Reviews: Square Root Of Minus Garfield

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Hit and Miss
Is it fair for a contributor to write a review? Perhaps, perhaps not. But as only one of many contributors in what is rapidly approaching 2000 strips, I'm going to say it is.

Square Root of Minus Garfield is a very mixed bag. A lot are funny, others, visually interesting. Some visually interesting ones can become funny if you check the content of the original strip. Others are just strange, and more. Like references? Boy, has it ever got 'em. Do you find it interesting to see a compilation of all strips with something in common (for example, Jon calls Ellen)? Well, it's got that, too. How about some memes? It has both homegrown and external. But because it is so mixed, if today's doesn't do it for you, well, maybe tomorrow's will. And if you have ideas of your own (within a PG rating) and a degree of skill in bringing it about, you can be a contributor, too, so that's a plus, if you're patient. (It won't appear that day. It probably won't even appear that month unless there's a special reason for David Morgan-Mar to put it in earlier than it normally would. There's a huge backlog. You don't even know.)

So give a few strips a try, and see what you think!

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Clever, funny, creative... what more can I say?

5/5, A+
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