Reviews: Sister Claire

Worth The Wait

I've been reading this webcomic for years, and while I initially enjoyed it as a cute silly waste of time, around Chapter 5 (I think) it changed and shifted and now it's one of my favourite comics of all time (and I read a lot).

The first few chapters are, in comparison to the rest, utter garbage. They're childish toilet humour and innuendo, but then the author begins to flesh out her characters and the lore and she REALLY finds her feet. Every named character featured, no matter how minor they may seem to be, has a backstory you either long to hear or have already loved reading about since it's detailed in the Tues/Weds/Thurs 'Missing Moments' backstory updates.

The main story, currently updating Mondays and Fridays, becomes deliciously dark whilst retaining the odd, well-placed moment of heartwarming or of goofiness to prevent it from becoming too gritty or dull. And as with most long-running webcomics, the art improves in leaps and bounds - some of the art from later comics is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and almost unrecogniseable from its original cartoony style.

Overall I would recommend this webcomic heartily for its excellent, diverse range of characters, its consistent update schedule and its fantastic lore, which is even still growing and developing. However, just be prepared to slog through the first few chapters - it is worth it.