Reviews: Geist Panik

Pretty terrible

I actually read the entire comic in one go because of the line "much better than it sounds" in the Tvtropes articles. I definitely do not agree with that assessment.

Geist Panik starts out promisingly, with an interesting setup and a fairly good framing device - I quite liked the reveal of who the psychiatrist was - but then gets very bad very quickly. Riley isn't that well characterised (she looks more nervous than she acts, she's inconsistently brave, etc.), but the plot kind of works until she gets co-opted into the government agency. After that, it just becomes a mash-up of supernaturals, several of which are apparently just there for shock or "humour" value. The jokes are weak and I was never sure whether I was supposed to be laughing at the plot-related comics or whether they were supposed to be suspenseful. The government agency is laughably incompetent in almost every respect and the plots make little to no sense. There is no resolution of subplots, instead the comic just continues as if they had never happened. Dramatic build-ups (e.g. fighting the lake) are defused without any real tension, sometimes by complete Ass Pulls. There are some pretty obvious errors in spelling and grammar that could easily have been fixed by just using a spell-checker, and the German is really bad (except for the copied Rammstein lyrics).

For a webcomic that doesn't update regularly, there is an almost unforgivable number of guest strips and "pin-ups" that do nothing to advance the characters or the plot. The guest strips are particularly bad because there simply isn't enough character or content to the comic to effectively make good one-shot comics out of. Even in the main comic, the plot jumps from place to place without any context or reason, and so many characters are introduced and then dismissed that you don't get a feel for any of them, especially since so many strips are just bad one-shot gags which don't advance characterisation. There are time jumps in the comic that come out of nowhere. The attempt at writing a "British" character made me physically cringe when I read the mismatched slang used.

The art is average, although it does have a certain subjective charm (one of very the few good things I can say). Geist Panik works as a playground for the writer and his friends. As a story and comic, it fails miserably.