watching their exploits and getting to know them, making the ending a massive tearjerker, despite knowing it was always going to happen. This is simply a must-read.

Hilarious and Works Completely Straight

The Last Days Of Foxhound is a completed Metal Gear Solid parody comic that is both funny on every page and works well as a great story that actively enhances the Metal Gear universe.

I actually think it might be completely worthwhile for people to read who've never played/heard much about MGS. Every character and piece of information is carefully established, and whilst there's a few jokes about mechanics, most of the jokes and the drama come from the well-established characters. Maybe a newcomer would sometimes be confused at why they've chosen to make people so stupid, but then all that's need is an understanding that it's probably something that happened in the game. You know the guy whose obsessed with toys and doesn't know that's he's building a nuclear weapon and keeps on spouting on about how people are just too nice to hurt each other? He is, he doesn't and he really says that sort of thing. And this game sold millions and went on to be one of the most beloved games of all time. If anyone ever does check it out without foreknowledge, I'd be interested to know what they think. Some things, like the way certain people are never seen directly, could be really interesting narrative devices for an outsider.

Why this comic works so well is the MGS universe is an absurd world where a person called Vamp is immortal, runs on water, drinks blood and they so you don't find this all to realistic they tell you that 'nanomachines did it'. It has pages fo conversation about the intricacies of Cold War politics and devotes just as much time conversing about the badass protagonist finds sitting in a box really comforting. And the comic captures this perfectly, every page is parody and poking fun yet it also is a straight and compelling story to the point where it actually helped me understand the plot of the games.

It adds a strong motivational reason to why all this takes place, it laughs at this crazy psychotic freak unit and through it's extremities shows why they do the things they do and even makes them sympathetic and understandable with strong arrcs.

The creator was worried MGS 4 would disturb the canon yet it still fits perfectly because it gives everything the right clear emotive reason. eg Ocelot is so gifted at backstabbing, he could and would double-cross himself.