Reviews: Dream Keepers

Let me sleep; I want to see the Dreamworld

Hm... Epic.

That is one of many words one will think of while reading one of David Lillie's "Dreamkeepers" books. Mr. Lillie has created a huge, immersive, comic world. From the first page of the first book to the last page of the latest book, you will be captivated by the glowing story within. The characters have been brilliantly realized, there are no flat characters here!

The artist is a master of leaving visual clues for readers to find. It's easy to pick up a book a second time and find clues and small details that you overlooked at first read.

Don't just sit there and listen to me go on and on about it. See for yourself. The artist has his own online store to sell his books and the site has free material and previews for you to dig through.

Just be careful not to get lost.