Reviews: Inhuman

Inhuman: Sci-Fi Goes Furry

Inhuman is a webcomic that features a cast that are various species of aliens (with very few major characters that are human) and is worth a read... for the first couple of arcs. The constant swapping between the two major characters' stories (Soshika and her crew, and brother Kyotoshi's adventure with the test subject Grey) starts off as a fun (if dark) romp through a sci-fi world but everything starts to fall apart after the plot gets more complex with several crucial plot points contradicting each other. Special mention goes to how Grey appears to be able to see when he's directly stated to be blind, with several hand waves included throughout about how he's able to see several details he wouldn't be able to if he were truly blind, and pretty much anything involving Soshika's group that gets brought up later.

Honestly the best part of the comic is Kyotoshi's story and his adventure with Grey, but then the comic tries to keep up with Soshika and her group but it ends up tripping over itself just trying to keep up with previous plot points introduced before. It doesn't help that the arcs constantly go between Soshika's story and Kyotoshi's story, potentially getting the readers confused if they're invested enough to stay with both sides of the story.

Overall, if you can find one or two characters you enjoy (or want closure on a certain plot point) then it's worth sticking around reading. However the comic constantly gets confused with what it's trying to do the longer it runs, the best part of the comic ends up being what would essentially be considered the "B Plot" (the bits between Kyotoshi and Grey), and all of the characters in Soshika's parts can end up either looking like assholes or idiots (or, with some characters, both). There's a reason that the majority of the fandom only sticks around for the Nikitaks.

Rating: 6.5/10

Summary: It's worth picking up for a few arcs, but if you're going to read the comic to the end then you're best off sticking to reading Kyotoshi's story and completely ignoring the parts where Soshika is the main character.