Reviews: The Dreamland Chronicles

Worth the read

With an archive of 16 chapters and over a thousand pages, The Dreamland Chronicles seems intimidating at first. The CGI in the first few chapters is a little Uncanny Valley, but once you get into the story everything feels natural.

The author has obviously done a lot of research. It seems like a cliche adventure story about a gratuitously Chosen One, but it becomes intriguing once the story dips into what Dreamland really is, and the structure behind it. Dreamland's story works in historical interpretation of dreams, Arthurian legend, and more, blended in such a way that it becomes fascinating without grinding the story to a halt.

Alex himself seems unlikable at first, due to his lack of ambition and thoughtfulness, but he grows on you even before he even has time to develop. The "real world" parts become as interesting as the Dreamland, eventually, progressing backstory and character development. I came for Dreamland, but sometimes I look forward to Alex returning to the real world.

My only complaint is: why is Nastajia baring so much skin while preparing for war? She's usually responsible.