Reviews: Tales Of The Questor

Fae Arc is Best Arc



I'm so glad I found this webcomic. It's packed with humor, adventure, and wonder, and even though I found the overt Christianity jarring at first (no, it's not Crystal Dragon Jesus, but like actual Christianity with a few fantasy bits and different names), I could easily overlook that for how good the comic is as a whole.


But I'm not reviewing the whole but one part in particular: the Fae arc. Easily my favorite of the series. The rat-wight arc a close second. Really, there isn't one I don't like, but this one takes the cake. It arguably starts in #416 when Quentyn meets the farmer's family in Fenwyck, and he starts learning about the duke and his crippling taxes. But he turns out to be a Bait-and-Switch Tyrant, and a nice guy in general. But in #452, oh man. When I saw that page, my neck hair stood on end, I lifted out of my chair and literally yelled HOLY CRAP!! Quentyn put it best: "God save us... he was entangled with an UNSELEIGHE!"

The fae princeling comes out of nowhere. And not the Ass Pull kind of nowhere. It was a shock, but it fit right in.

When the duke foolishly utters his inability to pay the debt, everybody in the castle knows how screwed they are. They're under attack by nightfall. But Quentyn helps (including with a Lux-powered candlestick flamethrower!) and figures out the secret of Cold Iron: MAGNETISM! Lesser fae are rendered killable. And to think Quentyn learned how to magnetize iron as an extra-credit assignment.

But, when the fae princeling returns in #501 (and he is pissed), even the Cold Iron is a No Sell. The pie to his face gets him rattled, though. Quentyn pelts the prince with more pies and calls the full weight of the Wild Hunt upon himself. THIS is where it truly gets awesome.

Quentyn turns the Hunt into the deadliest game of hide-and-seek ever. He has to use every trick, every bit of wit to survive, suffers Phlebotinum Breakdown and nearly a Heroic RROD by morning. And he wins.

The real kicker is that the princeling was a Small Name, Big Ego trying to move up. And he gets everything taken from him.

I cannot give this arc enough praise. It has action, drama, tension, and humor, and the payoff is SO WORTH IT.

It's Q. at his best.